[Diplomacy] India-US 4th Strategic Dialogue (part 3 of 3):Education, Environment, Energy cooperation

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Third and last part in the series. Indo-US cooperation in Education, Environment and Energy (EEE), with special focus on Kerry’s visit (4th strategic dialogue).

  1. Education
    1. Data-sharing
    2. Fulbright-Nehru Program
    3. India’s “Connect India” program
    4. In-step initiative
    5. Museum
    6. Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative
    7. Raman Fellowships
    8. UGC
    9. USA’s “Passport to India” initiative.
  2. Environment related
    1. Arsenic
    2. Durban platform
    3. REDD+
    4. Short lived Climate pollutants
    5. Summits
    6. Energy
    7. IREED
    8. PACE
    9. Gas hydrates
    10. Coal bed Methane
    11. Gas market
    12. Tech-upgrades
    13. New Silk road strategy
    14. Solar thermal
  3. Summary
  4. Mock Questions (General Studies Mains Paper II)


The United States is the most favored destination for Indian students, with more than 100,000 Indian students pursuing higher studies in the United States. But the flow of American students coming to India=very low. Both sides agreed to increase it.

India US Environment Energy Education cooperation

India US Education cooperation
  • direct India-U.S. advanced science and education network  has been setup to supporting enormous data flows between institutions/universities. (terabytes of data in a single download)
  • This is a PPP project involving Tata Communication.
Fulbright-Nehru Program
  • for students and scholar exchange.
  • Since 1950, it has benefited thousands of American and Indian students and scholars.
India’s “Connect India” program
  • Encourages the US students to come to India for a semester of study.
  • They’ll be given exposure to Indian culture and economy, corporate companies and interaction with political representatives, including the totally awesome legends such as A.Raja.
  • was announced during the India-U.S. Higher Education Dialogue held in 2012
In-step initiative
  • India-Support for Teacher Education Program (In-STEP)
  • joint project between USAID and Indian HRD ministry.
  • to build the capacity of teacher educators in India.
  • Indian culture ministry signed MoU with New York’s Museum for cultural exchanges, training and visits undertaken by museum professionals.
  • As part of the celebrations of the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a Chair was established in the University of Chicago
Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative
  • When Mohan 1st visited USA in 2009
  • Each side committed $5 million each
  • funds given to selected colleges and universities.
Raman Fellowships
  • for placements of young India faculty and researchers in U.S. universities. (sponsored by UGC)
  • University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has finalized guidelines for twinning arrangements between Indian and foreign educational institutions.
  • The guidelines will facilitate greater collaboration between Indian and U.S. universities.
USA’s “Passport to India” initiative.
  • For American students coming to India for internship.
TUV scam
  • Tri-valley university visa scam in USA, 2012
  • ~400 Indian students were duped in this.
  • Collaborations in Massive Open Online Courses, technology-enabled learning.
  • Developing India’s vocational training sector through collaboration with U.S. educational institutions.
  • Establish community colleges in India.
  • enhance people-to-people connectivity
  • Higher Education Dialogue. and MoU with AICTE +additional institution-to-institution agreements to be signed on the margins of the Higher Education Dialogue

Environment related

India US Environment cooperation
Arsenic U.S. companies providing the technology and knowhow for Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water in Indian villages.
Durban platform
  • In Durban platform under UNFCC, the parties decided work toward a climate change agreement applicable to all countries from 2020, to be adopted by 2015.
  • Both India-US resolved to work on Durban Platform: with a protocol and legally binding treaty on all parties.
  • Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests and USAID initiated a five-year, contract to take Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) actions in India.
Short lived Climate pollutants
  • Short-lived climate pollutants include black carbon, tropospheric ozone, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).
  • They are called “Short-lived” because these pollutants have atmospheric lifetimes of only days to a decade and a half (compared to CO2 which can persist in the atmosphere for millenia.)
  • India and the U.S. will work together to exchange information on short-lived climate pollutants, including black carbon.


Both sides welcomed the decisions/outcomes of following summits:

  1. Doha/COP-18 (UNFCC)
  2. RIO+20

^click on the names to read full articles on those summits.

Plus, cooperation in

  1. monsoon studies
  2. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.
  3. climate change adaptation
  4. disaster preparedness
  5. water resources
  6. forest carbon inventory monitoring
  7. clean energy
  8. strategies to achieve low carbon inclusive growth
  9. tropical cyclones,
  10. Research on key pelagic fish stocks and harmful algal blooms.


