Download link at bottom, first I’m copy pasting the analysis by the gentleman who emailed this Tamil paper:

It was tough, I must admit. The essay question is so tough to write for 300 words on how we live in the things we do rather than the time we spend. And in the comprehension, the questions asked where nowhere to be found in the passage. We had to understand what the author wanted to say and write it totally in our own words by linking it to the question.

Précis writing was the same story. So tough to reduce it to the amount of words. But I guess most of them(including me) found the paper tough since we always do not prepare the compulsory paper as a main subject. It is just a passing subject! Not that much writing practice like other subjects(Main problem since the script itself changes! ).

But I wouldn’t get too scared since I wouldn’t say the paper was untouchable. It was more challenging and not the usual convenient types. The logic of having the language paper is always debated and the paper like this makes the debate more heated. The English translation passage was same as compulsory Hindi paper (Raman’s failure in ICS exam). but the Hindi paper was more tough than the Tamil paper. My friends have written it and are afraid they are going to fail because of this.

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