[RTI] UPSC afraid candidates won’t take English & language papers seriously, hence refuses to tell minimum passing marks, Mains-2013 Result in March-April 2014

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  1. Minimum Passing marks in English & Language papers
  2. Principle used to fix minimum passing marks in Mains?
  3. Candidates selected for Mains (Categorywise)
  4. Attendance in Mains-2013
  5. Tentative Result dates for Mains-2013
  6. Re-evaluation of Mains answersheet?
  7. Absence in one of the papers=Disqualification?

Had filled this RTI on 16th December 2013, received reply yesterday (20 January 2014)

Minimum Passing marks in English & Language papers

Q. Kindly provide me Minimum passing marks, and total number of candidates failed in Compulsory English paper and Indian language papers in the civil services (Mains) examinations of 2010, 2011, and 2012.

UPSC replies:

  • It is informed that the disclosure of minimum qualifying standards of the English compulsory paper and the Indian Language compulsory papers to the particular RTI applicant would confer an unfair advantage to the applicant (Mrunal)/those close to him in terms of preparation for the Civil Services Examination.
  • This would be unfair to, and is likely to harm the competitive position of the thousands of other candidates, especially those from rural/remote areas, in this competitive examination. Therefore, disclosure of this information is exempted u/s 8(1)(d) of the RTI Act, 2005, as it would unfairly impact on the competitive position of third parties.
  • Further, if the qualifying marks of previous years) were to be disclosed, there is every possibility that candidates would not put in their best efforts but only enough to achieve the predicted qualifying standards.
  • This would have implications in the quality of the paper (thus detracting from the prestige of the exam) and in setting the consequent year’s qualifying standards.
  • This is not in the Commission’s interest and in its capacity thus as an affected third party, exemption u/s 8(1)(d) of the RTI Act, 2005 is again invoked.
  • It is also informed that the number of candidates failed in compulsory English and Indian Language papers is not compiled. Hence, cannot be provided.

Mrunal comments: Waah Ustaad Waah. You say if passing marks are disclosed then “people will not put their best efforts and prestige of the exam will be lost” => in a way, it implies that passing marks are ridiculously low.

But many candidates have failed in the language papers in past. This leads to a new conspiracy theory:

  1. that Candidates were too dumb hence they fail even if minimum passing marks are too low OR
  2. that Professors who’re not qualified to check language papers, are involved in evaluation and /or setting the minimum passing marks. OR
  3. that UPSC lost some answersheets and randomly failed candidates.

Anyways, I’ll appeal all the way to CIC.

Principle used to fix minimum passing marks in Mains?

Q. What principle does UPSC apply to fix minimum passing marks/ qualifying marks for each of these compulsory English or Indian language paper? (e.g. fix 35-40% of maximum marks as in school and college exam OR fix a random number to fail bottom 1/6th of the candidates or some sort of percentile system?)

UPSC replies: Your query is interrogatory in nature and not for information as defined under Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, 2005. However it is informed that minimum qualifying standard is fixed by the Commission at their discretion as per rules of the Examination.

Mrunal comments: right, let this be a lesson (to myself) and any future RTI applicants- always ask question regarding to paper records. In this question, I should have asked “provide me a copy of official policy/guideline/minutes of the meeting pertaining to fixing of minimum passing marks in English and compulsory language papers of Mains examination.”

Candidates selected for Mains (Categorywise)

Q. Total number of candidates qualified for the mains examination. (i.e. cleared the preliminary exam of 2013), category wise (SC,ST,OBC,PH and General).

categorycandidates selected for mains% wise

However, these figures are subject to change when complete scrutiny of their respective claims of community/category/PH status etc. is taken /complete.

Mrunal comments:

UPSC only told the absolutes numbers, I’ve made the percentage table.  it won’t fit the traditional 15-7.5-27 reservation because of overlapping PH category. But I’ve filled a separate RTI on that regard, response still awaited.

Attendance in Mains-2013

Q. Total number of candidates who filled DAF forms for civil service Mains exam 2013.

UPSC replies: A total of 14800 candidates filled DAF for CS(Main) Exam 2013.

(I’m curious what happened to those 14959-14800=159 candidates? May be they were ‘solely’ dedicated to IFoS.)

Q. Total number of candidates that actually appeared in Mains examination.

Firmed up details are yet to be finalized.

Q. Total number of candidates remained absent in one or more papers of Mains examination.

Firmed up details are yet to be finalized.

Tentative Result dates for Mains-2013

Q. Tentative dates for declaration of the result of CSE-Mains-2013.

UPSC replies: CPIO is not expected to predict future couse of action of the Public Authority. However, the result of CS(Maiin) exam 2013 (written) may be declared In March/April 2014.

Re-evaluation of Mains answersheet?

Question: After 2012’s CSE examination, did UPSC receive any application/petition/request(s) from candidate(s), seeking re-evaluations of their answersheets, particularly the Compulsory English / Indian Language paper?

  1. If yes, did UPSC re-evaluate paper(s) of any of such candidates?
  2. If yes to above question, did UPSC change were any candidate’s marks/result accordingly?

UPSC replies: A number of candidates, who were not satisfied with their result had requested to the Commission for re-checking or re-valuation of their answer books of Civil Services (Main) exam 2012. However, as there was no provision in CSE Rules for re-valuation of answer books, no such re-valuation was undertaken. Nevertheless, the answer books of all such candidates were re-checked/re-scrutinized to rule out any technical/human error, which could have affected the result.

