[Diplomacy] Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO): Dushanbe Summit 2014, Should India Join SCO?

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  1. What is SCO?
  2. SCO: Dushanbe Summit 2014
  3. Why India must join SCO?
  4. Why India shouldn’t join SCO?

What is SCO?

  • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
  • 2001: Founded in Shanghai.
Nations associated with SCO
Members Observers Dialogue Partners
  1. China,
  2. Kazakhstan,
  3. Kyrgyzstan,
  4. Russia,
  5. Tajikistan,
  6. Uzbekistan.
  1. Afghanistan
  2. India
  3. Iran
  4. Mongolia
  5. Pakistan
  1. Belarus
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Turkey


  • Mutual cooperation to fight again terrorism, separatism and extremism in Central Asia
  • Joint military exercise such as Peace mission 2014 in China
  • Even seen as Chinese counter against NATO.

SCO: Dushanbe Summit 2014

Held at Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe. Outcomes:

  1. We don’t want to create military political alliance like NATO.
  2. But regional security is our top priority.
  3. We’ll fight against terrorism, extremism, and drug trafficking.
  4. We’ll fight against “INTERNET TERRORISM”.
  5. Later we’ll sign an “Anti-extremism” treaty.
  6. After NATO-withdrawal, If Afghanistan becomes a ‘failed state” again, then SCO nations will have to face disaster.
  7. (America’s) missile defense shield programs are undermining global stability.
  8. 2015: we’ll jointly celebrate the 70th Anniversary of WW2. Russia will hold the SCO presidency
  9. formalized the legal, administrative and financial requirements for admitting new SCO members.
  10. Now it’ll be possible for India, Pakistan and Iran to join SCO.
  11. Education, research, cultural exchanges and other fancy things.

Why India must join SCO?

  1. Energy cooperation in the region TAPI strategic link in its extended neighborhood and South Asia.  (already discussed in earlier article)
  2. SCO provides an alternative regional platform to discuss the Afghan issue. Because India has no veto power in SCO.
  3. If Pakistan joins SCO, then we must join- to ensure we can rebutt any stupid motions/resolutions put forward by Pakis on the SCO table.
  4. Indian interest in International North-South Transport Corridor to connect Mumbai with Abbas port in Iran. This route is shorter than the existing Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea

Why India shouldn’t join SCO?

  1. Not much compatibility between India’s security interest vs Chinese security interest.
  2. China does not look upon Paki sponsored anti-India organizations such as Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba  the Jaish-e-Mohammad, the Harkt-ul-Jihad-al-Islami and the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen.
  3. So, if India tries to move any resolution / blockade against such groups, the motion will not garner support from China and its puppet nations SCO.
Internal security principle differs
India SCO members
Police should be the first weapon against internal security problems- like Naxals and secessionists. They use army as first weapon to handle internal security problems.

China itself a Cyber bully

  • Terrorists now using cyberspace to recruit new people, hack websites and even planning financial terrorism. SCO can help fighting against them.
  • But one of our main cyber security threats= (State-sponsored) Chinese hackers.
  • So, it’ll be futile exercise to cooperate with China dominated SCO.
Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

35 Comments on “[Diplomacy] Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO): Dushanbe Summit 2014, Should India Join SCO?”

  1. Tapi is hardly going to see the light of the day sooner(officialy 2018) and ipi pipeline too given the hostile pak and termoil in afghan. Isntc is good because it bypass pak and afghan. Rats – regional anti terrorism structure and drugs trafficking (afghan – afeem) should hv mentioned in the article. Anyways nice one and timly posted

    1. Can u send me the tapi earlier article incase uv followed it..thnx.

      1. Just google it and dont carried away by facts only. If we give too much imp to facts than hard to cover many items.

  2. One more info – isntc is about trade route for reduction in time and cost Connecting india to central asia and europe through iran.

  3. Tajikistan – imp for india, bordering china and afghan. Its first external military airbase @ ayni by india. Turkmenistan – india has oil deals russia – top partner time tested relation kazakhastan – gas deals- tapi china-string of pearls , maritime silk route, new silk road (bhai – bhai)

  4. timely article. Awesome

  5. “SCO provides an alternative regional platform to discuss the Afghan issue. Because India has no veto power in SCO”
    please explain the Veto power in SCO ? what veto has to do with discussions?

    1. There is no veto power in sco. It means if india is not a member in sco even then sco will discess about afghan and take decisions and we hv high stakes in afghan so imp to be in any group discussing afghan. Pak too will acompany us there.

  6. Guys Called UPSC and they said tentative result date is Around Mid October but still you may call them and check yourself , best of luck !!

  7. Hi Sir,

    I hv a doubt relating to our diplomatic relation with SL….

