[Download] Topper Notes for UPSC Mains GS: 1, 2 & 3- Ashish Agrawal (AIR 209 | CSE 2013 | IRS-IT)

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In Civil service exam (CSE) 2013, Mr. Ashish Agrawal had secured 209th Rank. At present, he is undergoing training for Indian Revenue Service (IRS-IT). Few days back, he had sent me his handwritten notes for the benefit of future aspirants. I’m done scanning and PDF-ing the GS files. Download links given at bottom of this article. In the next 2-3 days Public Administration notes will be scanned and uploaded as well.

Here is the List of Topics covered in These GS notes:

General Studies Paper-I

  1. GS1 World History Nazi French American revolutions
  2. GS1 India: Colonial Legacy Post Independence
  3. GS1 Geography: Resources Distribution Across World
  4. GS1 Geography: Industrial Location Factors

General Studies Paper-II

  1. GS2 Representation of People’s Act (RPA), Comparing Constitutions, and Governance in India
  2. GS2 Welfare Women Children Vulnerable Communities
  3. GS2 Intervention HRD Education
  4. GS2 International Bodies

General Studies Paper-III

  1. GS3 Planning and Economic Reforms in India
  2. GS3 Industrial Performance
  3. GS3 Agriculture PDS Food Security
  4. GS3 Food Processing, ICT in Agriculture
  5. GS3 Land Reforms Cooperative Movement
  6. GS3 PPP Investment: Features Challenges
  7. GS3 Infrastructure and Transport
  8. GS3 Money Laundering: Management of Coastal area, Border areas and Cyber security
UPSC Topper Handwritten Notes for Mains General Studies

Sample Page from Ashish Agrawal’s Notes for Mains General Studies

Technical Details

  • Format: Zip files with PDFs inside
  • Size: Three Zip files x ~(10-15MB each) = Total 40MB
  • Pages: Over 300 Pages
  • Type: Handwritten Notes
  • Language: English

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  9. hi. could someone here share there views for sociology as an optional ? and also suggest some best books. i would be very thankfull.

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  14. 7.Investments in infrastructure projects is a force multiplier?? WHAT TO WRITE IN IT??

    1. You can give the cascading effect of the investment in Infrastructure sector, as it will lead to growth of sectors like Steel,Cement,Commercial vehicles, jobs etc.
      For the other part of it, it may lead to dearth of money for the growth of other sector, required for Make in India initiative, MSME, Social sector, Subsidy ect.

    2. you can write.. with the investments in infra projects different attributes ll come into force, these attributes are growth different industries such as cement,oil & petrol, Steel & power , increase in ore mining for the fullfilment of above. it will also enable to rise in manpower and which enable to rise in employment , rise in requirement of skilled labor and it will generate different options for people to work for.
      force multiplier also leads if to biasing of investment, means investment in infra only may cause to get away from other options such as education reforms, agriculture reforms and which may result in rise in negative aspects in society and may lead to fall in standard of living and rise in inflation. .

      please correct me if i am wrong.

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