Let’s recap the previous episodes:

  1. I had asked for CSAT 2012 answerkeys via R.T.I, but UPSC did not give it saying “examination process is not over.” (June 2012).
  2. I then appealed to CIC, and CIC ordered UPSC to give the answer key before examination process is over. (This happened on 1st March 2013). Click me for more
  3. But Today (30th March), I received a letter from UPSC, that basically says “We can’t give you the answerkeys and we are going to challange CIC’s order in Delhi High Court..”

Copy pasting the content of UPSC’s letter

Dt. 25th March 2013

Subject: compliance of CIC decision no. CIC/SM/A/2012/001599 dated 1st March, 2013 in 2nd appeal filed by Mrunal under the R.T.I act 2005.

In compliance of above mentioned direction of the CIC, it is informed the public information officer (PIO) has not been provided the answer keys of all sets of Civil Service (preliminary) examination, 2012, by the custodian of the said records in the (UPSC) Commission’s Secretariat.  Hence the Public information officer (PIO) is unable to comply with the direction of Hon’ble CIC.
It is, however, further informed that the custodian of such information, have decided to challenge the decision in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, as the decision of CIC is contrary to the policy of Public authority.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Kulbir Singh
Joint.Direction (E) and C?PIO

—end of copy paste—Here is the link to scanned copy of original letter: click me