Absence in one of the papers=Disqualification?

Q. For the Forest Service and Civil Service Mains exam of 2013, If a candidate had remained absent in one or more papers (except language paper) due to any unforeseen events such as road-accident, Will he be still be considered for the next round (i.e. Interview) if he scores sufficient marks in remaining papers? Of course CPIO cannot speculate answer for hypothetical questions, but since UPSC official notification is silent on this issue, I seek to know the gist of official policy /procedure / past decisions / exemptions granted to any candidate(s) in the earlier exams.

UPSC replies: The CPIO is not expected to comment on hypothetical situations nor he is required to study and explain the provisions of rules/notifications to satisfy the queries of an FM applicant.

Mrunal comments: but I told you in the question itself- notification is silent on this issue! Anyways another learning experience on how *not to frame* RTI questions. will talk with the RTI & legal experts and frame the appeal to FAA and CIC.


Scanned copy of UPSC’s RTI reply: https://files.secureserver.net/0szPCxMFQbKWqK

For more RTI misadventures, visit Mrunal.org/RTI.

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  1. Nitish Pathode

    Very good information…waiting for March/April…

  2. AJS

    What does an FM aspirant stands for?

    1. Neena

      That Mrunal is not a serious aspirant nor interested in the information and just running a Radio show. Its possibly sarcastic mockery made by CPIO. Kind of witty though.

      1. AJS

        Thanks Neena for explaining.

  3. Mahesh

    Thanks mrunal btw you didn’t asked about number of actual vacancies this year.

  4. Avinash

    How many final posts are there in 2013..are they more than 1000 as people who have written mains increased from last year??

  5. bhor

    Raise the war against UPSC…bahut khoon piya hai inke “confidentiality” ne ….

  6. rohit

    Thank you mrunal sir for such great efforts…Now upsc must have started recognizing you..’ooh same guy again…’

  7. Neha Gupta

    What happens when an RTI is transferred to another dept/ministry? Does the 30 days deadline still hold?

    1. Neena

      The deadline holds nominally but the “fun” way to extend is make frivolous and useless communications between departments.
      That is when Dept A is asked something that it feels Dept B better equipped to answer it can transfer it to them – now the catch is The delay or processing time between mails is not counted. So Dept A and B can be exchanging “chats” like “Hey! how you doing over there” and in the process take a year until the prescribed time limit is not exhausted. And yes, Indian postal department can take about 7 days in intra-city communications.

      1. savani ashish

        HIIIIIHIII neena can i get ur no plzz i want some advice from u….if yes then call me +918000130011

  8. dv

    one cannot understand what’s the harm in disclosing the minimum marks as there are lot of people out there who could not clear the english and language papers.why UPSC wants to veil all the examination process and wants people like mrunal sir to file RTIs is still a deep mystery..why cant they conduct exams in a more transparent manner eludes every aspirant. After all they should know they are playing with the career of lakhs of youth in this nation..Hope some good sense prevails..

  9. rahul

    hahaha……..that must have been hilarious for upsc…..sahi lagai h s**lo ki…:) keep the spirit going…..n thank u…:)

  10. parmod

    thanks for the information.

  11. manchand

    ” provide me a copy of official policy/guideline/minutes of the meeting pertaining to fixing of minimum passing marks in English and compulsory language papers of Mains examination ”

    Answer would be: No such official policy/guideline/minutes of the meeting pertaining to fixing of minimum passing marks in English and compulsory language papers of Mains examination exists.

    In short what they do is do Simple Random Sampling. That was quiet evident last year!

  12. Anil Hasani

    how come they give such ridiculous reply to such genuine qustions in RTI.
    Sir please file appeal against them.

  13. novice

    Mrunal sir vo 159 candidates reserved category k honge because dey don’t mind not appearing for mains once as dey have 7-15 attempts .So don’t be curious :P.No general candidate can have dat much strength to skip mains after clearing prelims except due to exceptional reasons (family tragedy as such).

    1. Raghubeer

      Hi. I am a general candidate too. But that does not mean that you demean the reserved category candidates. Life and history has always been unfair to them and the least which the UPSC preperation can hope to do is remove the veil that we are doing the reserved category a favour by giving them reservation! Even they are serious about their life and future. Nobody would leave a mains paper if he or she has cleared it unless it is an exceptional case!

      1. novice

        Brother i don’t think i need to start a debate over here about doz who r getting in der 3rd generation its endless here ok .If u can give me urcontact no. to my id or meet me then i am 100% sure i’ll defeat u in d argu,ents.Idid not write to demean dem but reality is differnet.Don’t talk d bookish language here.I suppose u r new in dis competitive world.Tc

        1. Raghubeer

          hate the system. Not the people getting reservation!They do require reservation.But the way the reservation is provided should be changed. But in this case you were saying that the reserved category did not care if they wrote or not. one off case maybe. I know of people working in software companies along with me who cleared prelims but did not appear for mains!!! anyway. Neither am i new nor am I a senior. So I do accept your thoughts! Amen!

          1. Aman

            Oye Stop now !! When ‘novice’ get job he will stop demeaning Reserved Category Students .One is communist until get rich

        2. Gyani

          Brother novice, u don’t even look like someone who should be debated with..
          “If u can give me urcontact no. to my id or meet me then i am 100% sure i’ll defeat u in d argu,ents..” do you think somebody would want to debate with an arrogant and egotist person like you.. learn to respect other people views and to disagree in an agreeable manner.. p.s. I am a general candidate and neither a new nor a senior player.. @Raghubeer.. agree to ur views completely..

