[Studyplan] CDS Maths Paper: Number System, Quadratic Equations, Surds, Indices, Linear Equation (Part 1 of 3) for UPSC Combined Defense service exam

Prologue Topic wise breakup CDS Maths Papers Gather the weapons Warm up the brain [Block#1]: Basics + Algebra Number System Surds, Indices, Powers, Exponents Linear Equations Quadratic equations Appendix Download link: Topic wise Sorted NCERTs Prologue Studyplan for CDS [...]

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[Studyplan] CDS Maths Paper: Percentages, profit-loss, Simple,Compound Interest rate,Time,Speed,Distance,Work and Statistics (part 2 of 3)

Prologue [Block#2] %, STD and Stat Percentages, Profit loss SI-CI Ratio Proportion Time speed distance Work (TSDW) Statistics-Data interpretation (DI) Stat#1: Calculation type Stat#2: Data Interpretation sets Stat#3: Theory / definition type MCQs Appendix Download link: Topic wise Sorted [...]

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[Studyplan] CDS Maths Paper: Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Area, Volume, Perimeter (Part 3 of 3) for UPSC Combined defense service exam

Prologue [Block#3] Geometry + Trig. [Geo] AVP/Mensuration [Geo] theory / non-AVP [Geo_theory1]Lines and Angles [Geo_theory2] Triangles [Geo_theory3]Quadrilaterals [Geo_theory4]Circles Trigonometry [Trig] Height and Distance (HnD) [Trig] non-height distance [Block#4] Misc.Topix #1: Set Theory / Venn Diagrams #2: Logarithms #3: AP-GP [...]

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[Studyplan] ACIO: General Awareness, History, Geography, Science, Current Affairs preparation, previous paper, Job profile for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) exam

Special Eligibility How was the ACIO 2012 paper? Static (theory) vs Current History Ancient: Minimum topics Medieval: Minimum topics Modern (British Raj) Min.Topix World history Culture Science (theory) Science (Current Affairs) Space/ISRO/NASA Defense Environment Polity Geography Indian Geography Min.Topix [...]

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[Studyplan] ACIO: Aptitude, Maths, Reasoning and English Essay for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) exam

Prologue Maths / Quantitative Aptitude Probability Algebra, Linear Eq. Average- Allegation Time speed distance work Percentage, profit-loss, SI-CI Number theory, LCM-HCF AVP (Area Volume Perimeter) Reasoning #1: Chart based #2: coding n series + alphabet #3 Analogy, odd man [...]

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[StudyPlan] UP Review Officer (Samiksha Adhikari) Previous Question papers, approach, free study material, Cutoffs

Structure is Review Officer Exam? Brief Analysis of 2010’s paper (GA/GK) History Geography What to prepare for Indian Geography Uttar Pradesh Geography UP: CENSUS related Geography World Geography; Agriculture Geography: Physical Environment related Polity Government Schemes Economy Science Aptitude [...]

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[Strategy] RAS 2013 Prelims: booklist, study material, approach, cutoffs, previous papers, syllabus of Rajasthan State & Subordinate Services Combined Competitive Exam

UPSC vs RAS Analysis of RAS-2012 prelims Rajasthan’s history and culture Indian History n Culture Geography World Geography India Geography Geography of Rajasthan Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Economy Economy of Rajasthan Polity Rajasthan state polity/administration Rajasthan Public Policy Science [...]

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[Question Paper] RAS Preliminary Exam 2012 (Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive exam), cutoffs, previous papers

Strategy, booklist, freestudy material given in a separate article, click me Brief analysis of RAS Preliminary-2012 paper Overall breakup Topicwise Breakup Rajasthan specific Questions History and Culture Ancient India Modern India Rajasthan history Rajasthan Culture Raj.Language Raj. Literature Raj.Music, [...]

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