Mock Questions for General Studies (Mains) Paper 2: Science n Tech, Foreign Relations, International Affairs by Tushar

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!

This is contributed by Mr.Tushar of IIT Delhi

  1. India Foreign relations
  2. International Affairs
  3. Science and Tech
  4. International organizations/Events

India Foreign relations

  1. Do you think that India should conduct ASAT (Anti satellite test) to gain bargaining position in the formulation of space code of conduct that is going to be framed and enacted in the years to come?
  2. Bring out the Diaspora of India is crucial for India Economy. Throw light on the Labor law and social security of few countries.
  3. Discuss about the Foreign Direct Investment outflow from India to rest of the world.

International Affairs

  1. Analyze the ethnic conflicts in the Caucasian countries and its implications on India’s Relation.
  2. Discuss the economic and Political relations with Caribbean Countries. 
  3. Discuss the economic and Political relations with Scandinavian Countries.
  4. Discuss about the India Sri Lanka cooperation in the field of Nuclear Safety and Disaster management.
  5. To what extent “six point principles” adopted by ASEAN recently will be effective to reduce disputes in the South China Sea.
  6. Global INK Project.
  7. Do you think the issue of the Manas air base has been shifted from the political to the economic for Kazakistan?
  8. Recent historic conviction of Dominican Republic (DR) (Haiti) court.
  9. Steps taken by the Columbian Govt to curb the insurgency in southeast region of the country.
  10. Discuss the mining sector of the South African in the connection with the HDSA (Historically Disadvantaged South Africans) and recent declaration of ANC (African National Congress) on the nationalization of the mines.
  11. Do you think that demand of Bolivia government to amend 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs to remove language that bans the chewing of coca leaf is justified?
  12. How you see the recent withdrawal of Uzbekistan from the CSTO in the wake of the in terms of economic and political context?
  13. Comment of the effectiveness of the ICC since its inception.
  14. India- America Cooperation in the field of Higher Education, and Health Sector.
  15. Indian-Sri Lanka Nuclear Safety Cooperation

Science and Tech

  1. Modified Embaraer EMB 145I aircraft.
  2. DRDO-FICCI Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization program (ATAC) and their recent landmark achievement.
  3. HuGaMMA Report.
  4. MCA-21.
  6. London Declaration of Jan 2012 on Neglected Tropical Diseases.
  7. Sevottam Model.
  8. OVR Sagar Nidhi
  9. MCIRP (Mobile Based Crime and incident reporting platform)
  10. National Institute of Ocean Technology- Desalination Process -LTTD
  11. ASTROSAT and its instrumentation.
  12. Bio Toilet designed by the DRDO and especially bacteria used.
  13. The Defense Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) its recent achievement.
  14. PAT scheme launched by BEE.
  15. Reservetrol in our food and its potential advantages.
  16. In Vitro meat.
  17. Difference between 3G and LTE mobile technology.
  18. Difference between the CMOS and CCD image sensors.
  19. Tandem Solar Cell and its advantages.
  20. Gratzel Solar cell and its characteristics.
  21. Nuclear Powered Crops.
  22. Hydroponics and its potential advantages.
  23. Curiosity rover, its objectives and its instrumentation.
  24. TARA’s expedition.
  25. Compare any three edible oils with respected to their saturated fat content.
  26. Pebble Reactor.
  27. Generations of the Nuclear Reactors.
  28. Trophy Molecules’ a breakthrough in nuclear technology.
  29. Leap second and Y2K bug.
  30. Colony Collapse Disorder and its implications.
  31. Functions of the GHB substance found in nervous system of human.
  32. Date rape drug.
  33. Problems associated with the traditional vaccine of Foot and Mouth Diseases (FMDs).
  34. Wildlife Conservations Society’s efforts of conservation of the Markhor-Pakistan’s National Mammal.
  35. Gnathiid isopods and coral bleaching.
  36. Transient Elastography
  37. Problems associated with the detection of the adulterated milk in India.
  38. NASA’s Kepler Mission and its recent findings. Kepler 22b
  39. What is Ballast water management convention (BWM convention).
  40. What is Dirty fishing?
  41. Types of radio tracking of animals.
  42. Environmental side effects of the Deep Sea Trawling.
  43. Explain the advantage of the deep sea trawl developed by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT)
  44. Classification of the Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  45. List the various techniques used for Anti Collision in the Railways.
  46. How nitrous fertilizers contributes to the Global Warming?
  47. Problems associated with laboratory detection of the synthetic milk.
  48. Uncany Valley in the Robotic Science.
  49. Greenpeace Report on Bt Brinjal.
  50. Deep sea challenger.
  51. Curiosity Rover.
  52. Solar Impulse.
  53. Flame and Stuxnet.
  54. Karspersky Lab.
  55. Google’s brain machine.
  56. Sector33- an iOS application from NASA.
  57. Voager1 and Voager2
  58. A*star institute of technology.
  59. Google’s X Lab
  60. Superblooms
  61. Ug99
  62. N-u star telescope.
  63. Coral Bleaching.
  64. White Nose Syndrome.
  65. RightingBot
  66. Human Connectome Project
  67. North Atlantic Bloom
  68. Foundation B612 (Near earth Objects)
  69. Lab on Chip
  70. SeaFox-underwater drone.
  71. Soyuz Rocket
  72. IPv6
  73. Aerostat Balloon at Florida Naval Air Station.
  74. IRVE-3 by NASA
  75. FireFly Cubesat satellite by NASA.
  76. National Year of Mathematics
  77. US Antarctic Blue Ribbon Panel.
  78. Spin Organic LED
  79. High Resolution Coronal imager (Hi-C) telescope.
  80. Cluster beans (Guar) Gum and its industrial applications.
  81. AirBus A350

International organizations/Events

  1. International Telecom Union and its sectors.
  2. Note on Space Code of Conduct.
  3. Universal Declaration of Human Duties.
  4. List any three sites listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger. also describe their potential threats. (3 world and 2 from India).
  5. The Church of Nativity in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.
  6. Swarnajayanti Dwar.
  7. Indra Elephant from Ueno Zoo of Japan.
  8. International Organization for Migration.
  9. Six natural wonders Declared by World heritage sites.
  10. Dijingareyber Mosque Timbuktu
  11. Recent COSPAR conference.
  12. ArcelorMittal Orbit at London Olympics.
  13. Recent initiative of Harward and MIT- Edx and MOOC.
  14. Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan
Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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