[UN Bodies] ECOSOC, UNESCO, UN-IOC- structure, functions, mandate

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  1. D1: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace
  2. D2: UNSECO and International literacy day
  3. D3: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace

D1: UN ECOSOC structure Function

Q. Write a short note on the structure & function of UN-ECOSOC (100 words)
Since UN ECOSOC had released this Arab integration report (and it appeared in Hindu & Frontline) hence this “Chillar” body becomes super important!
anyways, let’s frame the answer:
Answer key points
Economic and Social council (ECOSOC) is one of the six principle organs of United Nations.

  1. ECOSOC membership is based on geographical representation. Out of 54 seats, specific quotas fixed for Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Europe etc.
  2. They’re elected from General Assembly for a term of three years.
  3. Four UNSC members – US, UK, Russia and France- are reelected continuously, because they provide majority of the funding to ECOSOC.
  4. Decisions by simple majority vote.
  5. Presidency changes annually.
  6. NGOs also given “Consultative status”.


  1. Direct and coordinate the economic, social, humanitarian, and cultural activities of the UN and its agencies; sends progress reports and resolutions to UNGA.
  2. Conduct studies pertaining to human rights, narcotics, population, demographic change, social development, status of women, role of sci-tech etc.

~130 words.
Answer Ref:

  1. NIOS Political Science Module: Chapter 32, Page 340-41
  2. Britannica Page

UNSECO & International literacy day

Q. Write a note on structure and functions of UNESCO and international literacy day 200 words.

  • UNESCO (UN educational scientific and cultural organization):
  • Specialized agency of UN, HQ- Paris
Structure of UNESCO
  • Member states meet every 2 years.
  • Vote on policies, programs, budget
  • Elect executive board, DG every 4 years.
Executive board 58 members. Overall  Management of UNESCO
DG &
  • Director General. Head of the organization
  • Secretariat and staff- drawn from civil servants of member states.

UNESCO Objectives:

  • International collaboration through education, science and culture interactions
  • Promote values of UN charter: rule of law, justice, human rights, fundamental freedom
  • Peace, eradicate poverty, sustainable development
UNESCO: 5 Function / Programs:
Education For all
Natural science promote curiosity and learning
Social and human science To solve the social challenges
Culture To foster Cultural diversity
Communication and information To promote Inclusive knowledge.

UNESCO: International Literacy day

  • UNDP report says ~880 million illiterate adults in the world. 2/3rd of them women.
  • On the 8th September, 1965, Education ministers met in Tehran, to discuss world literacy problem.
  • Hence that day celebrated as International literacy day.
  • 2014: theme “Literacy and sustainable Development”.

UNESCO celebrates this day to remind the world that

  1. Literacy is a human right and the foundation of all learning.
  2. To mobilize public support against illiteracy.

~219 words

D3: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace

  • UN and IOC has signed an agreement “Sports for development and Peace”
  • To use sports for promoting peace and economic development.
  • Features
  • Joint sporting initiatives with help of International Olympics Committee and its allies vs. UN, its member states, Specialized agencies and goodwill ambassadors (like Suresh Kalmadi and Sheila Dixit.)
  • Educate youth via sports: learn while you play
  • Sports to increase interaction of margined society with rest of the world .
  • In conflict areas like Syria and S.Sudan, Sports can help restore some normalcy.
  • Sports can motivate children to enroll in schools.
  • Sports can empower girls, give them leadership skills.
  • Even HIV, drug abuse and environment protection messages can be taught via sports.

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    Fut Ref:
    ECOSOC not that chillar and actually a fav of older generation
    1. Digital divide
    2. MDG
    3. 70% of U.N expense
    4. Started to re develop after wwII
    5. Now towards ECOSO upliftment of developing countries so they can repay loans
    6. Lima Declaration

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