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New Update: SSC uploads marksheets of 2013-T2-Reexam

selected candidates- marks link: http://vacancycollection.nic.in/cgl_t2_2013/

Non-selected candidates / zero marks candidates: http://ssc.nic.in/results/home.html

remaining part of this article, is already known to you.

  1. Successful Roll Numbers
  2. Cutoffs List1: All Interview minus STAT.
  3. Cutoffs List2: Statistical
  4. Cutoff List 3: All Non-interview
  5. Cutoff List 4: Tax assistant
  6. Overlapping Candidates
  7. Further instructions

In September 2014, Staff selection commission had conducted Tier-2 re-examination of the CGL-2013 cycle. its result and separate cutoffs are declared.

Successful Roll Numbers

Successful Roll numbers in SSC CGL 2013 Tier2 Re-exam. Click on following links to open PDF files:

  1. List1: All Interview posts except Statistical jobs
  2. List2: Statistical Jobs
  3. List3: All Non-Interview posts
  4. List4: Only Tax Assistant Job
How many cleared Tier-2 exam?
All Interview posts: 8,613
Statistical Investigator/Compiler only: 826
Non-Interview posts only: 20,727
Tax Assistant only: 15

Cutoffs List1: All Interview minus STAT.

All Posts except Statistical jobs
Category T1+T2 Players
SC 359.25 1386
ST 345.75 628
OBC 395.75 2860
Ex.S 345 253
OH 345 115
HH 228 95
VH 315.25 43
UR 424.5 3233
Total 8613
  • If you cleared List-1 and opted for Assistant in CSS, then you’ll have to give computer proficiency test.
  • If you cleared for Interview in List-1 and List-2, then you’ll have to give interview only once.

Cutoffs List2: Statistical


Players qualified for Statistical jobs
Category T1+T2 Players
SC 364.5 132
ST 324 63
OBC 410.25 322
UR 443.25 309
total 826

Cutoff List 3: All Non-interview

Players in all Non-Interview posts
Category T1+T2 Players
SC 334 2926
ST 314 1413
OBC 368.5 7021
Ex.S 226 1680
OH 305.75 354
HH 201.5 154
VH 300.25 60
UR 401 7119
total 20727

Cutoff List 4: Tax assistant

Players qualified only for the Tax-assistant job
Category T1+T2 Players
SC 334 3
ST 314 6
OBC 368.5 3
Ex.S 226 1
OH 305.75 3
HH 201.5 0
VH 300.25 0
UR 401 3
total 15*

*total is 19, but official PDF displayed it as 15.

Overlapping Candidates

List 1 and 2 229
List 1 and 3 8613
List 1 and 4 None
List 2 and 3 554
List 2 and 4 None
List 3 and 4 None

Further instructions

  1. Your category is shown along with roll no. if any error, then contact regional office immediately.
  2. From Nov-December, the Document verification, Computer test, DEST will begin.
  3. Detailed time-table to be uploaded on regional SSC websites. If you don’t get call letter then contact regional office.
  4. Those candidates who are called for CPT, will not be called for DEST separately and Module-I of CPT will be taken for evaluating their performance against DEST.
  5. SSC checked the papers based on modified answerkeys i.e. after corrections submitted by candidates.
  6. SSC will soon upload the Marksheets of both passed and failed players.
  7. The result is available on the Commission’s website: http://sscresults.nic.in.
  8. If you cleared for Interview in List-I and List-II, then you’ll have to give interview only once.
  9. If you cleared in more than one list, then you’ll need to appear in the Skill Test (DEST) only once.
  10. If you cleared List-1 and opted for Assistant in CSS, then you’ll have to give computer proficiency test.
  11. If you cleared List-III and List-IV, you’ll have to give DEST/Document verification.
  12. The lists herein are provisional. If any discrepancy in your photographs, signatures, handwritings, preference, etc., on the application forms, admission certificates, etc. then you won’t be called for the Interview/Skill Test.
  13. As per court direction, the result of 21 candidates who filed O.A. NO. 3276/2014, 3278/2014, MA No. 2803/2014 and 3277/2014, M.A. No.2804/2014 is not declared.

For more on Staff selection exams visit Mrunal.org/SSC.

383 Comments on “[SSC-CGL] Tier2-2013 Marksheets uploaded”

  1. Hi guys
    These days, all respective exams become the hardest in the world ,and due to some unscrupulous employees genuine candidates are loosing

  2. Hi… M eligible fr cgl 2013 nip post. I want to knw what is better accountnt or auditr to get bettr chances of delhi? Also which is better? In auditr– cgda cag or cga?

  3. Sir, I opted statistical investigator as my 2nd prefrence in cgl’14 erroneously. I cleard tier 1. I don’t want to write Paper III. Is it compulsory paper?Pls help

  4. sir,I passed in tier 1….I applied for this ssc cgl without knowing the job profile…. in my application
    in my preference list I opted for tax assistant first and second assistant in central Secretariat.. in case if I get good marks in tier 1 and 2….can I get assistant in Central Secretariat.?if not shall i try it for one more attempt?kindly send reply to my mail Id sir….

  5. Hi i have cleared tier 1 cgl 2014. ie my name is on the list but then under category list it says 1 which means SC. But i belong to General. Wat should i do. should i start preparing. because i was plnning on goin to hyderabad from bangalore fo coaching. i dont want to waste all my time and then they telling me that im not qualified itself during document varification. wats the procedure for wrong category listing any idea

  6. I am crossing the cutoff of non interview post by 1 mark in St category. Any chance s of getting the post of TA?? and I have a fairly decent typing speed ??

  7. i have qualified cgl-14 with 397.5marks in ur category.
    given the skill test with zero error.
    what are my chances t.a anywhere in india.???

  8. Mrunal sir, please tell me,what happens if one qualify in tier1 and tier 2 but fails to qualify cpt in cgle

  9. sir, i m from southern region and will be writing exam on 9th august 2015 in delhi(northern region), do i get interview call and posting in southern region or from southern region

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