[Download] Sociology Optional Subject Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Mains Exam 2013

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  1. Instructions
  2. Sociology Paper I Section A
  3. Sociology Paper 1 Section B
  4. Sociology Paper 2: Section A
  5. Sociology Paper II: Section B


  • There are EIGHT questions divided in Two Section, Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all.
  • Question no. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE from each section.
  • Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in medium other than the authorized one.
  • Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.
  • Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off.
  • 250 marks | 3 hours.

Sociology Paper I Section A

Q1. 150 words x 10 marks x 5 Qs

  1. Sociology emerged in Europe and flourished to begin with on social
  2. reformist orientation in the USA.” — Comment.
  3. Compare and contrast Sociology with Anthropology.
  4. Critically examine positivistic approach in sociological studies.
  5. Examine science and technolo as agents of social change.
  6. Analyse the contemporary trends in family with examples.

Q2. 20+20+10

  1. Analyse the limitions of quantitative methods in social research.
  2. Critically examine the functionalist tradition in Sociology
  3. Analyse the salient features of historical rationalism.

Q3. 20+20+10

  1. Compare Karl Marx with Emile Durldieim with reference to the framework of ‘division of labour’.
  2. Critically analyse the contributions of G.H. Mead to ‘symbolic interactionism’.
  3. Examine the salient features of Weberian bureaucracy.

Q4. 20+20+10

  1. How open and closed systems of stratification undergoing transformation in the emergence of new hierarchical social order in Societies?
  2. Is patriarchy a universal phenomenon? Critically examine how does patriarchy affect sexual division of labour in societies?
  3. Examine the role of pressure groups in parliamentary democracy.

Sociology Paper 1 Section B

Q5.150 words x 10 marks x 5 qs

  1. Distinguish between people being socially excluded and people excluding themselves socially in societies.
  2. Define social movement. Elucidate the role of reformist movements in social change.
  3. “Science has empirical means to logical ends and religion has non-empirical means to logical ends.” — Comment.
  4. Examine the social dimensions of displacement induced by development.
  5. Analyse the gender bias in the present society with examples.

Q6. 20+20+10

  1. How do Karl Marx and Weber differ in terms of their analysis of social stratification
  2. Examine the social impact of globalization on labour and society.
  3. Examine the relevance of Parsonian Social System in the present society.

Q7. 20+20+10

  1. Evaluate how do civil society and democracy mutually reinforce each other.
  2. Examine the emerging trends in marriage and family as a response to the changes in economic and social order.
  3. Critically examine the role of civil society in democracy.

Q8. 20+20+10

  1. Illustrate the conflicts and tensions experienced by societies undergoing social change.
  2. Critically examine the cultural theories of social change with suitable examples.
  3. Is religion antithetical to science Comment.

Sociology Paper 2: Section A

Q1. Write short notes with sociological perspective on the following in not more than 150 words each (10 x 5=50)

  1. Andre Beteille’s definition of class.
  2. M.N. Srinivas’s concept of westernization.
  3. Satya Sodhak movement of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule.
  4. Classes in agrarian society in India.
  5. Other Backward Classes.

Q2. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20+20+10

  1. What are the features that distinguish tribes from the rest of the population
  2. Write a note on ethnicity and integration in the context of tribes.
  3. How does the new Forest Act affect tribals?

Q3. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20+20+10

  1. What are the main features of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s views on annihilation of caste
  2. Critically evaluate Louis Dumont’s Homo Hierarchicus.
  3. What are the features of M.N. Srinivas’ concept of dominant caste How effective is it in understanding today’s reality

Q4. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each:20+15+15

  1. Distinguish between formal and informal sectors in India.
  2. Examine the influence of industrialization on caste.
  3. Discuss the salient features of Indian middle class.

Sociology Paper II: Section B

Q5. Write notes on the following. Your answer should have a sociological perspective, 100 words each, 10 marks each.

  1. Five Year Plans.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  3. Green Revolution.
  4. Child Labour.
  5. Sex Ratio.

Q6. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20+15+15

  1. Bring out the main features of farmers’ movements in Modern India.
  2. Discuss the sociological aspects of movements for separate States.
  3. Explain the inter-linkages between poverty, deprivation and inequality.

Q7. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each:15+20+15

  1. Write an analytical note on slums in cities.
  2. Discuss the problems of working women in India.
  3. What are the main causes of female mortality in India

Q8. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each:15+20+15

  1. Analyse the role of communalism in undermining democracy in India.
  2. What is the Dalit movement Examine the issues highlighted by it.
  3. Discuss the salient features of right to education.
Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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    1. No. they can not ban your entry in the park like this. you should first talk to the managing authority of the park with patience. Go along with your other friends & other as many people as you can unite. and in case they don’t listen then contact the police. I’ve had a similar experience myself. people from our colony united. & we broke the boundary wall of the park & the locks put on doors by them. seeing us all united they couldn’t do anything. turns out that any authority can at best get permission for maintenance so they knew very well that they can’t do anything against us.

      1. thanks Rahul….I asked them to show me the papers/rules where it is written that outsiders not allowed…..After that i am still going, but they have not come up with papers…So i think they were just trying making fool me..

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        1. Read your reply after almost a year! :D Good to know you stood up… must have been an adventure in itself.

  5. sir im from bihar.iwant to write cse in hindi medium which coaching class will be better

  6. Hi friends,I am in total dilemma about choosing optional subect.I have left with 3 optionals one is pub ad,second one is sociology and third one is philosophy.Basically i am Btech graduate.I will give an attempt in 2015.I don’t want to take coaching for optionals.So please guide me pros and cons for each optional.I hope I will be landed up with one optional after your valuable suggestions.Thanks in advance.

