Copy pasting UPSC’s official pressnote uploaded on their official website today (May-23-2014)

  1. There are no other changes in the format and syllabi of papers contained in the Civil Services Examination.
  2. except one- that  Government has decided to allow two additional attempts with consequential age relaxations to all categories of candidates w.e.f Civil Services Examination, 2014. (We already know these details, click me)
  3. Notification will come on 31st May 2014, Saturday.
  4. Candidates can apply online (as usual)

In other words,

  1. optionals subjects are not removed
  2. optional subject syllabus is not changed
  3. CSAT remains the same. Marking / weightage between GS and Aptitude remains the same.
  4. Non-literature candidates can also pick literature optional.
  5. Marks scored in prelim (CSAT) exam will not be counted in final job merit list. They’ll be only counted for selecting candidates to mains exam.
  6. There will be no “Constitutional law” or any fifth GS paper in the mains exam.
  7. Delhi’s coachingwalla are kindly requested to remove that FAKE Syllabus from their notice boards and stop misguiding the aspirants by claiming they’ve “insider” sources.
  8. Orkut members are requested not to give free publicity to Element #7.
  9. Non-Delhi candidates are kindly requested not to lose sleep over what Element #7 or #8 says. Only what UPSC says via RTI and press notes= that’s the final version.

One can come up with many conspiracy theories. Here is one for the sake of fun- In the movie Mission Impossible #1, the HQ releases a fake file to find  the mole within their spy organization, who’d try to sell it to the bad guys. Same way, I think UPSC Chairman DP Agrawal deliberately circulated different versions of fake syllabus within office, to find out which one reaches Delhi’s coaching-bazar, that way “mole” can be traced hahaha.