          1. Raghubeer

            Thanks bro! I just hope they declare the results soon. it is like clear hoga nahi hogi clear hoga nahi hoga… phew!!! exhausting…

          2. novice

            @xyz pradeep gyani and novice 2 .Mind ur language all of u me jus 23 and just started my preparation and i m only against d undeserving one’s and not all…and dumbass and all faltu ki baatein krna band karo yaha koi apni identity to show krta nahi and i replied only to raghubeer and not all u shit.Mrunal sir’s page is not for all your Fu**** talks .any 1 of u have guts den switch over to another platform .der i can reply to all wid healthy arguments over ur shit criticism .

        3. pradeep

          @novice: Your name “novice” completly define your thinking. and by the way I am also a general candidate and completly agree with the Raghubeer comment. nd start debating with open mind do not argu otherwise one day you ll become devils advocate like Shivsena spokespersons.

          1. XYZ

            pradeep bhai, devils advocates still have a role to play… but this person’s comments have no life should be ignored in toto…

          2. novice

            bhai i know . truth is bitter and i know a beauracrat should be balanced in his views .No one will give answer in his interview dat i want power datz y i wanna become an ias and no politician will say dat ill be a king after i get elected .he’ll only say im a public servant .And all f u neither im giving lecterette of ssb here nor im appearin 4 any interview/social platform.Im just tellin truth.I know what to talk where and if any1 of u wanna have healthy arguments den have d courage to display ur ID here. otherwise keep your mouth shut vaise bhi i don’t think u people r general.disguise ur faces behind screens :p

          3. novice

            bhai i know im not ignorant . truth is bitter and i know a beauracrat should be balanced in his views .No one will give answer in his interview dat i want power datz y i wanna become an ias and no politician will say dat ill be a king after i get elected .he’ll only say im a public servant .And all f u neither im giving lecterette of ssb here nor im appearin 4 any interview/social platform.Im just tellin truth.I know what to talk where and if any1 of u wanna have healthy arguments den have d courage to display ur ID here. otherwise keep your mouth shut vaise bhi i don’t think u people r general.disguise ur faces behind screens :p

        4. XYZ

          Novice means new and not ignorant narrow minded and egoistic…. dude u r funny… u need baba ji ki booti… hahaha

          1. novice

            and u certainly need some tips of modesty .fo

          2. deep

            reservation vs deserving reservation is debate that is never ending.Mr. Novice u cant amend constitution by writing such things and criticism wont help us either.All are our friends and definitely i suggest my friend to use the quota if they can avail.Because presently the aim should be to get into service rather ponder over such things and it is wise to grab your portion of seats.If someone is getting IAS in 6th attempt , it does not mean that a general cat will have the same fate.I will appreciate his patience rather than making “one assumption fits all” hypothesis.Regarding the your open challenge for debating,I just have to say concentrate on productive debates.

          3. pradeep

            @XYZ: i meant to say “novice=nausikhiya” any way ur comment babaji ki booti made Novice angry although it was for me i think so,
            @novice :One more thing bro Novice my age is 23 like you…and for that matter age do not reflect thinking, we have hot examples like Digvijay Singh …LOLZ I gave his example coz he can also defend anything and will not change his mind ever 😛

        5. RK Supports NOVICE

          I don’t know why they write ‘ I am General and support reservation ‘. My sc/st friends say it very clearly and they admit that caste based reservation shall be withdrawn and poor ( of all caste ) must be given reservation.

          I have read books and do not blindly follow what is written. I experienced that surrounds me, that is very different from what books have in them.

          I know reservation will remain there for infinity until some big revolution takes place.

          1. novice

            Thnx a lot RK really needed dat varna ye log to aarakshan ka jhanda ese buland kr rhe the jaise 100% aarakshan karwaenge.when any 1 of dem will fail in d competition just because of 1 mark only na den dey’ll realise d pain which many of my friends had gone through.And dey all forget dat reservation was started for initial 10 years only so dat 1 generation is lifted socially and economically but due to VOTEBANK POLICY of govt. it is goin to stay forever through endless amendments after every 10 years.And leave d reservation how can 1 justify 15 attempta, no examination fees, such low cut off (almost halfcompared to general) and age relaxation. Matlab m general paida ho gya toill get only 4 chance in dis human life to become an IAS and reserved guy can enjoy his youth along with job and preparation and can realise his dream of becoming an IAS till d age of 35 years.MERE lis to its a questio of life and death as im investin my youth sacrificing job and future and @IIM vale bhaiya aap mains dene k liye serious nahi ho because ur dream is not IAS .ur dream was IIM which u got .So don’t put all generals in 1 single category.

    2. novice 2

      do u really think u deserve to be an IAS with such an attitude/mentality. i m pretty sure u r dumbass else u wont try to justify your failure like this. and by the way m too general candidate and i have never seen some really deserving general candidate debating all this bull shit. better start devoting time for prep and focus on studies rather than this crap. best of luck for next pre.

      1. novice

        Who d hell u r to judge me.Better try analysing your weaknesses and if u really wanna have healthy arguments den give me ur email id .Im not dat maverick but yae i can definitely teach u some lessons to behave.

