Here are the links for Hindi (Compulsory Regional language) Paper from Mains 2013.

2012 vs 2013 Paper

  • Like last time, 300 marks | 3 hours.
  • 2012: Write any one out of the given five essays.  This time two compulsory essays with 50 marks x 300 words each.= 600 words.
  • Like last time, Comprehension 60 marks but complexity level increased.
  • Like last time précis- 60 marks. But complexity level increased.
  • like last time Translate English to Hindi= 20 marks
  • like last time Translate Hindi to English= 20 marks
  • like last time Grammar, Vocabularly, Idioms, Phrases= 40 marks

Copy pasting the passage meant for English to Hindi translation (20 marks)

Raman completed school when he was just eleven years old and spent two years studying in his father’s college. When he was only thirteen years old, he went to Madras (which is now Chennai) to join the B.A. course at Presidency College. Besides being young for his class, Raman was also quite unimpressive in appearance and recalls,…..‘in the first English class that I attended, Professor E.H. Elliot addressing me, asked if I really belonged to the junior B.A. class, and I had to answer him in the affirmative’. He, however, stunned all the sceptics when he stood first in the B.A. examinations.

Seeing what a brilliant student he was, his teachers asked him to prepare for the Indian Civil Services (ICS) examination. It was a very prestigious examination and very rarely did non-Britishers get through it. Yet Raman had impressed his teachers so much that they urged him to take it up at such an early age. In spite of their student’s brilliance, the plan was not to work. Raman had to undergo a medical examination before he could qualify to take the ICS test and the Civil Surgeon of Madras declared him medically unfit to travel to England! This was the only examination that Raman failed, and he would later remark in his characteristic style about the man who disqualified him, ‘I shall ever be grateful to this man,’ but at that time, he simply put the attempt behind him and went on to study Physics.

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