1. Prologue
  2. MPPSC Topics covered
  3. Download link for MPPSC Revision Notes


  • Madhya Pradesh PSC has uploaded hall tickets for the preliminary exam: click Me to download hallticket.
  • Anyways, that’s not the main purpose of publishing this article.
  • Yesterday I received notes form Mr. Chandra Deo (who has cleared MP prelim exam multiple times.)
  • It contains two files, Download link at Bottom of this page:
    1. PDF: Hand written notes (44 pages | 6MB)
    2. ZIP file: containing MS Word files containing data from Madhya Pradesh’s Government websites (~48 pages | 300KB).

MP Topics covered

Combined, those ~100 pages of notes contain following aspects of Madhya Pradesh

  1. Geography: physical, rivers, human and economic geography, census -related statistics
  2. protection of Civil Rights act 1955
  3. Human development: healthcare, education, women, children, backward classes, SC ST: statistics, list of government schemes and five-year plan targets.
  4. The governance, police and prison reforms, state legal service authority
  5. Agriculture in sericulture potential of Madhya Pradesh. Government schemes for their promotion
  6. mining, industrial development and handicraft- famous areas and government schemes
  7. The road, highway, power and irrigation infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh.
  8. Rural development and Panchayati Raj related statistics and schemes.
  9. Environment and forest wealth of Madhya Pradesh: famous areas, schemes for their protection
  10. Tourism and culture potential, famous places, schemes for promotion.
  11. Famous personalities, literature

Download link for MPPSC Revision Notes

Sample Page from MPPSC Notes

Sample Page from the Revision Note

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