    3. Mahesh

      bhai ham se pucho ham h reserve category se ,,studied in government schools from Hindi Medium due to reservation got selected in IIT and now preparing for civil services ,here from my hometown in Rajasthan. my father can’t put me in Delhi’s Mukherji Nagar . i will apply maximum twice in this exam.
      have any doubt about above information then message me back ,i will let you contact you to me.(forgive me for my bad english)

      1. amit

        brother when u r already lifted upto d level of an iit do u think u require reservation in civils?isn’t it puttin question mark on ur ability? we teach to how to walk to a “child” only and not a 15 year old .

      2. novice

        Brother u really think u need reservation in civils or any further when u r already lifted up to d level of an iit.isn’t it putting a question mark on ur ability?

        1. Mahesh

          my abilities ? bhai i have to compete with those people who are much resourceful than me who can afford coaching ,have done their schooling in english medium . here in my town i do not hv access to The Hindu and Indian Express. i have to put extra efforts to came parallel to you . and that is why i needed reservation.
          do you think 4 yrs in IIT will eliminate all the differences ?

          1. novice

            Brother im not against all.In ur case it was justified at 12th but der r many others general like u who live in rural and are poor and do not get hindu paper editions and do not get reservation and why not 4 years at iit ur intellectual would have been different when u passed out of iit and den u’ll need in promotions also as u’ll say what does 10 years in service in ias make up.Chalo u take all my question is suppose “U BECOME AN IAS DEN U TELL ME FROM D CORE OF UR DOES YOUR SON/DAUGHTER IN FUTURE WILL DESERVE RESERVATION.””ONCE A GENERATION IS LIFTED TO A LEVEL DEN ALSO IS IT REALLY NEEDED?”AND BROTHER U CANNOT JUSTIFY RESERVATION ON D BASIS OF POVERTY ALSO AS DER R PEOPLE WHO R POOR ON PAPER BUT HAVE A LOT OF BLACK MONEY.Plz don’t mind bro mut my questions are genuine and im sorry if i hurt you tc bro

          2. novice

            *core of ur heart.And yes brother serious candidate like u do not require to go to mukherjee nagar .good refernce books and mrunal sir’s blog is enough .best luck for ur future and exams:)

        2. Mahesh

          Okay tell me what is proportion of children having their education in english medium ? most of the population is doing their schooling in some vernacular medium (Hindi ,Urdu,Tamil ,Telgu). i think there will be mere 4-5% people in total who completes it in english.
          but IITs+IIMs(CAT)+UPSC fills 40% to 70% of their seats by english going candidates .if you remove the reservation this proportion will definitely go to 90%+ ?
          my wise friend believe me if reservation will be given on poverty basis (and truly implemented )
          than you may not get a job of peon in a government school .

          1. Aman

            Though I belong to General Cateogry >>I agree with ur Point But But You Should have used your IIT Degree in a proper way

          2. novice

            bhai how can u justify reservation when class A officer’s son is getting it .I have seen many people(son of class A rich fathers) who went to english medium schools in metros and den went to iit claiming reservation and den will get benefit in civils also.Now dez people had all d resources.They were not handicapped by poverty den should dey benefit from reservation when dey had all d resouces.This is contiuuin from 60 years.And bhai i trully appreciate u .u deserve dat in ur case ..and bdw its futile exercise debatin it over here and wastin our precious time..So dis is my last comment here .I wish all d best for rest of ur life tc bhai

          3. novice

            so my last comment here reservation is der because of votebank only nahi to govt. ka bas chalta to defence m bhi rakh deti .I guess u all should demand in defence also when administration of our motherland can suffer den y not defence.Tc all

          4. xyz

            then just implement d same and let so called general and affluent candidaes do the other jobs such as kheti badi n allllll……………but wat if dere z a demand to get d reservation in dat field also as dere z in private sector…..dont v thnk dat dis policy need to be reviewed by shifting our focus on resouce creation from resource utilization….bcos neither d resources are infinite and nor the need for reservation z endless. dis is d fight for resource control but please thnk about resouce creation also…jus think about d best doctor, lawyer, ca and other professionals….y a major chunk of ours r nt in position to get dat place…because of hindi or money or competence????? of course d competence z something which is free from all so called barrier such as language caste race and even opportunities….d great r nt great bcos of help from state or bcos dey are resource controller. infact they were r n will be resource creator b it babasaheb or gandhi…now v shud thnk to device some plan to shift this reservation policy for resource creation…n i believe v vl do it as a nation…..be in favour or against d reservation policy but let me make it clear dat al of us as an indian want to c our nation and its all people to be in position to create resources. bcos v have too less to distribute it even equitabbly leave about equally….off course i m talking about resources…….

          5. Mahesh

            It is difficult to justify reservation for rich people of reserve category .concept of creamy layer is the answer . but a poor dalit can’t compete with a poor of upper caste even many dalit MLAs cant sit on “Khat” with upper caste people . dusre logo ki life badi aasan lagti h boss sabhi ko . i could remember a sentence of my school teacher when i was in 8th class one of my teacher said “inki sakal se hi pata chal jata h ki choti jati ke h”.
            btw i have a great respect to this country and people of this country but reservation is highly justifiable in broad.
            In the open category these are the few rich people who are getting all the benefit and by removing reservation you are taking out chances of people like me just by arguing that some of dalits are rich.

