1. Nehru related
  2. Indian Society, Culture & women
  3. Globalization
  4. Education, Science, Religion
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Nehru related

  1. Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation?
  2. What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu)
  3. Nehru- the man who read history, wrote history and created history. (this column by Natvar Singh)
  4. Nehru- a global statesman, institution builder and humanist. (this column in hindu)
  5. Nehru- a teacher of precepts, a preacher of morals, an interpreter of religion and an ambassador of culture.
  6. The Founding fathers of the strong and democratic India.
  7. History has no other way of answering old questions than by putting new ones. (Karl Marx)

Indian Society, Culture & women

  1. Only a knowledge society can deliver the downtrodden from their dreadful despair.
  2. Bollywood movies: the collective fantasies of the Indians.
  3. Moral policing and the heckler’s veto in India (Context: Kiss of love protest)
  4. When freedom of expression goes against societal values…
  5. Indian society and its moral ills.
  6. The endless wait for justice in India.
  7. Politicization of crime.
  8. Good mothers are backbone of a great nation. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  9. Educate a woman, educate a generation. (Pranab)


  1. 21st Century: The Age of Discontinuity.
  2. Internet: an open space for innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication.
  3. The collision of Indian, American and Chinese world visions.
  4. World at the brink of a new Cold War. (Mikhail S. Gorbachev believes new Cold war inevitable due to ongoing tension between major powers)

Education, Science, Religion

  1. Schools: the laboratories which produce the future citizens of a State. (Maulana Azad)
  2. Science and religion: two partners using different languages to tell the same story.
  3. Role and value of science for a developing nation. (Noticed this in a column, but seems unlikely to be asked because topic on similar theme already been asked in Mains-2013).

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