[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category

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  1. Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam
  2. Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Yep, the official cut-offs for CSAT-2012 (preliminary exam) are now available (without having to file RTI!) Because UPSC has revamped their result-PDF generating script. So now whenever you download your prelim mark sheet (2012), it’ll appends cut offs at the bottom of every PDF (Click me for screenshot).
Similarly, mains mark sheet also contains the marks of last candidate recommended for service. (click me for screenshot)

@To the new players:

  1. There is no separate cut off in preliminary exam. UPSC combines marks scored in both papers (GS+Aptitude) and from that combined score, candidates are selected for mains exam.
  2. Marks scored in preliminary exam are not counted in final merit list.

Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam

Category Preliminary Exam (CSAT2012) Final (Mains+interview)
General 209 936
OBC 190 911
SC 185 870
ST 181 864
PH-1 160 858
PH-2 164 942
PH-3 111 802

anyways, let’s compare this with cutoffs from 2011’s exam. (obtained via R.T.I)

Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Category Prelims(CSAT) out of 400 Final (Mains+interview)
2011 2012 2011 2012
General 198 209 1090 936
OBC 175 190 1059 911
SC 165 185 1023 870
ST 161 181 1009 864
PH-1 135 160 1008 858
PH-2 124 164 1047 942
PH-3 096 111 0911 802

As you can see, from 2011 to 2012, the cutoffs for prelims have increased while final scores have decreased.

chart-cse prelims 2011 vs 12 marks
chart-cse final 2011 vs 12 marks

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180 Comments on “[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category”

  1. sir, please send art and culture notes for cse

  2. pls send me the vacancy of post of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in computerscience/information technology

  3. sir i m score in uppcs prelims paper one 143 nd paper 2 162 so wht u thing i m paseed this prelim exam nd wht is the last cutt of of uppcs pls reply 9555666174

  4. Dear Sir,

    will you please give brief information about Reservations & Benefit for PH candidates. Is there any minimum requirement for these candidates.If a candidate belongs to OBC category how it will get this benefit.

    please provide information regarding this matter.
    Waiting your reply.


  5. What is the max score for IAS whe the intetview is only optional i means attend interview but not affected.
    what is the point where i am safe for IAS Without interview.

  6. please describe the categories of PH
    ph1 ?
    ph2 ?
    ph3 ?

  7. sir i am colour blind, am i eligible for IAS IPS IFS ?

  8. what is ph1 ph2 ph3?

  9. cutoff was 240+-5.Most people predicting low cutoffs are dumb here.They are ubderestimating the intelligence of youth in india preparing for CSE..Crowd from IIM/IIT/NIT/Engineers/SSC all are getting 170+ in p-2.Now the dumb humanities will always think that such scores are unachievable as they themselves cant score in their entire life.

  10. Hi Mrunal Sir,

    I found, cut off of PH2 category is higher than general category (936 for General & 942 for PH2 category). how does it possible? why candidate will use PH2 category? is there any different evaluation scheme for PH to General candidates?
    I found only 4 candidates are selected in PH2 while 20 in PH1 & 10 in PH3. is there any policy applied in selection process to select only 4 in PH2?
    Do you have any idea for about the ratio of final selection ratio to no. of appearance in PH2 candidate?

    Sorry for numerous questions but i really need to know these information.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Pls. reply

    1. hello friend,
      as per my observation…reservation for PH category is horizontal in nature, it mean that if ph category candidate gets a rank in general merit list (for eg. rank 1 or 2), then also seat will be allotted to him on basis of his ph category merit list, that is he will not be counted in general category. its not like a vertical reservation( which is available to OBC, SC,ST) in which if one gets a rank in general merit then seat will be allotted to him in an unreserved category that is he will be counted in a general category merit list. this is the reason that cut off of PH2 category is higher than general category.

      and only 4 candidates are selected in PH 4 because there are only 4 vacancy for them and these number of vacancy is decided by a process in which every dept. and states send their number of vacancy in a respective category that is PH 1,2,3.

  11. sir how much handicap student was give ias exam in year 2012 and how much ph student appeared any other facilities in ias for ph condidate please just reply.

  12. sir physically handicaped ko railway exam me kitna preference milta kya sir railway group d ki cutt off category wise share kar sakte h jus reply

  13. Sir I have more220bt I havenot qualified 2013uppcs pre,sir please tellme what is the last female merit this year.

  14. Hi, i wrote the civil service exam (prelim) (2013), but i did not selected. But i want to know my score. how to check my score? please send me any link you are found to my mail id. registration no: 11314011414, roll no: 227233.

  15. Sir im from a small town & in astate govt. Job . please guide making me a good strategy
    4 upsc with my job & family

  16. Hi Mrunal,
    Can a person with disability apply for CSAT under GEN category? Will there be any objection from commission if there is no objection from candidate to apply under GEN category? Iam a person with OH disability but I dont want to apply in PH category. Can I apply in GEN category? Will it be a problem further?
    Could you please clarify this?

  17. sailusha, surely you can apply under gen cat. ,just dont mention about your disability in the application form and u are done. upsc will treat you as gen category candidate

  18. Sir ,

    What is the cut of marks for BC-A in 2011 , cs ?

  19. Sir ,
    I , A.S.N.Dileep Kumar , caste BC-A(5). In which category i will be in , either General or OBC ???

    tQ .

  20. what is ph-1,ph-2 and ph-3 . and what is diiference in between them?

  21. sir plz can you tell me what is the age limit of civil service exam and attempt for gen , obc,sc/st 2015

  22. sir i am student of national institutes of technology ,kuruksthetra in 3 rd year i belong from haryana and my category is obc but i am 100 % physically handicapped for both ear and my aim is making a IAS officer plzz sir suggest me something about it my number is 08398855374 and can i apply in ias exam and how get minimum and maximum marks in ias exam for physically handicapped student and plzz sir suggest which subject i chosen fot it
    plz sir answer me sonn
    am waiting your answer

  23. sir these comparisons are of 2011 and 2012 and since preliminary paper is same for ifs too so things have been changed in recent years so could u plz provide some recent comparisons i meant comparison btw 2013& 2014 or 2o15 pre…with ur valuble comments
    we wud be very grateful to you thanku

  24. sir i dont know upsc exam’s paper in which language give.i am not sure but i think english and hindi.plz give me ans. sir

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