          6. Raghubeer

            Wow! I started a big time Debate I see!!! Forgive my absence.
            @ Novice: Again Hate the sin not the sinner! Here hate the system not the people benifitting from the system. I can give you a hundred cases where the same system is benifiting you. Dont you not get subsidy on ur LPG cylinder? Dont the people using cabs and taxi s and SUVs guzzling Diesel get subsidy, whereas all the bulk consumers like the state transportation vehicles etc which actually benefit the masses are paying more for the same diesel without subsidy. In short the system benefits some who deserve and some who do not deserve. As an IAS aspirant our aim should be to maximize the benefit the deserving get and minimize the benifit which the undeserving get! Here again I want to make it clear that yes people are there who are getting benefits even though they are rich! But that does not mean that we categorize everyone who is getting benefit from reservation as bad!
            @Novice: regarding your personal and below the belt attack: I am a general category person, but I do not know how it should even matter, because what I am putting forward is my views which I hope is not biased because of my category! Also if you beleive that you know what to answer where and you beleive that you can answer according to situation and not according to your beleif think again, because GS-4 paper you have at max 5-10 mins to write an answer of 100 words, this looks even less in the tension of the exam, and when you have been continously answering papers for 3 days and you r feeling a little exhausted. There is no time to think and write, Whatever is there in your heart, your core belief comes out on the paper!

            All the Best!

          7. Gyani

            @Mahesh: don’t knock the wrong door.. Brother novice has an impregnable cover over his mind.. refuses to allow anything meaningful to pass through it.. reservation is just like any other policy, can be uplifting and unjust at the same time unless properly implemented.. to cut the long story short, MY VIEW (which is open for correction unlike brother novice’s view)is that instead of caste based, poverty based reservation must be there, will help in breaking this “jaati” barrier also..

            @Raghubeer: excellent articulation of thoughts, u deserve to be a public servant (brother novice might say.. who r u to judge any1.. hahaha) wrt ur comments on GS4, i agree to the fact that most people like novice will not be able to fake their thoughts for the entire breadth of the paper and makes me believe this is a very welcome change in the pattern of the paper..

            @novice: brother novice.. peace.. use ur energy creatively and respect divergent views, else at the age of 26, u might look back and regret… none of us know you to be prejudiced against u..

          8. novice

            And sir d concept of creamy layer is definetely not d answer.Initially from 2.5 lac to 4.5 lac and now its 6 lac in obc .I mean what a joke.Does it signify dat parents of candidates earning less den 50000 bucks/months are poor dat dey need reservation.It is clearly a manifestation of votebank politics.Plz accept d reality @all.Do not aruge with bookish points.Be practical in life

          9. novice

            @raghubeer bhai i feel u r still typing mains answer here.Tell me from d core of ur heart and if this u feel really den hats off bro.U really have a very big heart and im not mahatama as such .I m human and so I have emotions and it pains me a lot.And 1 more thing u tell at dback ofd mind every 1 knows d powers and privilges of beauracrats datz y people apply and yes social service to maximum no. of people is definitely part of dat otherwise noone will waste waste his prime years of youth in 20’s to study like ass.
            @Gyani thnx 4 ur concern brother but yae i believe in my abilities and 4 serious shots are enough for me to crack this exam.I do not regret anything.

          10. Raghubeer

            @Novice: Yes as I say it is my views that I am writing here, which will also be my Mains answer if the situation arises! I have gone through the pain of being rejected in IIMs with a high percentile and I have seen my friend whose dad owned 2 petrol bunks and got into IIM B with just 95 percentile! But policies are not for individuals, it affects everyone. If the govt comes up with a better system of reservation or if the govt is able to implement the creamy layer properly then I am happy. Even poverty as a medium of reservation is acceptable, though I feel in this case the upper class poor might corner all the reservation. I have seen in my native of Andhra pradesh where in a village the lower caste people are not allowed to study after 10th. If we are serious about eliminating reservation, then first the discrimination should stop then implement reservation for poor and mind it if the reservation for poor comes in then it may never go away as even the most developed country has unemployment and poverty in pockets! The best option would be to provide help/financial assistance to the poor in the future and remove reservation. But not in the present discriminative situation!

          11. novice

            @raghubeer u tell me any field where discrimination is not there? Gender discrimintaion exists den reserve 50%seats for girls also where i hve seen many girls are married before 18 also in haryana and are not allowed to complete their education.Discrimination between rich and poor can be sen in all walks of life,discrimination based on religion,discrimination based on powerful and weak,teacher discriminate between a high % student with a low % student .to kya sabko quota de diya jaye jab tak ye sare discrimination stop nahi hota,datz ur solution right???????????The thing is dat d sin dat our great grandfathers committed who r now enjoyin in heaven probably,now we are paying for dat heavily .ITs like hindi movie is going on BADLA- BADLA CHAL RHA HAI 65 YEARS Se continuously!

          12. Gyani

            @novice : discrimination exists everywhere coz of people like you who refuse to understand the spirit behind any action (policy in the case of reservation). Women reservation should be there and is being debated everywhere however your idiosyncrasy will prevent you from realizing the spirit behind any such reservation. The method of implementing and how to ensure the right people get benefit is debatable. the other egs that you have mentioned (powerful weak, teacher student etc) are things that are equally unfortunate and I agree there are many disadvantaged but since you cannot help all of them, you won’t help anyone? this logic seems flawed to me. let’s start by helping those whom we can, the others can be helped in some other form, not necessarily via reservation. what our forefathers did cannot be undone but instead of looking it as BADLA consider it as a necessary BADLAV in attitude and to ensure inclusiveness in all spheres of life. Even after 65 yrs, things have not changed and reservation is still required should make us ponder as to what has been wrong and take corrective measures. Education and awareness of rights holds the key..

