[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. Nehru related
  2. Indian Society, Culture & women
  3. Globalization
  4. Education, Science, Religion
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Nehru related

  1. Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation?
  2. What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu)
  3. Nehru- the man who read history, wrote history and created history. (this column by Natvar Singh)
  4. Nehru- a global statesman, institution builder and humanist. (this column in hindu)
  5. Nehru- a teacher of precepts, a preacher of morals, an interpreter of religion and an ambassador of culture.
  6. The Founding fathers of the strong and democratic India.
  7. History has no other way of answering old questions than by putting new ones. (Karl Marx)

Indian Society, Culture & women

  1. Only a knowledge society can deliver the downtrodden from their dreadful despair.
  2. Bollywood movies: the collective fantasies of the Indians.
  3. Moral policing and the heckler’s veto in India (Context: Kiss of love protest)
  4. When freedom of expression goes against societal values…
  5. Indian society and its moral ills.
  6. The endless wait for justice in India.
  7. Politicization of crime.
  8. Good mothers are backbone of a great nation. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  9. Educate a woman, educate a generation. (Pranab)


  1. 21st Century: The Age of Discontinuity.
  2. Internet: an open space for innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication.
  3. The collision of Indian, American and Chinese world visions.
  4. World at the brink of a new Cold War. (Mikhail S. Gorbachev believes new Cold war inevitable due to ongoing tension between major powers)

Education, Science, Religion

  1. Schools: the laboratories which produce the future citizens of a State. (Maulana Azad)
  2. Science and religion: two partners using different languages to tell the same story.
  3. Role and value of science for a developing nation. (Noticed this in a column, but seems unlikely to be asked because topic on similar theme already been asked in Mains-2013).

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    1. seriously.. i cant believe they randomly picked stale news and decided to publish it on front page.. caused so much unnecessary headache and tension.

    2. though I agree ,, I do see a silver lining in this media adventurism by the Hindu, which eventually elicited a categorical denial by government rubbishing any possibility of tampering with the existing age or attempt criteria. This explicit govt. response has once and for all shut the doors on intermittent media speculation and sensationalism concerning this issue….
      So in a way we should all thank The Hindu for this latest episode.

  1. Newsonair! India News——–>>> No proposal to reduce upper age limit for civil services aspirants: Centre

  2. No proposal to reduce upper age limit for civil services aspirants: Centre

    Centre has clarified that it is not considering any proposal to reduce the age limit for civil service aspirants. The announcement came against the backdrop of news reports which suggested that the Modi government will implement the previous UPA regime’s decision to bring down the upper age limit by four years. An officials said, there is no proposal before the government to reduce the age limit for civil services.

    Instead of reducing the age limit, the government has already announced that civil service aspirants, who may have lost out due to changes in the exam pattern, will get two additional attempts.


  3. Hi Ppl!! Any idea about acknowledgement by upsc on the receipt of DAF? Did any body receive the mail ? if yes how many days after submission?

    1. I posted the DAF on 5 Nov 2014 and received the confirmation email on 17 Nov 2014 that UPSC has received the same.

  4. I want to know that in uppcs lower mains exam 2014, in essays what kind of essays will come?

  5. Referred to the individual who wrote the Essay; The usage of words like ‘envy’ , ‘Western investments’ etc reflects the inherent immaturity of the proposed discourse put forward by the writer. Incoherence and wasteful repetition plagues the essay; in addition, there are no visible solutions to the underlying issue. Henceforth, the writer is advised from using amateur terminology; it compromises the essence of whole discourse.

  6. Plus please avoid bad grammar; it’s ‘Riparian’ , there’s no such term as ‘Intrusion Policy’ in the Foreign Policy dictionary and the reference to China and India’s ‘expansion’ , please attach an adjective to ‘expansion’; it has to be ‘economic expansion’ or else it would lead to an assumption of ‘expansion’ as ‘geographical expansion’. Ambiguities tend to cloud the view please avoid it.

  7. this nice eassy point has wri tten by some follower the all point wil be help ful for all upsc aspirant .
    this year mains eassy may be ask on topic like ” Women status on sex discriminalisation”

  8. my mrunal follower frd , i’m in so confused to choose to test series because there is lot of classwala who provides test series but too costly and not affordable to me plz tale some suggesstion for to test series .i’m prepaaring for 2015 upsc

  9. measure of success?

    Why in this fast paced life has the ever changing mind of humans changed the very measure of success? Why have decency, humanity and love been so blatantly disregarded and acquiring wealth, fame and honour come to be understood as synonyms of success? Why today a person’s life despite of fulfilling every desire is devoid of peace? Which is the better life and in the real sense what is the relation of happiness and success with acquiring wealth, fame and honour? Is it necessary that every well educated person like a doctor, engineer or a master of any art is also a good human? Or every wealthy or famous person is also a worthy human? Or is even a single person from amongst them all truly at peace and content?

    Nay! None of the measures from these can assert to be the true measure of a human’s humanity or happiness. Then what is it that will endow a person’s life with humanity, give him peace and make him successful?

    Take a deep breath and contemplate these question for they are very vital.

  10. Mrunal Sir. It’s my earnest request to you to review/criticise at least one complete essay written by the member followers over here so that others who are appearing for the first time or are practising at home without coaching may get proper direction. Looking for a positive response. That is going to help a lot. Thank you :)

  11. Respectedly sir, it is earnest request to you that I wish to attended ICS exam.. But here in W.B. there is no such institute to guide , then what is the proper way to achieve beside study by myself. Plz help me..U are also informed that I have qualified two times for WBCS mains exam.. But Civil Service is very taugh.

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