1. Democracy, Development
  2. Globalization
  3. Society, Culture
  4. GS4- Ethics

Democracy, Development

  1. The simultaneous need of competitive federalism and cooperative federalism. (Modi says both necessary.)
  2. Humour and freedom of expression: two important markers of a healthy democracy. (Context: protests against PK movie and attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo).
  3. Rural India is real India.
  4. The need for an alternative growth model for Indian economy.
  5. Fruits of investment in good school education are extraordinarily high. (Amartya Sen)
  6. Scourge of Left Wing Extremism can be tackled only through the twin-pronged strategy of development and deterrence. (Pranab)
  7. The core civilisational values: Patriotism, Compassion, honesty, tolerance, and duty. (Pranab)
  8. Socialism: the only alternative to stop the ill-effects of Capitalism. (Sitaram Yechuri)
  9. Ballot is more powerful than bullet. (PM)


  1. Gandhi, a person ‘intensely national and yet completely international.
  2. India-Russia: Times have changed, friendship has not.
  3. Terrorism: the common challenge for humanity: Ban Ki-moon
  4. Unity of man is the primary aim of religions. (Swami Vivekanand)
  5. There is a God above all gods, there is a religion above all religions, and on the basis of that religion the whole world – East and West – should be united. (Swami Vivekanand)
  6. Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional. (Max Lucade)
  7. There’s no war that will end all wars.

Society, Culture

  1. How can we make India’s future brighter than our glorious past?
  2. Suicide: a social shame in a civilised society. (Context: Government’s decision to de-criminalize attempted suicide).
  3. Is diversity of our country, one of our weakness?
  4. Shackles of slavery can never be stronger than the quest of freedom (Kailash Satyarthi).
  5. Only our will, vision and wisdom can stop violence. (Dalai Lama)
  6. Only the youth can make 21st century as the ‘century of peace’
  7. Can there be Modernism without rejection of traditional values?
  8. Life without humour is like a garden without flowers.
  9. Marriage-an institution of great social relevance. (Karnataka High Court)
  10. Loss of personal identity in an age of social media.

GS4- Ethics

Comment / elaborate following

  1. The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in a moral crisis. (Leo Tolstoy)
  2. Success is the culmination of proper planning, execution, hard work, perseverance and commitment. Substantiate preferably with a personal triumph.
  3. Only constant learning and relearning can improve efficiency and productivity.
  4. Only a learned man can overcome the dehumanizing effect of power.

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