          13. novice

            @gyani brother sometimes i also do not understand y discrimination between various castes are der.we all are humans.In ancient times d caste thing was der just 2 differentiate between professions and it grew like hell.But today i guess d differneces today re increasing because of dis reservation thing because it pinches seeing an undeserving benefitting from it and people using it for political gains. The thin gr8 Ambedkar sir started was great at dat time but itz definitely not needed today as d earlier aim of dis policy is nowhere to be seen today.But since sum 1 said HATE D SIN AND NOT D SINNER .SO I ACCEPT DAT AND I BELIVE IN DIS STAEMENT.I THINK D DEBATE SHOULD END HERE .IM APOLOGISE AGAIN IF I HURT ANY1 DURING DIS DEBATE .THNX A LOT

    4. Dev

      I am from an IIM, currently working in a reputed company. I and a friend of mine (He is also from my alma mater) gave CSE 2012 but got 650-700 marks and didnt qualify for interview. We belong to GENERAL category.

      Could manage only 4 days leave before mains in 2012. Gave CSE 2013 with 3 weeks leave before exams. Hope to qualify.

      In CSE 2012, two of my friends who cleared Prelims didnt fill up DAF. Again, another 2 of my friends submitted DAF and got admit cards didnt turn up for Mains (Not even one paper), as they were in a different city and couldnt travel to exam center.

      And all these 4 friends of mine belong to the GENERAL category. I am sure similar incidents might have happened this year also. Infact, i know of a person who didnt submit DAF this year.

      What I want to say is that, because prelims is CSAT heavy, non-serious (But talented and knowledgeable enough to qualify prelims) candidates qualify for mains and sometimes dont even turn up for mains. But ALL OF THEM ARE NOT RESERVATION CATEGORY students.

      My view is, till the system gets matured so that (say) a person from rural Bihar/Odisha,belonging to SC/ST/OBC category has a reasonable chance of getting some Govt job, competing against a general category student, reservation will and should continue. However, I am of the view that a reasonable creamy layer should be applicable in all reservation categories.

      The way the change will happen is that the private sector (no reservation) will become more attractive and create jobs for a lot of people so that people stop demanding for reservation in Govt jobs.

      In a situation of limited opportunities, the stronger will try to sideline the weaker. Before independence, the forward castes were strong. With democracy, the numerically strong castes are stronger politically. Hence, like it or not, reservation (and demand for it) is going to stay till the private sector creates jobs for millions.

      P.S: Many liberals who oppose reservation were themselves the beneficiaries of ‘Affirmative Action’ in the US.

      1. novice

        @Dev sir ur friends who skipped mains were not serious about IAS because their dream was IIMs which dey earned through sheer hard work but not all people are as lucky and hardworking like u and ur friends in a way that everyone possess IIM degree.People do have different dreams and priorities in life but d concept of reservation is not der because of job scarcity in India .It’s beacuse people always desire easy routes to success.And yae i agree wid u dat reservation will last forever because nothing is powerful den govt.(except military though which is not d case in India)and with lack of political will itll continue due to votebank politics.yaar tum logo ko simple si baat samajh kyu nahi aati ab sarkar 2014 elections k time pe jaat aarakshan laa rahi hai obc me .i mean ab kya zarurat hai it crudely conveys d concept of votebank politics and not dat jats are not getting any jobs.Apartheid system in south africa was really bad but c with reervation in south african team all good playes like JAcques Rudolph had to sit out and Kevin Peitersen moved to England but in real life many players/people are not as lucky as peitersen and d same aplies in India also.Plz try and understand after a certain time period RESERVATION KILLS MERIT and WEAKENS STATE MACHINERY.Can u imagine reservation in Defence .Jara soch k dekho y it is not implemented in Defence ????

        1. Mahesh

          Reservation in defense ?
          all CAPFs have reservation + DRDO also hv reservation (quite strong body)+Indian Army donot provide reservation to lower caste people but it is reserve for upper caste _-Jat regiment recruits Jat people , Rajpoot Regiment + Sikh Regiment Recruits only Sikhs +Gorkha Regiments provides Reservation to Nepalis know you will argue these people (sikh,gorkha) are more brave that is why they over represented in Army but read the history ,during 1857 these groups (sikhs ,gurkhas) helped Britishers and that is why they are over represented in army .
          yes i fully support reservation in Indian Army , Indian army is weak due to so much castism within its recruitment process . well keep your hate alive it fuels reservation .

          1. novice

            My dear Brother capf is not defence .It comes under home ministry and its called police force(though earlier d term was paramilitary)$ its again d same thing govt. has lot of influence over it.The same with DRDO.And for ur knowledge der is no reservation in national level NDA,AFCAT and CDS examination for recruiting group A commissioned officers in DEFENCE i.e. army ,air force and navy.The gorkha and and sikh regiment thin dat u are talkin about is der only after gentlemen cadets pass out IMA/OTA and join der respective regiments.It has nothing to do with merit or initial recruitment for training.PLz be clear on dat.And i raised many questions above but u cared to answer only wrt defence and dat too in an ignorant way.And brother U are saying dat indian army is weak .WEAK IN WHAT SENSE? 1st aof all it is an incorrect statement ,get ur facts rightand. 2nd are u not saying something which is contradiction 2 ur earlier arguments?And my dear brother i know ullnot have any answer for recent announce,ent of jat reservation.I mean how can u justify votebank politics?and yae how can u justify age relaxation and no.of attempts?????????? I mean 4 attempts v/s 15 attempts?????IS IT FAIR????????