    1. Totally depends on your interest.. Just go with the intro to all of these.. only YOU could help yourself best about your interest/choice of subject.. :)

      Shifting from technical->the subject you mentioned.. is definitely a very challenging task.. I guess one can’t comment on all three… i would comment on socio… very interesting subject.. lets you have a new perspective to look @anythinthing and everything happening around us.. the invisible forces.. :D sociology could also help you to stretch points wrt socio stuff in essays n all.. Paper-2 sources are infinite .. Even i am not able to find any possible Single-book solution…

      lets await for some comments from some senior players.. :)

      1. My Personal experience: 2012 mains marks : Pub Admn.: Paper 1 : 63 ; Paper 2 : 125
        Sociology : Paper 1 : 121 and Paper 2 : 123.

        Coaching for Pub admn : no ; For socio : yes

        Mains Result: Selected for interview

        Final result : Not recommended.

        Analysis : pitiable marks in interview 151.

        Advice : Don’t loose nerves infront of the Interview panel. But for first interview emotions run higher than brain.

        For sociology and Pub admn : could not attempt full papers. For Pub Admn: toughness in 2012 and For 2012 : paucity of time in exam hall. In Sociology I could have score atleast 20-30 more. For Pub admn : it’s complicated to comment.

        Being a Engineer : both are new subjects for me. During Socio Paper 2 attempt I was wondering whether its a Socio paper or a General Studies Paper. Anyhow i tried to incorporate some sociological twist to paper 2 which is more linked with the day to day problems we see around us. Paper 1 was much more on predictable lines. As far as Pub admn analysis is concerned , UPSC was in full mood to torture Pub ad optional. I got advantage as those who have attended coaching were on level field with those who didn’t. but i was in touch with the guys who took coaching for pub ad and keep calibrating the strategy to the best of my abilities.

        Even though the score is hovering around 200 plus minus 20. I met a guy who scored really well in paper 1 his score was 110 in Pub ad paper 1. and reasonably well in paper 2.

        My advice is both are equally good for technical persons. Both has good material available in the mkt. and both are suited for GS new version.

        As far as philosophy is concerned : I can only provide mkt info. abt the subject as i do not have personal experience. Mkt Info. : Concise syllabus, predictable nature, high scoring and helpful in GS. Plz check philosophy info. by self analysis.

        1. hi,

          my optional is socio for 2014,which oaching did u join?

          1. I joined Vajiram for sociology-Mahapatra sir.

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          can u suggest me the good author for sociology,,,because i’m thinking this sub for optional

    2. I had the same situation as you are currently having.
      I too did a little survey, consulted seniors and after seeing the marking trends started with sociology.
      So I can tell you about sociology…
      Its syllabus is easy..finish NCERT books 11& 12 th . Then from mrunal download section download IGNOU books both BA $MA and do selective studying after checking with syllabus…people consult harlombas book but am yet to buy it…i too am a beginner but I found it interesting…only thing is you need to see society from thinkers point of view…one suggestion don’t waste too much time in choosing optional…one week should be enough..

      1. Thank you all of those.

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    Kindly upload Medical Science Paper if you get one

  8. hi… just looking for your views guys… What do you think would be the best strategy(Books,Notes,Slots of chapters or any help you could provide is most welcome) for Socio-2nd paper? I am just unable to start with it..:(

    also plz let me know where do you place this year’s paper-2 on level of difficulty? How was it? hope you guys did good.. :)


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  22. Hi! I had taken the exam with sociology as optional. What are the likely cutoff marks for each paper this year?

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  24. i want to know the name of books for economics as a optional paper. please help me i m very confuses.

  25. Paper 1 section A question 2 part 3 last word must be read “historical materialism” its misprinted historical rationalism.

    1. Hi! please confirm did any upsc official confirm this is a printing mistake???? Or aspirants had to assume that it is so and answer accorindly about historical materialism?

  26. Thank you very much. It takes lot of effort and passion to do such a tedious job.

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    i am new comer in this field plz always guide me . sir plz tell me how i get MARATHI notes for GS and OPTIONAL POLITICAL SCI. OR PUBLICE ADM.

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    kindly kind somegood sociology books for Mains Paper 1 and 2

    1. refer to ignou material they are best …prepare your note out of it…you have to prepare Topics not books. Prepare topic of each note with different and varied source..Note making may take some time but believe me it is best way of preparation….I will cut short your time of revision..the material will also have your personal and unique touch which will make you different from mob. you can refer to Upendra’s Notes , Harlambos ,Ignou notes .these are enough….. All the best.

    2. Sir, I ve taken sociology as optional subject, Plz suggest whether Sociology by Haralambos suffices along with other books or is it haralambos and holborn

  29. What does it mean by —- “Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order.” ?
    Does it mean that I have to answer the questions serially as 1,2,3,4,5 in stead of 2,3,1,4,5 or 3,2,4,5,1 ?

    1. Read the complete sentence: “Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off.”

      As you know it is answer cum question booklet. So you have to strike off any question you are not attempting. 1 Question means 2-3 question inside it. So if you are attempting 1st and leaving 2nd then strike off the 2nd question answer space. And so on… Otherwise starting from 1 they shall evaluate up to 5 only.. And maybe you attempted only 2 of them and 6, 7, 8 which you did attempt won’t be evaluated? That’s how i could interpret… :D Lets see if someone who appeared this year can clarify further.. :)

  30. I didn’t strike off partially blank pages in my IAS mains answer sheets .can it cause some problem?

    1. dont worry , UPSC will understand that question paper was lengthy and invigilators were strict …such silly things doesn’t matter a lot….all the best

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