    Is it a fair stand on the Indian side to keep asking the fulfillment of 13th amendment to SL? I mean, now the civil war is over and damage is already done.The SL govt has fulfiled elction promises in north n east provinces and would move ahead with devolution works as warranted(subject to the ground situation).
    Clinging to this , aren’t we indirectly inciting the psychological fears among sinhalese and SLTamils?This further proves a stumbling block towards the process of harmonisation going in SL. We are also damaging the fishing rights of SL tamils.How can we afford such duality?
    We would definitely not like Bangladesh interfering in our matters asking us to take care of muslims accused of migration ?
    I can’t develop a pro-Indian stand in this context.

    1. The need and causes for interference are as follows:
      – bluntly, if ur neighbourhood is on fire, ur house will catch fire as well (indian tamils and sri lankan tamil refugees moving in india)
      – psychologically, imagine if your ethnic community was getting persecuted in another country, of course u will try to protect them
      – India has always been supportive of a home grown solution in Sri Lanka and want the Sri lankans for genuine reconciliation. We even supported sri lanka and helped them in their war against tamil tigers. But the frustrating part is that since the war is over, Sri lanka is backtracking on its earlier promises of any genuine reconciliation, Which is not too much too ask. When ur sharing a region and people whose future is intertwined u cannot really talk of absolute sovereignty.

      With the migration into india from bangladesh, i guess ur confusing the issue. The tamils in Sri lanka are sri lankan tamilians and Indian tamilins. Sri lankan tamilians for the major chunk, and in case after independence we accepted a lot of indian tamilians back into india, who were not given citizenship by sri lanka.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Non interference in domestic affairs is the most imp policy. Whereever we compromised it we sufferd.be it china(tibat), sl(tamil) nepal(alleged political interference and role of raw). Sl is playing china card.(one of the pearls in string). Engaging sl on devolution is imp. They r ready for it except land and police devolution. There psc is deliberating on it. India abstained from unhrc this time because it athourised international investigation.its a good move.

        1. Absolute non Interference in domestic affairs is for sure not possible. Every Nation for its own sake interferes in important affairs of other nations especially its neighbours. We did not interfere at first in then East Pakistan i.e., Bangladesh when there was humanity being abused and pogroms being carried out by the government establishment of the time , though highly unpopular, what was the result … we had mass exodus of Chakma refugees (6 Million) percolating through our borders and settling in different parts of North East which resulted in India being drawn into a War inadvertently.

          So , We must act in our own interest since neighbour’s land can be used for anti- India activities, case in point is Nepal being used as safe terror corridor and holiday hibernation home by Pakistani terrorist , and we could not have waited for Nepal Police to sort it out , since they may not have capabilities to deal with such kind of terrorist (Remember IC814 hijackers boarded the plane from TIA, Kathmandu) which is when India had to interfere and a joint intelligence operation was carried out the result of which you see as Bhatkal and other prized possessions( as they call it in IB) kind of terrorists being captured.

          My point is We must identify our interest and concerns relating to the domestic affairs of our neighbours on case to case basis. No standard formula can act as a panacea to different kind of issues but , there has to be a line between acting in our own interest and hegemony , which can backfire as in case of Srilanka. Btw , for those of you who are interested in revisiting IPKF in Srilanka , try reading this http://revisitingindia.com/2013/09/12/indian-peacekeeping-mission-in-sri-lanka-origins/

  8. i don’t know how can an India display such a map where POK is shown as a perfect Pakistani territory…….Mr. Mrunal i thought you being quite meticulous and systematic in your approach ,,,,seriously didn’t expect it from you..

  9. Can anyone tell me difference between members, observers and dialogue partners.

  10. Thanks abcd fr replying…
    Beet were ws this brotherhood wen India supported SL in war against ltte? Compassion and luv fr brethren is nvr conditional…
    M nt confusing ..I Jst usd analogy…
    We are definitely nt ready to share resources and fruits economic development wid the migrants who hav infiltrated our nation before 1971n disturbd d demographic structure..it hs manifested into a very unstable unsafe region in north east…..
    So v cn empathise the situation wid SL too…
    SL Tamils in the garb of strengthening their demand encouraged immigration.. also TNA s nt stopping trawling in SL waters bt the issue s raised against Indian fishermen.. TNA s using Indians to further their interest and in sch a scenario our diplomatic relation wid SL s compromised..
    SL already brought out LLRC and hs promised to fulfil..bt keeping pestering by thrd parties its highly frustrating fr dem..China s capitalising sch dilemmas…
    I admire wat India s doing to rehabilitate…bt this is nt swallowed wel by SL counterparts… Nyone wil nt like excesses …
    Non- interference in each others internal affair s losing meaning… We cn request SL bt nt cros limits keeping in view othr repurcussions…
    Kahte h na:
    Kisi chiz ki ATI achhi nhi hoti…

    Thanks :)

