[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October

In SSC by Mrunal

  1. Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013
  2. SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)
  3. MPPSC Prelim  2014
  4. UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014
  5. UPPSC Mains 2013

Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013

SSC had conducted CGL-2013 Tier2 Re-exam during 20 and 21th September. I’ve uploaded zip file containing official answer keys:


Alternatively you can visit official SSC page and download them.

Did you find error in Official Answerkey?

Then write letter/fax to following officer, along with question booklet code, question number with the authentic answer and explanation:

Shri Gopinath Nayak, US(Q.B)

Staff Selection Commission,

Block No.12, CGO Complex,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

FAX: 011-24364797

Deadline: 7th October

Remaining part of the article, is already know to you.  I’ll scan and upload the question papers of Tier2 soon.

SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)

Download link (including answers)

I’ve uploaded these papers
Morning Evening
  1. 152 SG 3
  2. 013 TM 2
  3. 687 RK 0
  4. 467 RN 3
  1. 623 MP 3
  2. 325 RJ 4
I don’t have following papers (atleast for now!)
Morning Evening
  1. 592 KH 4
  2. 682 L J 6
  3. 576 KM 3
  4. 129 MP 2
  1. 128 KJ 2
  2. 124 LG 5
  3. 016 MN 6
  4. 319 RH 7
  5. 426 SG 1
  6. 514 TN 2

For those who’re new to this game

  • Last year’s SSC CGL 2013 was cancelled due to Nakal-maafia in North India.
  • Then re-exam was held first in 7 centres of North India (April 2014)…..and later another re-exam for rest of India (July 2014).
  • Above link contains papers of both exams.

MPPSC Prelim  2014

It was held on 27th July 2014. Question papers for General studies paper 1, paper 2 and OFFICIAL answer keys, uploaded here

UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014

It was held on 3rd August 2014. Following link contains, question paper and official answerkeys General studies paper1, paper 2 (Set-D)

UPPSC Mains 2013

It was held between 1 July to 17 July. following link contains GS1, GS2, Essay, Hindi and optional subject Public Administration and geography.


  • if links don’t work try with different browser- preferably google chrome
  • Download may not work with mobile browsers. Try with desktop PC/laptop.
  • All files in PDF format.
  • Courtsey Mr.Chandra Deo for arranging all these papers.