[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

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This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI.

Some interesting facts:

  1. (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination.
  2. But out of those 1061 qualified candidates, only 714 candidates bothered to fill up the Mains application form (DAF) for IFoS.
  3. and out of those 714 candidates only 515 people wrote GK paper. And (According to the official notification for IFoS-2013) total vacancies are 85. So imagine the ‘low’ participation this year!
  4. Most unpopular subjects: Chemical engineering and statistics (5 candidates each)
  5. Most popular optional subjects: Geology and Forestry (~170 candidates each)

Here I’m copy pasting the text version of UPSC’s RTI reply.

From UPSC, speed post dispatched on 6th November 2013.

Subject:- Request for information under under RTI Act 2005- in respect of Indian Forest Service (Pre and Main) examination, 2013

Please refer to your online RTI request dt. 08-10-2013 and another application dated 27-10-2013 vide Regn. No, UPSC M/R/2013/61091 and 61311 (received in the Commission’s office on 11-10-2013 & 29-10-2013 respectively) under RTI Act, 2005 on the above mentioned subject. The point wise information is furnished as under

Point No. 01 and 02:

it is stated that E-Admit Card data for Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2013 is 714 for admitted candidates.

Point No. 03 & 04: The centre-wise candidates were appeared as under

No. of students in page appeared from a centre is cumulative. Means if a candidates has written all 6 papers then he is counted 6 times.

Center  code candidates appeared
4 34
6 44
8 1594
10 169
12 517
13 100
26 56

Attendance in Compulsory papers

code21. General English 511
code22. General knowledge 515

Attendance in Optional Subjects

(In ascending order of attendance in paper I)

No. of candidates appeared in
subject with subject code paper I paper II
6. Chemical Engineering 5 5
13. Statistics 5 5
3. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science 12 11
2. Agricultural Engineering 18 18
7. Civil Engineering 18 18
11. Mechanical Engineering 20 19
5. Chemistry 24 23
14. Zoology 33 32
4. Botany 51 51
12. Physics 69 65
10. Mathematics 74 71
1. Agriculture 78 77
9. Geology 168 167
8. Forestry 176 175

Point No.05: Details of the IFoS(Pre) examination, 2013 are as under

Total number of appeared candidates 63809
Total No. of qualified candidates 1061

Ref copy of original RTI:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0DPgaYAtDgmZDkycnJxWDR3NEk/edit?usp=sharing

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153 Comments on “[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF”

  1. So around 360 candidates are in the run (going by the number of people giving the paper 2 of optional and dividing that number by half since each candidate takes 2 optional subjects). Last year they called around 240 candidates for interview for around 85 posts.

    P.S. They say most popular subject is chemistry and geology with 170 candidates each. but then how did 176 candidates appear in the Forestry paper? :P Is that a typo from Mrunal? Did Mr Mrunal mean Geology and Forestry?

  2. seeing this UPSC should shortlist around 2000 if number of seat remains same, people who had no intention for appearing in IFoS mains too marked it as an option and took the cutoff too high and then they didnt appeared for the mains.

  3. Many serious candidates who must have had the ambition and dream to become an Ifos officer and spent years in preparation were simply ignored with the introduction / merging of prelims. No doubt only competent individuals can get through such exams. But what about those who are new to the pattern of csat.? The statistics shows it rightly. Many civil service aspirants who dont even have the idea of mains optionals in Ifos got through resulting in the decreased number of candidates appearing in ifos mains. This is against the equality of opportunity for those preparing for years. But the advantage for upsc is that now they have reduced their burden of evaluating many subjective papers.! Definitely change is necessary but it should not go against or discriminate any section. Upsc should give some consideration to those people while making changes. P.S. Im not an Ifos aspirant.