    1. i agree with u on most of the points and even the diplomats will. That is y India’s policy on Sri lanka has seen such a shift. Before 1990’s we were totally involved and it proved to be counterproductive. After 1990’s we totally stopped interfering. And only in the final war we gave soft support to the sri lankan government on the understanding that take out the extremist factions and reconcile with the moderate tamil factions. And that is all we demand now as well. Now if u feel its sri lanka’s internal matter and leave it to them, maybe ur right, but step back and think, dont u thnk it will be better for the sri lanka and region as a whole if they reconcile with the tamilians. And again India just wants them to hurry the reconciliation a bit, thats all. On the fisherman issue, again ur right, so any good editorial will back this up.
      C the dilemma in India’s policy is that somehow govt and sri lankan tamils reconcile while India does not step over the line (that is precisely the point ur making). So rather than any passionate logic, i guess u hav gotten to the right answer urself.

      1. @abcd
        Hmm….every nation wants a peaceful and serene domestic environmne to steer the country to the path f prosperity…
        SL is mature enuf..we can only request and TN has to b complacent to sm degree fr the sake of development of Tamilians in SL..
        It ws Nic knowing ur views…Gudnyt :)

  11. I have a question that is bothering me for long. Can anyone help me with this…….

    Last year whoever wrote the mains would have written the pre this year. And he will most likely qualify the pre this year. So if everyone who qualified the pre last year would have written the pre this year, then isn’t the chance of freshers like me very slim. And of course there are some very talented guys who would score 250+ in their 1st attempt this year. So what about avg people like myself.

    1. @abhijit.. to get through, first you have to change your attitude.. if you think you are average .. you will always remain average. and your preparation will be average. henceforth think you are no lesser than other.. or nobody is better than you.
      regarding clearing prelims.. i know people who are already in services. but was not able to clear prelims in 2013 ..
      finally you have jit (victory) in your name.

  12. You will have to make yourself outstanding from average by your hard work. That’s the only way.

  13. Where has the map gone??
    Few hrs ago map was visible but not now…

  14. Can u send me the tapi earlier article..

  15. Guys i wanna know that the if i m in psu and informed them before applying for pre 2014.if i need to take noc for filling daf or it will required only @ interview stage.

  16. Just wanted to know whether joining SCO would be compatible with India’s principled stance of non-alignment ??

  17. CIvil Services Pre results most likely on 10th October

  18. hii guys. i m new on dis forum. i m looking it as a good platform from which i can gain many important things. n i hope these things will b useful for me to do well in UPSC exams. Thanx.

  19. Regarding Indian Insistence over Srilanka for settlement of Tamil issue. Here multiple issues are interwoven and srilankan govt effort to solve them in piecemeal is not right approach. International communities insisting on the native government to tackle these problems comprehensively. 13 th constitutional amendment is still to be applied in terms. LLRC report clearly demand that government should adopt those mechanism which soothe the tamilian tension. The real devolution of Power to the local government is not on the screen and in near future such chances are bleak as the presence of Army on the grond has been increased. in such situation , a country like india or other cannot work in influence of local and regional politics. Now the situation is not like 1970s or 1980s type. now adays every country has its option and most of countries in the world dont hesitate to take side/help of countries who sympathies with their grievances. Take the case of Myanmar . China didnot opposed the military takeover of civilian government and prosecution of political leaders(aang sui kyi & others). During that time , the world communities sanctioned ban on Myanmar and China’s act of support was condemned But the time has played its card and such type of take over are not making big concern for world communities. Every nation is placing their national interest above international interest and in the age of shifting geopolitical equation, one nation act can be stamped right if the world powerful countries it helpful for their power game. So in this context , every time reciting the same tune painted with own national interests is not going to help india much on this front. We should be concerned with the Tamilian problem in Srilanka but not unidirectionally. All the parties in the area should be involved when Indian government talk with sri lankan Govt on this issue.
    As indian diaspora is affected lot & india has history good neighbour , it is not right approach to be aloft the concern of civil population in srilanka. but more balanced view will be the one which is adopted with world community.

  20. How does the prelim result come out generally? I mean is it sudden and announced the same day.. or do they give a few days’ notice or something?

  21. How does the prelim result come out generally? I mean is it sudden and announced the same day.. or do they give a few days’ notice or something?

    1. until last year they took nearly 2 months to give results. no notices bro

  22. Will someone tell the difference between dialogue partners and observer nation??

  23. Mrunal Sir, You are doing a fantastic job. I am following this awesome site for last 1 and half year. And have great admire and respect for you and your work…

  24. Mrunal Bhai can you explain this “SCO provides an alternative regional platform to discuss the Afghan issue. Because India has no veto power in SCO.”?

  25. India & Pakistan accorded full membership of SCO at Ufa summit 2015

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