[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!

This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI.

Some interesting facts:

  1. (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination.
  2. But out of those 1061 qualified candidates, only 714 candidates bothered to fill up the Mains application form (DAF) for IFoS.
  3. and out of those 714 candidates only 515 people wrote GK paper. And (According to the official notification for IFoS-2013) total vacancies are 85. So imagine the ‘low’ participation this year!
  4. Most unpopular subjects: Chemical engineering and statistics (5 candidates each)
  5. Most popular optional subjects: Geology and Forestry (~170 candidates each)

Here I’m copy pasting the text version of UPSC’s RTI reply.

From UPSC, speed post dispatched on 6th November 2013.

Subject:- Request for information under under RTI Act 2005- in respect of Indian Forest Service (Pre and Main) examination, 2013

Please refer to your online RTI request dt. 08-10-2013 and another application dated 27-10-2013 vide Regn. No, UPSC M/R/2013/61091 and 61311 (received in the Commission’s office on 11-10-2013 & 29-10-2013 respectively) under RTI Act, 2005 on the above mentioned subject. The point wise information is furnished as under

Point No. 01 and 02:

it is stated that E-Admit Card data for Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2013 is 714 for admitted candidates.

Point No. 03 & 04: The centre-wise candidates were appeared as under

No. of students in page appeared from a centre is cumulative. Means if a candidates has written all 6 papers then he is counted 6 times.

Center  code candidates appeared
4 34
6 44
8 1594
10 169
12 517
13 100
26 56

Attendance in Compulsory papers

code21. General English 511
code22. General knowledge 515

Attendance in Optional Subjects

(In ascending order of attendance in paper I)

No. of candidates appeared in
subject with subject code paper I paper II
6. Chemical Engineering 5 5
13. Statistics 5 5
3. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science 12 11
2. Agricultural Engineering 18 18
7. Civil Engineering 18 18
11. Mechanical Engineering 20 19
5. Chemistry 24 23
14. Zoology 33 32
4. Botany 51 51
12. Physics 69 65
10. Mathematics 74 71
1. Agriculture 78 77
9. Geology 168 167
8. Forestry 176 175

Point No.05: Details of the IFoS(Pre) examination, 2013 are as under

Total number of appeared candidates 63809
Total No. of qualified candidates 1061

Ref copy of original RTI:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0DPgaYAtDgmZDkycnJxWDR3NEk/edit?usp=sharing

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153 Comments on “[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF”

  1. As expected ! I do not see why there is furore. Because IFoS is anyway attempted by many just to ‘practise’. Now he felt he should not be correcting so many papers. Which would mean he should put preliminary exam. Had he put separate Pre,it would still have surprised serious candidates this year. The amount of so called “injustice” is only small,although it is there.

  2. Sir
    I m forget own jpsc password
    I submit own reg. no and DOB then gv a msg
    “Mail with Reg. No. & Password has been sent to your registered Email Id.”
    but I hv’nt any mail in own mailbox
    plz help me.

  3. Sir one of my relative who is an IAS of 2010 batch suggested me to read advanced biology of Michael Kent of oxford press.According to him this book contains great basic fundas..sir i searched a lot but iam not able to get it from anywhere ..plz help me out.
    Wed, 7:08 PM

      1. I already knew that it is available on flipkart but found very expensive…i m not getting it over googlebooks also..now i have to search it in nearby famous medical college library i hope that i get it from there..and my optional is geography but as i have already completed ncert so want to finish this advanced biology too.

  4. sir, as prelims is common for civil and forest exams, and no. of attempts is limited to 4, my querry is, what would happen if a person is attempting civil services exam for the last(4th)attempt, but have not attempted forest exam even once? in this case,will the attempts be considered separately for both the exams?

  5. It is funny that people start believing that just because the numbers are less they will get selected and start mocking UPSC. Even among candidates who ve prepared and appeared only 1/5 is going to make it!

  6. Written Result – Indian Forest Service Examination 2013

    wow wow wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guys mains in oct 2013 and result in nov 2013….by that logic cse mains result should be out by jan 2014..

    1. what wow just see the number of candidates who wrote mains…In CSE mains the no.of candidates were around 15000 while in IFOS mains it was around 500 only.

  7. Got selected for IFoS interview. Interview in December. Writing IAS Main. What should do? focus on interview or civil service main?

    1. Same concern here! Add to that the specter of having to walk for 25km in 4 hours in the physical test.

      1. PP,

        There is no info about the schedule. But the whole process lasts for 3 days. Interview in Day 1, Comprehensive medical tests in Day 2 and this physical test in Day 3. The physical test is absolutely simple- you just have to walk 25km in Delhi’s zoological park, within 4 hours. Ladies need to walk only 14 km.