      1. hi friend, do you think they separate the two exams. i saw your article and i really appreciate your highly matured writing skills. i love to be your friend and i too am preparing for ifos and if you like please intimate through email. hnaik44@gmail.com

  4. the changes should be rolled back this year
    there should be charge sheet against all the officials responsible for this non sense
    the objective of prelims is to filter student. and what kind of filtering process is this

  5. I have nothing against people who qualified for IFOS mains, but there should be a through CBI inquiry against top goons of UPSC for playing with lives of thousands of serious aspirants, both IAS and IFOS, who are subjected to brutal experiment of reform.

  6. Absolutely….Generally Prelims is to segregate non-serious candidates from serious…same thing happened here also but in other way. The final outcome here is 35% serious candidates & 65% Non-serious one got into the next level for All India Services…the worst part here is ‘by assuming all the ppl who appeared for the mains exam are serious’.
    How will they know the pain of a serious science graduate who is an IFS aspirant?

  7. now I am regretting not ticking IFoS option… this RTI means even a weeks prep would have ensured an interview call this time…

  8. Hello Sir …..
    Can we expect [Geography] Location Factors : 6th and 7th Articles soon ……??? So we can end up preparation of that topic soon
    Thanks in advance :-)

    1. ofcourse. Geography location factors and Hindu sci-tech compilation for Sep.Oct.Nov will be published in the second half of November month.

  9. Some more concerns in the issue
    1. Even after the recommendations of the MoEF and the J.C.Kala committee for an objective screening test which evaluates the forest, outdoor aptitude of the candidate in the recruitment process of the Indian Forest Service (IFS), still the Civil service prelims (CSP),which do not test any such attribute, acts as the screening test for IFS.

    2. The current form of Common prelims with varied cutoff for IFS and Civil service drastically reduces the representation of the natural science back ground graduates, especially Forestry graduates, given the nature of the paper 2 in the CSP which give undue advantage to some students . This fails to offer a level playing field in the competition.

    3. The low representation of the candidates from Natural science graduation, especially Forestry is contradictory to the National Forest policy which makes it clear that academic qualification in Forestry should be kept in view for recruitment in IFS .

    4. The current form of Common prelims with varied cut off for forest service and civil service ,which literally pools the applicants for 2 different service of different nature in to a single exam, may fail to ensure the continuous service of the finally selected candidates in IFS since they may go for other lucrative services in future causing a loss to the Government exchequer.

    5. The short training provided at the India Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) for the selected candidates who do not have any back ground in natural sciences cannot impart in them a scientific requirements/aptitude for natural sciences which is very much essential for the Indian Forest Service.

    So its high time to take up the issue.I have given representations regarding this to the concerned authorities.

  10. shame on upsc.through its draconian policies it has spoiled the forest services,nearly all bonafide candidates ff ifs got rejected at the sudden preliminary exam{better called bank exam without a sectional cut off},sometimes i wonder who sits in dholpur house.

  11. If a candidate do not appear for one paper in UPSC exam …. will his marks will be counted and considered for preparation for rank list ?? or will he be simply disqualified ???

    1. His marks will be counted and he will be eligible for final selection. But in practice leaving 200 marks ensures that you are almost out of the race.

      1. Hi don,

        I seriously doubt your assertion. It is true that UPSC evaluates in detail the marks obtained in every paper irrespective of whether he has attended all papers, but I do not think that they will be considered for ranking. I believe that a candidate is deemed to have completed the exam only if he has appeared in all the papers.

        I agree that I may be wrong, but this seems intuitive (but UPSC is known to make unintuitive proceedings!), and I will be most grateful to anyone who can furnish documents or declarations emanating from UPSC to prove otherwise.

        1. You just refer UPSC notification of the exam . Only those paper that are qualifying in nature ( such as Language papers in IAS Main) are necessary in order to be considered for a ranking. If you can score enough marks to be in list despite attempting only 1000 or 1200 when others are writing for 1400 marks , you are welcome.

          P.S. even appearing in interview is not compulsory ( you only need to get your documents verified)and if you can score such marks in written only to be in list, you will be in list.

