Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)

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Question from a reader

It is mentioned in the advertisement for Civil Services that a candidate has to be fit as mentioned in “Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary” .I have tried a lot but I have not been able to find this Appendix III .If you could kindly give a try to locate this information and put it in your site, I think it will help all the candidates.


here is the scanned copy of the pages dealing with physical standard, medical checkup etc. for UPSC Civil Service Exam, from Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary.

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367 Comments on “Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)”

  1. anyone ans. about piles.

    1. Sir I have hydrocele and varicocele stage one and there is problem in Epidijdimits ,sir will I disqualified in IAS medical?

  2. Sir, I have flat feet, Will I able to qualify Engineering Services’ medical test??

  3. sir,i have partial colour blindness.m i eligible for IES??

  4. Sir,
    I am a medical student preparing for civil services. I had one of my kdneys removed for hydronephrosis. but i am fine with single kidney. All parameters are normal.I do normal day to day activities without any difficulties. What about my tests? Shall I be disqualified? please reply …..

  5. Sir i have undergone combined Glucoma and cataract surgery and wearing spectacles. In which category do I come according to UPSC norms?

  6. Hey
    I want to know about The EYE requirements about the INDIAN FOREST SERVICE-
    1. The EYE SIGHT.
    2. Colour Vision.

  7. i wear spectacles of power minus 7, my vision is normal , my question is, am i physically fit for I.A.S.?

    1. Hello sir
      My upper three teeths are not in a correct order, so tell me that can I’m able for an ias/ips officer.

  8. sir i was declared unfit from selection medical board(ssb allahabad) for army on the ground of ectopic left kidney. so here i would like to ask if it would also create any obstruction in medicals for cse(ips) or capf(ac).
    and also as it is asked about any previous medical examination in the medical declaration in the medical gazette so writing about my previous med result will have any effect or not.
    i woulld appreciate ur response, thank u.

  9. Sir,i have colour blindness.Am I eligible for non-technical services of UPSC according to required physical standards

  10. As per pwd act only 60 DB HL People are eligible but as post is suitable for PWD. So can a person with 40 DB Hearing loss apply in general category. Medical norms in gazette notification saying as person with more than 30 DB hear ing loss not fit . But if 60 DB hl person get relaxation why can’t person with 40 DB hl not be eligible. ?????????

  11. can people wid color blinness is eligible for color blindness

  12. can people wid color blindness is eligible for ias, ips

    1. yes they are allowed in IAS i don’t know about IPS

      1. not allowed in IPS

  13. Sir, it is mentioned in the Gazette that even for Non-technical services ,lower color perception is required.Can you please clarify it as i am complete color blind.
    I got selected in Engineering services but am unfit all services except Indian Railway Store Service due to color blindness. So, I want to be sure before starting preparations for civil services so that I will not have to go through disappointment that i am facing right now.

    1. Ram murti sir , I am complete color blind as you are ..I am preparing for IES ..what rank should I get to get into Indian Railway store .

    2. I am color blind as you are ..what rank must you get to get into Indian Railway store ..

      1. @Prannoy, it varies depending upon how many above your rank are suffering from color blindness or have filled IRSS. In ESE-2012, the last candidate to get IRSS from general category was Rank 26 whereas in ESE-2011,the guy having rank 56 was the last. So, if your are from general and think of worst case scenario, then you should have rank under 30.

        1. Sir my teeth is very bad and disorder and piles .any problem in ias,ips

      2. My front teeth is half broken is I am eligible for UPSE or not.


      1. sorry Rishi, if you are color blind, you can get only IRSS. nothing else

      2. sir what about knock knees,are they a disqualification too?

    4. Ram Murti Bhai

      I read your post today about the clarification required.I believe when you say total color blind, its level 4.I have the same level and reading through the Appendix was able to ascertain that IPS and other Technical services would not be available for me.But i was sure about IAS after drawing a parallel inference from other disability norms provided there.Then i looked into the fact if there is any relaxation for CB which is a negative so i concluded if there is no relaxation/reservation then this might not be such a big disability according to them,just something like having prescribed glasses.I started serious preparation based on the same inference but now i am in doubt as well.So have you been able to confirm this doubt or still searching for an answer.
      Mrunal, could you please chip in if you know the answer.

      1. in civil services except IPS and IRTS, you are eligible for everything as far as I above comments are regarding engineering services.

        1. yeah, the language in that doc is not clear. It is ambiguous. Don’t know why they use such terminology.

  14. sir..i need to know that i have eye problem in both eye in my left it is about minus eight and in my right it is minus four so sir there is any problem for me for any of the exam like upsc ,bank ies,ias,

    1. There is no issue!!! You are eligible for all services except IRSE.

  15. can people with root canal surgery/dentures(2 teeth in my case) get selected for the ips and other technical services?

    1. yes, no problem in that

  16. dear sir can people with dentures apply for the ips?

  17. Sir,my height is 7.2 feet and weight is 70 kg.i had no hearing or vision impairment or any sort of disability.Am i eligible for IAS.
    With regards

  18. Sir, my eyesight is -6.0 D. Am i eligible for Indian forest service? Please help.

  19. sir
    can a person with hemophilia join civil services?


  21. sir i am diabetic patient form 1 month i have post blood sugar 161 only (normal range 110-140) , not urine sugar , doctor advise me only do exercise and control diet , i am eligible for engineering services .
    plz do reply ..

      1. sir can a type i diabetic is fit for being in civil services??

  22. Hi.. I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis.. so am i eligible for iss..!

  23. Hello Mrunal and other readers,
    I have a query regarding the medical tests. I wear orthodontic braces and the doctor has removed both of my upper 1st premolars, but I do have fully developed wisdom teeth making the total number of teeth in my upper jaw 14. Am I fit for this service by medical standards, considering i) I wear orthodontic braces ii) I have only 14 teeth in upper jaw?
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. yes, no problem in that

  24. hi preparing for civil height is 6″2″.one of my valve is not closed and doctor said its not a big problem .can dis be a problem for civil services sir.please do reply:)

  25. sir i have serious query regarding physical standard for ias ..sir can u tell me how much height is required for be eligible for ias …sir read the upsc but it is mention for ips and india railway tarrif service…plz reply

  26. sir mere sirf 25 teeth hen 2 molar teeth nikal diye hen kya me 1.a.s ke liye denature ke sat eligible hu ,plz reply

  27. sir mere sirf 25 teeth hen 2 molar teeth nikal diye hen kya me i.a.s ke liye denature ke sat eligible hu ,plz reply

    1. i have only 25 teeth ,i have 3 denature teeth,am i eligible for i.a.s and i.p.s ? plz sir ram murti and shivam sharma ji plz reply me ?

  28. My right eye vission is 6/24 with glass.
    Am I elligible for Indian Engineering Services.
    Please reply………..

  29. My right eye vission is 6/24 with glass. But my left eye vission is 6/6 with glass.
    Am I elligible for Indian Engineering Services.
    Please reply………..

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