        In case you fail to appear in the test or fails in the test itself and if you find yourselves in the final list of 85 candidates you will be given another opportunity to show your mettle. If you don’t pass then also, you are out of the game!

        1. r u sure that physical will be done just next to next day of interview?? it means that we won’t get any time for practice.

    1. in advt. they are saying Engineer is eligible…
      but no opyional like EE…
      wat to elaborate frm that???

      1. Hey what is this? apply your brain, if you’ve got some. Isn’t Electrical Engineering a form of Engineering? Or do you think that it is a variant of clinical psychology? EE is even an optional subject available that can be taken. Then how come that EE grads are not eligible to apply.

  8. please some 1 provide me the link for ifos mains exam questn papers including botany optionals… Please please…

    1. aisa kyon lagta hai aapko???????? main bhi hoon……..sangwan school sector 23. in fact we are 5 at same centre ..

  9. Mrunal,

    Can you please put up a strategy for FORESTRY Optional for IFoS?

    Your the last resort Man….please help me out….

      1. bhaai…jab tu confirm nahi hai to …..kya jarurat hai bolne ki…no…
        kuldeep …plz confirm from upsc….

  10. Sir I am agricultural engineer preparing for civil services but if i appear only for IFS then attempt will be deducted for civil services or not. This is my serious concern

    1. no ur attempt won’t be counted. as during filling up of form there are three option (A) only CSE (B) only IFoS (C) CSE and IFoS both . u will have to tick option B then your attempt for cse won’t be counted.

      1. yeah it does show different options, so if we choose B option, it does not count a chance towards civil right? as its only for forest services.
        i was confused over it for long time.

  11. what the mess is upsc board membars are creating, wht they think is we iifos aspirents r fool 2 tick only ifos n other non serious dudes getting chance 4 mains n wht does it proved ….finally…r dey trying 2 play game or name fame 4 director 2 get on enrolled in history 4 ruining many students life…

    r realy by chance selected students do understand how imp are our forests.

    prelims both option should b removed…

    1. Why do you ask for a exam in certain way? Instead can sit and study for the given exam. I think soon people will complain to set question paper the way they want.

  12. some people here are over reacting on issue of change in exam pattern even suggesting chargesheet against officials. yeah i agree there has been injustice done to people specifically preparing for ifos. but there are lot of other thing which need to be taken care of for reform in ifs recruitment. first and foremost what is need of 300 marks english paper out of total 1400?? don’t u think this is clearly against people living in rural area ( more than 20 % weightage). when uspc introduced 50 marks english paper this year in cse; that also out of 2000 marks( 2.5%) there was so much hungama upto parliament. but here no body is raising finger despite continuous injustice done to rural aspirants who are by no means less efficient that others.even i think they are more efficient as they live more close to nature and environment. second why is this exam not conducted in hindi and other regional paper which is considered one of the three All india service.this show utter disrespect of our constitutional languages and promotion of an alien language. this english paper should have beeen just of qualifying nature. one of the greatest irony of our exam system that english is required for doing service for remaining in india(as in forest service exam) while there is not any requirement of good english for serving all over the world as foreign service officer.

    1. i think thr z no need of 300 marks english….n thr sud be separat n special design syllabus for ifs exam…option sud be remove

    2. I think that Hindi should be treated at par with any other regional languages, notwithstanding the ideas our constitution makers had (I am sure this is a controversial stand and I expect many angry comments tearing me into pieces). I cannot understand why any language not understood by a significant fraction of the populace should be the national language. Perhaps we need to mature to a level beyond national language, religion etc, such that we no longer forge our national identities on any homogenized aspect of culture.

      Indian nationalism is a nationalism of idea – the idea of brotherhood, mutual respect and unity amidst diversity etc, and not one of religion, language or region.

      Regarding English, it need not be seen as an alien language though it has its roots in medieval Europe. We have sufficiently internalized and assimilated it and have even contributed few words to it and is ‘the’ ‘lingua franca’ of the modern globalized world and we ignore it at our own peril. Since ours is a nationalism characterized by openness and broad mindedness, it is needless to cover ourselves in a conceited cocoon of any parochial -isms.

      Regarding the different approach to IAS and IFS, the cliched debate of generalists vs specialists is very much relevant here. In selecting IAS folks much more inclusiveness is needed, but in case of IFS only narrowly defined technical competence, including English skills, is required (Rural-Urban, Rich-Poor, English-Hindi debates are irrelevant here). This is obvious if you see that the educational requirements of these services differ- only science graduates can apply for IFoS.