          1. Your this logic should apply to the prelims also……..which is the essence of cs as per notification from ur point of view. Just appear in paper one or better in p2 since it z gud scoring n u will be deemed to be among qualified 4 mains. Now extend the same logic to bath. Just wash ur mouth n u will be deemed bathed if u r looking like d one who completed the due process. Your logic is good in playground 4 tennis in which only two teams are running for the goal bt nt in dis exam no matter you r d top scorer but not completed d due process and all others r low scorer though completed d due process of exam as it used to be. Hope u will also think about d academics where u will have to appear in all the papers prescribed 4 d course just to be considered for being pass or fail….n morover examination itself has inherent meaning of cumpulsion to appear as per time and schedule issued by the examining body failing which u will express ur uninterest 4 being considered as candidate…..it will not run as per our whims and fancy just bcos we have scored higher than others

          2. I think I more or less I agree with xyz, especially regarding his allusion of “due process” of participating in the exam process, though I don’t fully appreciate the relevance and suitability of his bathing metaphor in this context.

          3. agree with xyz even if you are alone driver in a F1 race you have to complete all laps (do notice all laps), to win & same applies for all other games for that sake

  12. If a candidate do not appear for one paper in UPSC exam …. will his rest of marks will be counted and considered for preparation for rank list ?? or will he be simply disqualified ???

    1. as per notification, “The Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the papers of the IFoS mains examination.”
      so another RTI needs to be filed to find out do they fix minimum qualifying marks for GK/english, if yes-how many?

      1. as per one RTI,for prelims, minimum 10% marks are qualifying marks for each subject. (This was for 2012) I think as its in their discretion, they can change it to whatever they want.
        So its likely that those who skip one paper wont qualify.

  13. Any idea…if Pharmacy background students are eligible for Ifos? many rti’s was filed but what was the final reply? plz suggestttt

    1. @ SANDEEP,
      dear i am also a b. pharma graduate…i also file rti for eligibility, upsc never comes to clear reply ….but i m sure we fall in equivalant degree..as our degree having extension of chemistry….and we also read phy, inorg, org chemistry …in 1st,2nd year…

  14. Sir.if a candidate appears only for ifos exam then will his attempt for ias exam (only pre)be counted ? There are 4 attempts,those are for the paper or a particular ias exam?because un-prepared candidates may use ifos exam as a way of experiencing the paper without wasting his attempt of ias exam

    1. If you opted for BOTH and appeared in pre it will be counted. Those who opted only for IFoS will not be counted for the purpose of civil services.

  15. I wrote the exam in Chennai; there was decent attendance there. Thanks for sharing the RTI, it gives the complete picture.

    UPSC has screwed up really bad, haven’t they? So many genuine IFoS aspirants were shown the finger by forcing them to compete with IAS folk with a 3-month notice. And after all these, I wonder how many of the IAS aspirants who finally clear all the stages of IFoS will take up the job, especially if you are going to be posted in cadres with high risk and inaccessible areas. I mean, wouldn’t they rather try for IAS again?

      1. sir , without your support it is impossible to think about clearing any exam. sir you are my god after my parents. live long ever mrunal.

    1. Even those who have got any decent service not just IAS ( IPS,IRS,IAAS,IRTS etc) would prefer those over IFoS.
      This time attrition rate will be double. Out of 85 selected not more than 50 would join IFoS for training.

      1. that will be wonderful then people with lower ranking will get states of their preference if the toppers get out

  16. Hey, guys i have a query I am selected in MAHAGENCO(MSPGCL). As Sub engineer should i accept it Bcoz. it’s for diploma, and i did my B.E(diploma + degree) Or should i wait for another opportunity.

  17. There was saying in the past that for authentic news one should watch/ refer BBC & now the same is true for Mrunal, with each passing day your site/blog is becoming a must for any administration job aspirants. Not only knowledge & other very helpful stuff but what is happenning in UPSC system per se. Great Work, thanks a ton, Sir.

  18. When will be the IFoS result expected.. and what could be the cut off marks for Chemical Engg and Agri. Is subject wise cut off is applicable or total Cut off. Since Only 5 candidates appeared in chemical engineering subject..Reply from anyone.

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