Mr.Tushar of IIT Delhi has contributed these mock questions for General studies Mains paper 1 (in the Pre-2013 UPSC system).

  1. Yearbook
  2. Polity
  3. Economy
  4. Geography + Agriculture
  5. Environment
  6. Culture
  7. Persons in News


Answer following in 250 words each(20×3=60)-general Polity and law analysis

  1. Describe the mechanism of filling complaint in the consumer court. In the same context, state the changes made in 2011 amendment of the Consumer Protection Act.
  2. Assess the effectiveness steps taken by government to give boost to the infrastructure sector.
  3. Analyze the conundrums associated with The Building and other Construction workers (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Act, 1996 (BOCW Act).
  4. Bring out the silent features of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2010 and describe its amendments in sequence with special reference to the recently enacted in 2012. Do you think that there are, still many issues which are prevalent in reality have not been considered in the act? Give Examples.
  5. Highlight the issue of the pricing of the drugs in India. In the same context, discuss the recommendations of the Pranob Sen Task Force.
  6. Increasing number of road accidents is a cause of worry in India. In this context critically examine the recommendations of the Sundar Committee on the Road Safety and Traffic management.
  7. Enhancement of the efficiency in the use of Energy is prime focus for BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). State the objectives of the BEE with respect of Energy Conservation Act 2001. And list out the changes made by the amendment of 2010 in the Act.
  8. Bring out the silent changes made in the Criminal Procedure Code Amendment Bill 2010, discuss its implications.
  9. Discuss the recommendations of the IDSA task force to overcome the challenges in the cyber space of India.
  10. Comment on the draft ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill), 2010. Compare this act with any of the similar act which has been enacted in any of the developed country.
  11. Bring out the features of the Unorganized Social Sector Scheme 2008. Up to what extent it has proved to be inclusive? Suggest some measures.
  12. List out the recommendations of the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Universal Health Care (UHC) in India. Comment on it.
  13. Unequal implementation of the GramNayala Act, 2008 which enacted in 2ndOctober 2009 has impaired effective Criminal Justice System. Comment.
  14. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBM) has been caught with numerous complexities” Comment.


Answer following in 250 words each(20×1=20)

  1. Describe the constitutional provisions that recently Supreme Court has held in the context of Right to Education Act 2009, which has imposed compulsion to the Private aided schools to reserve its 25% quota for poor children.
  2. “Despite the dramatic change in the demographics of India, the base for the Presidential Election is still 1971 population” Justify. Highlight the role of the Delineation Commission in the same context.
  3. Describe the recent amendment made in the Citizen Act 1955 in the context of “Overseas Elector”
  4. In the era of the Hung Parliament, Do you think that there is need to change the existing form of government to the Presidential form in India?


150 words each (12 marks)

  1. List of the steps taken by the government to increase the Rural Credit Inclusion.
  2. List the steps taken by the RBI to curb the fall of Indian Rupee against the US Dollar.
  3. Concept of Spice Park and list the Operational Spice Park in the country with their specialization.
  4. Rural Business Hub Scheme and list any three ongoing business at present.
  5. Objectives of the approved institute of RC Bose Center of Cryptology & Security in the Institute of Statistical Institute.
  6. What is SARFAISE Act and for what purpose it has been enacted?
  7. List the recent steps taken by Indian Government to enhance the cyber security?
  8. Lead Insurance scheme: A single insurance product.
  9. Proposed Center for Asia Pacific Aviation. Also write a short note on “Vittal Innovation City” Project.
  10. Silent features of the new Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship (PMRDF) Scheme.
  11. Currencies swap deal with SAARC members.
  12. Meena Communication Programe.
  13. Describe the organizational structure of Serious Fraud Investigation Office. (SFIO)
  14. Andhapradesh’s Green Channel Scheme.
  15. Silent features of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Amendment) 2012 Bill.

Geography + Agriculture

150 words each(12×5=60)

  1. Project INDUS
  2. Costal Vulnerability Index” developed by INCOIS
  3. Naval Air Station (NAS) Baaz : Southern Most air base of India.
  4. Explain “El-Nino” and its implications in India’s Climate.
  5. Freak Flooding Phenomenon In the Indian Ocean (Kallakkadal)
  6. Why earth quake of 11th April 2012 in the Indian Ocean did not result in Tsunami Formation?
  7. What is Rat Hole Mining? What are the problems associated with this?
  8. The recent initiative of the Turmeric Growers and it causes?
  9. Pod borer resistant varieties of pigeon pea and chickpea developed by the ICAR division-NFBSFARA– (In the light of price rise of pulses and its reduced production)
  10. Coastal Vulnerability Index” Developed by INCOIS (India National Center for Ocean Information Services)
  11. Describe the organizational structure of FSSAI (Food Safety Standard Authority


  1. New amphibians species found in Western Ghats in Kerala.
  2. Project Elephant and list any three corridors.
  3. Great Himalayan National Park.
  4. Recently declared Minimum Support Price for the Minor Forest Produces.
  5. Reasons for reducing numbers of Gariyals.
  6. BEE star rating for office buildings.
  7. Bachat Lamp Yojana.
  8. Recent initiatives of the BEE to augment the investment in energy efficiency projects.
  9. BEE’s PAT scheme. (imp)
  10. Indian Wild life Business Council.
  11. List the broad objectives of Project Elephant and what are the MIKE sites. List any five of them.
  12. Science express Biodiversity Special
  13. Red Ribbon Express.
  14. Discuss about the migratory Birds in India and their seasons and places.
  15. Effectiveness of the DST (Day light saving) and Advancing the IST (Indian Standard Time) By half an hour on the energy usage efficiency in Indian context.
  16. Bio-fumigants developed by the CTCRI and DRDO
  17. Myristica Swamp
  18. Silent features of the e-waste Management and Handling Rules 2011.


50 words each

  1. Tribal Awards conferred by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  2. Rani Durgavati Sanman Award.
  3. Veer Shankar Shah -Raghunath Shah Sanman Award.
  4. Thakar Bapa Sanman.
  5. The Queen-Destiny of Dance.
  6. Ganga Sharan Singh Award.
  7. Hindi Sevi Sanman.
  8. Categories of Film Certification according to the Cinematograph Rules,1983 of India.

Persons in News

  1. Colonel Tara
  2. Madhur Bhandarkar.
  3. Krishnaswamy Vijaya Raghavan.
  4. Tejinder Singh Virdee.
  5. Gopa Sabarwal.
  6. Nitin Joshi.
  7. Sima Biswas.
  8. Lakshmi Tripathi.
  9. Radha Vinod Raju
  10. M. Manimekalai
  11. Soumya Gupta
  12. Ram Kumar
  13. Sanjeev Chaturvedi (SR Jindal Prize 2011)
  14. Nitin Bondal and his innovation.
  15. Sikanth Srnivasan
  16. Sarnath Banerjea
  17. Anish Kapoor
  18. Chef Vikas Khanna
  19. Bandu Dhotre
  20. Justice Dalveer Bhandari
  21. National Film Awards 4th may