[Essays] October Week3: Militant Atheism, Rational Consumption, Ecocide, Prosperity without Morality

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  1. India, Governance
  2. Science/IT/Technology
  3. Literature
  4. Development vs Environment
  5. History, Culture, Society, religion

Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks):

India, Governance

  1. India needs hard power — economic, military, scientific, political and diplomatic.
  2. Governance requires persistence, not adventurism. (Jaitley- context why not naming black money account holders.)
  3. The blurring lines between State powers and corporate power.
  4. State funding of elections- first step towards good governance.


  1. If Science was integrated in national and global decision Making process… (Ban Ki Moon- says if that happens, MDG can be achieved.)
  2. Cyberspace: new frontier of knowledge or new frontier of battlefield? (Modi’s advice to commanders, to get ready for cyber warfare)
  3. The need digital sovereignty. (China creating its own IT companies to combat facebook, Brazil forcing IT companies to store user data within Brazil, NSA spying on other countries through cyberspace)
  4. When the thirst for knowledge and learning stops.. (Modi)


  1. Does advancement in technology portend the death of literature? (Context: young generation too busy on social media. Although The new Booker prize winner disagrees with this statement.)
  2. Literature- one of our greatest spiritual, aesthetic and intellectual invention. (says the new Booker prize winner Richard Flanagan.)

Development vs Environment

  1. The consequences of prosperity without sense of morality. Context: 11th(!) Jinping says this has led to environmental harm. Can also be connected to ‘hidden euthanasia’ of elderly as Pope described, the commodification of women and their wombs for surrogating, commodification of education by coaching industry and so on.
  2. Rational consumption and green consciousness: The Yin and Yang of sustainable development. (11th Jinping again.)
  3. Genocide, ‘culturocide’ and ecocide- three challenges to human security. (Vice Prez.)
  4. The Silent Diwali. (Dr. Harsh Vardhan context- noise pollution but can be also looked from poverty, deprivation, and child labour angle.)

History, Culture, Society, religion

  1. Without development of knowledge and reason, a civilization cannot advance. (Vice President)
  2. If future remains a continuation of the past, our world risks both implosion and explosion. (Eric Hobsbawm)
  3. All human history was a history of Violence. (The message in new booker prize winner “Narrow road to deep north”).
  4. Militant atheism is not an answer to religious extremism.
  5. Without compassion, Peace cannot be sustained. (Satyarthi. Context- India-Pakistan, child labour, poverty crime and extremism.)
  6. Humans need to become cooperative rather than competitive.  (Vice Prez)
  7. Passivity in the face of bias: right or wrong? (Satya Nadella while regreting his remark that Women employees should not ask for pay rise)
  8. Exclusion and bias — conscious and unconscious — hold back a nation’s progress. (Satya Nadella)
  9. Elderly population is an asset of the nation. (Social justice minister).
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11 Comments on “[Essays] October Week3: Militant Atheism, Rational Consumption, Ecocide, Prosperity without Morality”

  1. happy diwali to you sir. with barely 50 days to go i would request you to please spare lil more time for us aspirants (not that u r not doing it). Please try and give an over view on important articles like Ukraine Crises, nepal issue,Middle east issue in wake of IS ( you have given a brief pl update the same article). Also pl put an article on MDG goals completion status of india and brief on SDG post 2015. Also please complete the current affairs of remaining months between may and sep.

    thanks a lot to u sir.

    happy diwali once again

  2. Exclusion and bias — conscious and unconscious — hold back a nation’s progress:

    1) What and how are Exclusion, Bias, Conscious, Unconscious relevant to Nation’s progress
    2) Role of Leaders in an organisation – Leaders need to act and shape the culture to root out biases and create an environment where everyone can effectively advocate for themselves
    3) How does a leader treat his subordinates?
    4) Motivation of leaders in an organisation and in a society – Involvement of Modi during Swacch Bharat Campaign
    5) Factors that lead to de-motivation of subordinates with respect to the communication bias, exclusion consciously or unconsciously.
    6) Commitment towards diversity and Inclusion principles by a leader- Inclusive growth and its impact on Nation’s progress
    7) Working towards nation’s progress through cooperation, coordination techniques -prioritizing organisation / Society goals and valuing employees / Citizens
    8) End – How to remove the exclusion or bias from organisation / Society.

  3. Governance requires persistence, not adventurism :

    1) Introduction and evolution of Governance, different forms of governance briefly, type of governance in India
    2) Critically highlighting how a democratic government works – Not a idealistic manner
    3) Highlight of the statement ” Governance requires persistence, not adventurism ” – elobarate
    4) Instances of how it worked and how it should work to achieve persistence – eg – Role of SIT, Discloure of information of black money account holders
    5) Transparency, accountability for in governance and its limitations (disadvantages),
    6) How it can be protected -relation between RTI and good governance
    7) End – How to reduce corruption, bring about economic growth and in achieving achieve MDG.

    1. 1st two points are superfluous…come straight to point…start by point no 3…otherwise good outine

      1. actually… don’t go by my advise…i am no expert

  4. Atheism is based on rationality, doing the same thing to oppose a wrong thing is itself irrational. Atheists must consider their conscience superior than anything else.
    Solution for militant atheism – Giving respect to atheists, not having a prejudice that atheists are immoral, not imposing any sort of religious practices or beliefs on them, giving a seperate identity (eg NSSO FORMS)
    not misusing section 295 A of ipc, asking people to follow article 51 A (h) to develop the scientific temper…., and inculcating the message that ‘ When we don’t understand something then we must not lie down in a cowardly manner and say that it must be supernatural, instead we must go to work until we do find it’
    For more on atheism read my blog http://acceptingrealities.blogspot.in

  5. Mrunal Sir,

    Can you please evaluate the outline of the essay..

  6. I think we can include our country still continue its democratic process because of our freedom fight itself a persistence one, not through adventurism, then our fightagainst extremism also. Don’t know am I right.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Please upload Dr. Roman Saini’s essay which he has written in UPSC 2013 mains exam so that it help us more to get good marks in exam.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Dear Sir,
    Please upload Dr. Roman Saini’s essay which he has written in UPSC 2013 mains exam so that it help us more to get good marks in exam.
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Exclusion and bias-conscious and unconscious-hold back a nation’s progress

    sir, can we write this essay in this way

    1. compare a nation progress with a body that can’t work properly if any organ and its parts don’t work properly.
    2. organ of a nation are social sector,political sector, economic sector etc. and describe their constituents.
    3. show the inter-dependency of these sector.
    4. now we can go deeply and explain the impacts of their parts with examples like in social religion, women, education and health secto ( eg. west Asian countries), in political (every type of govt. and problem with them which can denies the progress) etc.
    5. conclusion

    sir, this is my first attempt, so i’ll be waiting for your response which can give me confidence to write. So plz comment on it as soon as possible.

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