      Even more controversially, I am of the opinion that it is essential for a person to have a minimum working knowledge in English to function effectively in All-India Services.

      1. Respect the constitution which was not adopted by hindi speaking areas only or else just change it if you can convince the nation. Religion, language and region are not obstacles in nationalism.

        Our nationalism is not the one of ideas only. It originates from the life style of indians since the dawn of civilization and then it goes to the world via ‘ideas’ of analyser. ‘Ideas’ in india is not there in villeges but are somewhere in the brain of those who can analyse though they might not be following the same. What i mean to say is that there are two different groups one who follow the constituion even without knowing the essence of the same and there are others who do not follow but make illusion that they are following the same via ideas.

        The fight between hindi and others is nothing but the fight to control the means of production resources of India which was the not the context when it was first emerged for discussion. It was made to look like the same subsequenty by some selfish leaders.

        The need of hour is changing the language scenario of india but what we are not talking about the majority of those who are still out of the race because of language barrier.

        My fellow non hindi speakers were ready to learn English with enthusiasm but not hindi and the same is true for Hindi speakers. Even if you have not seen the fight between hindi and english still English would have gained the same importance in india as it has today.

        So i just want to say that when we discuss about indian language scenario we should not see the non hindi speakers as a leader leading the cause for promotion of english rather they should be seen as opposing the hindi as an overarching language of India. Since the non hindi speakers has shown themselves as a leader of english promotion the same has led the posibility of promotion of regional languages in hindi speaking areas further down. The whole country know the importance of english.

        The debate should be centered on whether there are adequate means to link the local languages with hindi or english when it comes to the selection for deserving candidate to control or manage the resources. Now let me show some examples- UPSC has not uploaded the new syllabus in hindi or any other regional language on website till date. Just go thru the Economic Survey Hindi Version issued by Min of finance which translates the PURCHASE POWER PARITY as BIJLI KHARIDNE KI KHSMATA( ie power to purchase electricity). These are the real issue the real one which has capability to simply destroy the very faith in the system.This is so because we are not sensitive enough to need of our citizens but are working at the highest echelons. Such a selection process will surely led us to the failed democracy.

        If you have adequaetly linked the gap between local/regional languages and english/hindi the main requires our real attention will be no where in place.

        Otherwise be ready to face another aggression when our marginalized-on-linguistic-basis fellow citizens will be asking for the reservation because they were not been given the equality. I see enough valid ground when i compare it with the present reservation policy. If socially educationally backword can desreve the reservation then why we should not think about the one who has the same required level of competence about subject or constituion but not enough in english or hindi deserving for reservation? You can train a person unable to crack IIT JEE for one year in IIT on the current reservation ground, why cant we do the same to integrate the one who is not potent enough in a language say english hindi or any other regional language but is deserving otherwise?

        The greater acceptance of roll of english is fuelled by the economic scenario and globalization. Governance is inherently linked with English and will be. The increasing influence of English has delayed the demand as mentioned in above para.

        The roll or importance of english is not the question. The moment we start taking up the real issue we dont need to think about hindi making a regional language or similar thoughts. It will be a matter of honour to know the multi languages if there are links, equal opportunities and acceptance for those trained locally but welcome in nation building.

  13. @all aspirants.,take all these positivly..we should do our part work, complt our syllabus, give 100%, then see wat happen..m frm a village of assam..we dont get all the informatn in time rather got very late..bt still we r doing our part..we can’t blame anyone, becoz we r becomng part of it,.by using positive part, we r trying to make through UPSC2014..

  14. Sir i have a serious problem..I want to be an IPS OFFICER but my height is 163 cms but according to various website minimum height required for being an IPS is 165cms. I belong to General caste and I am 23 years old and preparing for civil services since from 2 years.In 2014 i will give my 1st attempt.IAS is my second priority. Should i forget the dream of IPS?

    1. yes you are not eligible for ips as of now. Though you can write ifos.
      Alternatively you can go for hight lengthening surgery but its still in experimental stage and very expensive and not available in India.

      1. My Height is 174 but i want amitabh bachan’s height.
        SO pls give me details abt surgery. I have nothing but money.

  15. Hello mrunal sir…..
    Actually my 2 molars teeth are missing….
    Would there be any issues in the medical board of IFS..?

  16. interview detail on upsc website . mine on first day afternoon session. plz share your interview date.

    1. hi james , .
      bro ! i was aspiring for ifos but somhow couldn’t make it instead nw taking mains for CS ,just wanna know what was cut off for it according to you .so that i could crack it next time……

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