          2. novice

            @MAHESH brother sometimes i also do not understand y discrimination between various castes are der.we all are humans.In ancient times d caste thing was der just 2 differentiate between professions and it grew like hell.But today i guess d differneces today re increasing because of dis reservation thing because it pinches seeing an undeserving benefitting from it and people using it for political gains. The thin gr8 Ambedkar sir started was great at dat time but itz definitely not needed today as d earlier aim of dis policy is nowhere to be seen today.But since sum 1 said HATE D SIN AND NOT D SINNER .SO I ACCEPT DAT AND I BELIVE IN DIS STAEMENT.I THINK D DEBATE SHOULD END HERE .IM APOLOGISE AGAIN IF I HURT ANY1 DURING DIS DEBATE .THNX A LOT

          3. Raghubeer

            @ Brother novice! A slight correction. Dr.Ambedkar was as against reservation as you are, but he accepted the reservation as a compromise and when it was limited only to ten years!!!

      2. Raghubeer

        Precisely, this was my original point! 😀

        1. Piyush

          So principally ur not against reservation. Method of application can be debated

          1. Raghubeer


    5. RK

      Novice Bhai, Bada achha kaam kiya end karke !
      Yaar hamari vyavastha hi aisi hai, ki hum jaise abhyarthiyo ko aarakshn ke thappad bhi jhelne padte hai aur aarakshan ko hi defend bhi karna pdta hai. Bahot bura lagta hai jab 2 marks se ‘sadharan’ abhyarthi cutoff paar nahi kar pata aur sadharan se 25 marks kam marks wale ‘asadharan’ qualify kar jaate hai.
      Bahut hi bura lagta hai jab pverty based aarakshan ki koi baat nahi karta. Kitaabi gyaan ko hi sarvesarva maan kar kuchh kitabi budhijivi comment box me udel dete hai. Bahut hi biased sa lagta hai sab kuchh.

      Kisi ne upar likha tha ki use bola gaya ‘shakal se hi choti jaat ka lagta hai’, Are bhai, hum bhi patri, rairio walo ke saath padhe hai, khele hai, lade hai lekin hamara sambodhan ‘Bachche’ keh kar kiya jata tha aur hum shakal ke dhani bhi nahi hai. Tab sc/st ka matlab hamare liye scholarship se hua karta tha aur sochte the ki ye log ab nayi kitaabe khareedenge aur nayi dress lenge, aur hame outshine karenge.
      Aaj bhai wo patri, rairi wale patri aur rairio par hi hai, apni jawani ko wahi pe jhok rahe hai taki kuchh paisa kama sake aur ghar ka guzara chala sake. Bahut bura lagta hai dekhkar ki kaise un logo ke haq ko bade bade private schoolo hur colego se padhne wale ‘asadharan’ bator rahe hai …

      Bahut hi bura kagta hai jab ‘ asadhran ‘ vyakti goal pe goal set karta hai aur kehta hai ias karenge aur ‘sadharan’ vyakti kehta hai ‘yaar bus ek job mil jaye’.

      Novice bhai, hum bhi yahi pe khud ko viraam dete hai

      1. Vedi Veni Vici.



  14. Akhil

    I think slowly and steadily they are also mastering art of not replying to RTIs. We can now also file RTI using internet right.Lets also start mastering the art of filing RTIs likw Mrunal said.

  15. lokesh singh

    Good WOrk Bro..You ave mastered the Weapon of RTI…Also the tentative result months will calm nerves of people about result date.

  16. sandy

    Great Mrunal bhai..

  17. Raghubeer

    Hey is the information on how many people applied/appeared for prelims available anywhere?

  18. nlc

    when notification for 2013 came they retracted compulsory paper and later reinstated. why so? additional burden
    for candidates both from rural,urban. rural strong language poor english,urban good english poor language (many candidates would have studied 1 language till 1oth n later higher secondary another)poor language base in writing.the clause being without clearing compulsry paper mains wont be evaluated .after all hardwork if one fails in compulosry then its like a heart attack! my view,compulsory paper should be withdrawn what is your view?

  19. nlc

    when notification for 2013 came they retracted compulsory paper and later reinstated. why so? additional burden the clause being without clearing compulsry paper mains wont be evaluated .after all hardwork if one fails in compulosry then its like a heart attack! my view,compulsory paper should be withdrawn what is your view?

  20. monty

    God bless the RTI Act

  21. RK

    Sir, Can a candidate inspect his answer sheet under rti act

  22. santosh lohra

    kindly notify me new posts and follow up by email….sir

  23. titu

    murnal bhai, general category candidates qualified for main examination for csm 2013 are 6279 approx 42% why this figure is not to 50% whereas in other categories it is crossing to their prescribed quota i.e. 7.5, 15 and 27%. regards.

    1. novice

      its because general is unreserved brother and if any reserved guy crosses general cutoff marks den he is perceived as under “unreserved” .

    2. Piyush

      42 percent in mains is from total candidate appeared in mains. 50 percent reservation for those out of 4w percent mentioned above. Both non comparable

  24. novice

    @XYZ brother u forced me to comment 1 more time here.Ur argument is really good .Yae we need to rise as a nation for resource creation rather den fight 4 resource control and debate reservation policies.But for dat i guess d solution is population control seriusly. Tumhare argument ne dil jeet liya yarr.I would like to be in touch wid u in future.U seem to be a serious candidate and we’ll do it together bro.

