[Conservation] Preventing Elephant-Train collissions, Dehorning Rhinos to protect’em from Poaching

Elephant Killer trains Dehorning Rhinos to 'Protect' them Elephant Killer trains Topic in news because W.Bengal Government cameup with a "Tughlakhi" idea- sterilization to control elephant population, to reduce train accidents!  Thankfully, Supreme Court has stopped them. Suggest reforms: [...]

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[Western Ghats] Gadgil report: Why Controversies, Athirappilly, Gundia Projects: Explained

Controversies: Gadgil report Contro: "NO" to Dams in Kerala and Karnataka Athirappilly Project: Why problem? Adar Tribal displacement Gundia Project: why problem? Contro: R.T.I. stonewallingTM Contro: Committee pe Committee. Contro: Angry Kerala Government Contro: Mining mafias spreading baseless rumors [...]

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[Western Ghats] Gadgil Report: Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZ), WGEA Authority (Part 3 of 4)

What is Gadgil Panel? Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZ) Western Ghats Ecology Authority (WGEA)? Hierarchy Structure Functions Zonal recommendations General recommendations In the last two articles, we saw Western Ghats: overview of physical geography and biodiversity: Threats to the biodiversity [...]

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