1. VP speech: Europe and Emerging Asia
  2. VP speech: India-Iran

Vice President speech: ‘Europe and Emerging Asia’

Historical perspective:

  • The Eurasian landmass, historically considered as two continents
  • Since a long time, Europe was familiar with Asian lands, military prowess, empires, manufactures.
  • Then Portuguese dis covered Cape of Good Hope. Europeans began naked colonisation of Asia, using “trade companies”.
Century Was century of ___.
19th Europe
20th USA
21st Asia

Rising Asia, Emerging Asia

Historian Niall Ferguson has identified 6 qualities that contributed to the rise of the West,

  1. Competition
  2. Science
  3. property rights
  4. Medicine
  5. Consumer society
  6. work ethics (GS4)

But, these six qualities are no longer monopoly of the West.

  • China, India slowly imbibing them and rising as global powers.
  • ADB projection: By 2050, Asia would contribute 50% of the world GDP and investment; Asia’s per capita income will be similar to Europeans.

Challenges for Emerging Asia:

  • Religious and Cultural diversity and complexity- posing challenge to social cohesiveness.
  • Asia needs high growth rate to reduce poverty, combat climate change and ensure food security.
  • Most Asian Governments face challenge of corruption and inefficiency.
  • Rivalry among regional power, delays the ushering of the Asian century.
  • Nonetheless, both Europe and USA are worried about losing their economic domination against Emerging Asia.

Why Europe Falling?

  • PIGS-Sovereign debt crisis, has weakened the economic grip of EU.
  • High level of unemployment, ageing population.
  • Energy dependence on middle east and Russia.
  • Declining natural resources and Military clout.
  • Social conflicts because of migrants and minorities.
Why Asia-Europe need synergy?
Asia Europe
needs technology and specialized skills; Europe needs markets, workforce and investments.
Large and small democracies- face challenge of terrorism, cyber-crimes, drug trafficking, money laundering, natural disasters. Same

But, the relationship between the two continents will have to be one of a multilateral framework of “equals”.
Ref: http://pib.nic.in/release/release.asp?relid=109650

VP speech: India-Iran

Historical perspective:

  • Close relationship between Avestan or Old Persian and Vedic Sanskrit language.
  • Persian had remained court language in India for a long time.
  • During Mughal period, there were 7 times more Persian readers in India  than in Iran.
  • A Mughal miniature painting depicting Jahangir embracing Shah Abass I of Persia – symbolises peace and harmony between India and Iran.
  • 1823: Raja Ram Mohan Roy published 1st Persian newspaper in the world..
  • Indian languages like, Bengali, Marathi and Urdu have deep linkages with Persian language

Modern times:
Iran is geo-politically important to India because:

  1. Iran’s location on the Persian Gulf littoral
  2. Iran’s location on the western borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  3. Iran being a major source of hydrocarbons

With birth of Pakistan, the common border between India and Iran ceased to exist.

  • Although we’ve signed Treaty of Friendship but Indo-Iran relationship have faced mutual neglect for a long time.
  • This diplomatic-distance increased with the Cold War. India remained non-aligned while Iran joined various military pacts and alliances.
  • In 1971’s war, Iran maintained neutral.
  • India retained a carefully balanced position in the long Iran – Iraq War.
  • 90s: strains in relation after Iran’s comments on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Mid 90s: bilateral visits by leaders of both nations.
  • 2003: Iranian President was chief guest for India’s Republic Day.

Future ahead:

  1. Need to enhance cooperation in energy sector
  2. Jointly work for Peace and stability in Afghanistan
  3. Cooperation for the Chabahar port.
  4. North-South corridor- from Iran to central Asia to Europe
  5. Under sea gas-pipeline from southern Iran to West coast of India
  6. Sea- Navigation freedom in Persian gulf and strait of Hormuz.


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