update: 8 December. Since Mains exam is over, I’ve removed all the comments from this page. So that mobile numbers/email ids are not misused for spamming by telemarketing companies.
@Mains-2013 Players: Please Post your exam-center/travel/accommodation details IF:

  1. You’re Seeking/offering any shared transport / vehicle pooling during the exam days.
  2. If you’ve any doubts on center-location/travel/accommodation (e.g. In google maps: college name is right but  area name is different,  or what is the best place to stay near xyz center? etc.)
  3. If you’re a senior player (or resident of same city) and want to share some tips on the travel/lodging etc.

This could help saving lot of money, time and inconvenience– particularly to players from outside the city.

(While posting comment below, kindly use this format, so others can easily scan through it)

In the comment name box: [City name] your name

In the comment message box

  • Name of center:
  • Travel Plan:
  • Staying At:
  • Contact: (your email id/ facebook id/ cell no.)
  • Other details (if you want to share): e.g. optional subject/medium etc.

For example

  • (in the comment “name box”) [A’BAD] DevAnand
  • L.D. Engineering College, Guj.Univ. Ahmedabad,
  • via bus/bike from Gandhinagar. (my bike if u share petrol cost, else bus.)
  • staying at: sector-22, uncle’s house
  • contact (xyz@xyz.com)
  • Other notes: will leave at 8AM, Sociology.

Side notes

  1. While posting comment, you may tick “
  2. Before posting comment, go through earlier comments
  3. if you found a  potential pool-buddy in the comments below,- better directly contact him on his given email / phone, rather than replying to his comment here.
  4. please avoid posting chating type comment (hi hello, best luck, thank you, great work etc.) that way comments are not cluttered unnecessarily. and needy person can swiftly glance through the pages. I might remove such comments without meaning any disrespect to you.
  5. I’ve put permanent link of this page to left hand top corner of the website: titled “Shared Travel/Center-Doubt”. So you may check this page again.
  6. Will update this page to include any wisdom shared about travel/lodging tips for a particular exam-center.
  7. Any other suggestions also welcome.