1. Tips for Zoology Paper I
  2. Tips for Zoology Paper I
  3. Booklist for Zoology Optional
  4. Syllabus for Zoology in UPSC civil service Exam

It’s better to keep answers diagrammatic and less verbose.

Students should also not hesitate in drawing colour diagrams.

Tips for Zoology Paper I

Section A
Non-chordata and chordata:

  1. Classification should be done thoroughly as it’s given in Barnes’ textbook
  2. Pay attention to general essays rather than type studies
  3. Always correlate things from evolutionary viewpoint -Draw as many diagrams and flow charts as possible
  4. Students should cover all theories.
  5. In chordate description, compare the phyla phylogenetically and anatomically.
  6. Comparative anatomy diagrams should be coloured.

Section B

  1. The most scoring parts are Economic Zoology, Bio Stats and Bio Instrumentation.
  2. Students need to focus on topics related to developments in India in Economic Zoology.

Tips for Zoology Paper I

Section A

  1. To prepare Cell Biology and Genetics, students need to follow the same advice as provided for these two topics in Botany. However, you need to correlate cellular processes with human physiology and human disease conditions.
  2. In Genetics, student should also mention the possible human welfare applications.
  3. Peripheral questions are generally not asked.

Section B

Biochemistry and Physiology

  1. Practical Bio-chemical pathway with structural formula of molecules are important.
  2. Prepare from medical bio-chemistry and physiology books.
  3. Represent most information through flow charts.
  4. Always draw relevant anatomical diagrams.

Development Biology

  • If physiology and biochemistry are prepared thoroughly, then this part can be prepared only for short notes.
  • Colored drawings are a must. Students need to practice them properly.

Booklist for Zoology Optional

  1. Cell and Molecular Biology – De Robertis, C.B. Powar
  2. Genetics – P.K. Gupta, Gardner, Ahluwalia, Vir Bala Rastogi
  3. Invertebrates – R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan
  4. Vertebrates – R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan and Varma
  5. Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology – Kent
  6. Animal physiology – H.R. Singh, Vander
  7. Biochemistry – Harper, Leninger, Stryer, Rao
  8. Embryology – Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi
  9. Organic evolution – Veer Bala Rastogi
  10. Ecology – P.D. Sharma, Odum, Vir Bala Rastogi and M.S. Jayaraj, Kotpal and Bali
  11. Economic Zoology – Shukla and Upadhaya, Kotpal Series, Kotpal- Khetrapal – Agarwal
  12. Ethology – Reena Mathur, Magazines like Science Reporter, Nature etc.
  13. General Zoology – Storer and Usurger
  14. Physiology – H.R. Singh
  15. Evolution – Vir Bala Rastogi
  16. A Dictionary of Entomology – Leftwich

Syllabus for Zoology in UPSC civil service Exam

it’s available in the official notification released by UPSC, click me.