  • energy =critical for sustaining economic growth and securing prosperity,
  • India-US Energy Dialogue
  • Developing smart grid technologies, energy efficient buildings, Air conditioners, solar power, clean energy.
India US energy cooperation
  • Indian Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy Database (IREEED)
  • Launched by India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy
  • This is an online repository of India’s central and state government renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, regulations, and incentive programs.
  • It provides one stop information to benefit of policy makers, project developers, businesses, and consumers.
  • India-US Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE).
  • When Mohan had visited America in 2009.
  • So far, PACE has mobilized ~ $2 billion to India for clean energy projects.
  • PACE initiative has financed nearly 40 percent of India’s first 1,000 MW of installed solar energy capacity,
Gas hydrates
  • MOU for Cooperation in Gas
  • To increasing the understanding of the geologic occurrence and the potential of methane production
  • from natural gas hydrates in India and the United States.
  • for more on gas hydrates, read article on Economic Survey ch.11, part 1 of 2
Coal bed Methane
  • U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) signed an agreement to help Essar Oil Limited in further assessing its coal bed methane license areas for the presence of commercial grade shale deposits.
  • US established a research house with Coal India on coal mine and coal bed methane.
  • Coal India is using this facility to explore prospects for commercially viable methane capture systems to both reduce emissions and recycle methane as an energy source.
  • This (coal bed methane) will take India to a potential new domestic energy resource offering cleaner alternatives to coal.
  • For more on coal bed methane read article on Economic Survey ch.11, part 1 of 2
Gas market
  • discussed the development of an Asian natural gas market to provide more secure and diversified supplies of natural gas throughout the region.
  • directors of Indian PSU refineries to meet with U.S. companies specializing in a range of refinery efficiency up-gradation technologies.
  • USA is also collaborating with Indian oil and gas companies to capture and reuse fugitive methane from gas facilities.
New Silk road strategy
  • America’s “New Silk Road Strategy” links the energy rich Central Asian Republics as Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan with Bangladesh and South East Asia.
  • Last year when Hilary visited Mamata, she said Kolkata would become an important hub in this new silk road strategy.
Solar thermal
  • In Dec 2012, US-India started initiative for concentrated solar power (CSP).
  • It converts solar energy into thermal energy (heat). Then heat is used to run steam turbine= electricity produced.
  • name of project=SERIIUS (Solar energy research initiative of India and US).


So, what is the big picture? Where do these individual pieces fit in the Indo-US relationship? click on following chart to find out.

Full Mindmap-India US Relation Kerry Visit

Indo-US relationship 2012-13 (click to enlarge)

Mock Questions (General Studies Mains Paper II)

Write note on following, 2 marks each

  1. India-US PACE program
  2. Connect India program
  3. Obama Singh knowledge initiative
  4. SCOMET list
  5. SERIIUS (for GS3)
  6. IREED (for GS3)

Answer following for 10 marks (200 words)

  1. Discuss the development of Indo-US defense ties in the recent years.
  2. Write a note on Indo-US cooperation in space and science research.
  3. Write a note on Indo-US cooperation in health care and medical research.
  4. Give an outline of Indo-US cooperation in climate change with respect to UNFCC and Doha platform.
  5. Write a note on Indo-US cooperation in Environment protection and Energy security.
  6. What are the various consultative mechanisms between India and US to improve and strengthen the trade and investment relationship?

25 markers (250 words)

  1. Examine the areas of cooperation and irritants in the Indo-American relations in recent years.
  2. Write a note on the evolution the strategic partnership between India and US after the collapse of USSR.
  3. Former US ambassador Robert Blackwill was once reported to have said: “India wants the US to invest, India wants the US to keep its markets more open, India want’s more Visas for its professional, India wants us to be more helpful on Kashmir and in dealing with Pakistan, India wants US support for membership of the UN Security Council, India wants this and India wants that. Tell me what will India give in return?” What will be your reply to ambassador Robert Blackwill?
  4. From US point of view, what are the main ‘drivers’ of the India – US relationship?
  5. ‘US – India Strategic dialogues offer sound bites, not solid actions.’ Do you agree/disagree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  6. American strategic generosity towards India, remains an investment in its own geopolitical well being. Comment.
  7. Write a note on Trilateral relationship among India-US-Japan.
  8. Write a note on Trilateral relationship among India-US-Afghanistan.

For more on diplomacy, international relations: visit Mrunal.org/diplomacy

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      8. Support for promoting Democratic principles
      9. India can play constructive role for Afghan peace, security and development
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