  25. Arif

    Dear Sir
    One Side Question
    I come to know that UPSC is planning to calculate age from 1 jan instead of 1 Aug as they usuaaly do.
    Any Chance

    1. Shivi

      This is a relevant question. If you could please clarify whether the age will now be calculated from 1st January onwards??

      1. Arif

        I am too not very much sure about it wheteher this is happening or not.
        I just want to know whether there is any possibility of it or not.

  26. catapult

    mrunal sir,
    please do an RTI on indian forest service exam
    what changes they are planning since only 35% students attended the mains exam

  27. neha

    While I was appearing for my first optional paper in this UPSC mains exam, the middle pages of the answer booklet were not so firmly pinned up, so they came out of the answer booklet. When the invigilator came to collect the paper, I informed him. he told me that they will attach it and asked me not to worry and leave the room. But I am really worried. what should I do??

    1. RKS

      Do not worry. Before Packing and sealing the papers they do check whether any paper is being tied loose or is coming out of the sheet. They will make sure that the page should not get displaced.

      This i am saying because till last year when the supplements had to be tied up, they use to check the knot.

  28. abc

    Cut off for english is around 75 and for Hindi is 90–as per 2012 results

    1. RKS

      Hey hi,

      Any source from where you got this info.

      1. abc

        i inquired by collecting data from many candidates …a person with 76 in english qualified while a person with 72 couldn’t.In Hindi a person with 88 failed while a person qualified with 92

      2. abc

        i inquired by collecting data from many candidates …a person with 76 in english qualified while a person with 72 couldn’t.In Hindi a person with 88 failed while a person qualified with 92 qualified

        1. Ankit Tiwari

          Doesn’t seem true to me. If a person failed, he should not be able to see his marks as his copies will not be evaluated. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  29. kapil

    WELL i appeared in PRE 2013 but could not clear it and APPLIED FOR only FOREST SERVICES . so does that count as an attempt at IAS or not????

    1. AJS

      I don’t think so, If you have applied solely for Indian Forest Exam and not for Civil Services(P), both of which have four attempts.

    2. novice

      @kapil No brother your attempt for only IFOs will be counted and not for civils.Don’t worry 🙂

  30. Visharl

    Hi, Ive been hearinf two rumours , one from a friend in MEA telling me that therre is a possible reduction of attempts to 3 and age limit to 2 for general. This is what he said
    26 for ur
    28 for obc
    29 for sc/st
    3 chance for ur
    4 chance for obc
    5 for sc/st Could this be true ?

    Secondly, another friend says he knew a person who corrected GS3 and only 9600 GS papers were corrected, Does that mean only 3/5 of total 15k ppl cleared the language barrier? plus he said top marks in each paper were scrutinised again by chairman , about 140 papers of GS3 with more than 170 marks were sent to him it seems

    1. aspirant

      I have a small doubt as i hope u r a candidate who wrote mains.am confused over this new scheme.how much qns u wrote for gs papers and did u got time for all questions to answer?and how much minimum qns one should attempt in this mininmum3hrs to assure an interview call.170marks means more than 17qns correct.actually is it possible to write 200words for all these.i heard time management s very critical n xam.i dnt knw much plz clarify my doubts

    2. manchan

      26 and 3 chances for ur -> may happen [since the govt isn’t worried about this category or their votes] but the others are not going to happen as this would strike catastrophe for the govt. Even if UPSC it will be reverted like the language paper last time due to popular pressure.

  31. jai ho

    any news about upsc mains result date, cut off ?

  32. abc

    i inquired by collecting data from many candidates …a person with 76 in english qualified while a person with 72 couldn’t.In Hindi a person with 88 failed while a person qualified with 92 qualified

  33. aspirant

    Can anyone plz tell me around how much questions a person should attempt to clear generalstudies paper,how much average marks to be got to get an interview call?

  34. Rajeshnayak

    thank you lot sir,,,,
    waiting for march/april..

  35. pesto

    @novice .. completely agree with u.. somebody will have to raise voice against this unjustice. y do we have to score more than these IIT passed reserve category students, who do coaching in mukherjee nagar ,have all possible means and still claim reservation…have some guts dude to compete in general category

  36. sunil yadav

    i have some quistion very first -1 how many candidate passed upsc prelims 2013 gradiation subject wise means B A ,B Com ,Bsc Be Mbbs .question 2 how many hindi and other meadium candidate appered in prelims and passed pre and passed mains and finaly selected.pls answer it with explanation

  37. Johnc693

    you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve performed a magnificent task in this subject! kedgkcaebdke

  38. Johna783

    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Excellent work! ddkadedcedka

  39. Ankit Tiwari

    Upsc’s stand on not disclosing language cutoff’s seems logical to me. Suppose people know that the cutoff is 80/300 and thus they deliberately attempt only ~150/300. This way more and more candidates attempt lesser, and consequently it may be possible that in order to select at least 12-13000 candidates, UPSC are forced to lower the cutoff all the way down to 50-60 marks. It may result in a vicious cycle and next time, the score may fall even low. Thus, UPSC may actually need to protect this information to maintain salience of compulsory papers. If no one is performing as per their potential, how is UPSC supposed to judge them. I think they are a little bit justified.

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