1. Introduction
  2. Chandradeo
  3. Shashank
  4. Pitch Black
  5. Sahil Kapoor
  6. Danish
  7. Ranga ECE
  8. Prakash
  9. Ranjeet
  10. Srivastava Microbiology
  11. Vibhor
  12. Vineeth Computer
  13. Gautham Chennai
  14. Vikas Hyderabad
  15. Susanth Hyderabad
  16. Tamilnadu Vikas
  17. Lucknow Mishra
  18. Pathak MBA
  19. Srivastav
  20. Lohit
  21. Bhargavi Advocate
  22. Ashok Petro Engineer
  23. Swati
  24. Rohit
  25. Arvind
  26. Sunil
  27. Harish Mechnical Engineer
  28. Nisha
  29. ECE Sandhya
  30. Nikhil
  31. ECE Gyanendra
  32. More interviews


  • This article contains selected interviews from ACIO-2013 round. All of this information may not be relevant, I’m just compiling the comments posted in ACIO-2013 Interview cycle.
  • Given the paucity of time and shortage of team-members I’m unable to organize these interviews in proper fashion. So, please bear with me
  • and I thank following people for sharing their interview experience.
  • Intelligence bureau under Ministry of Home affairs, had conducted written examination for the Post of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) in February 2015.
  • Result for Written exam has been declared, click me
  • 24th July: Call letters will be available on Home ministry website
  • 17th Aug: interviews will start
  • ACIO job profile, salary, promotion, medical details available here click me
  • As per general instructions rule number 13 and 14, Candidates already in Government service or working with PSUs/Autonomous Bodies need to bring NOC from their employer at the time of interview.


My interview today 17 Jan 2014 Bapu dham (near race course).
They dont allowed any one to enter into the campus before time
where 4 boards (3 membersin each) are conducting interviews)
All board members are IPS officers (age 50)
At 8.40 Am a person came outside and allot us various boards in serial no + wished a good luck to all of us.
Then we went to all were documents verification started at 9 Am
Required- SSQ + AFQ form –> properly filled + 3 copies
No field should be left as blank –> write NA (not applicable), Today there are 48*4= 192 candidates.
Approx 40 candidates were absent from total 192.
Today all candidates were from OBC community + No girls
They distributed a OBC declartion + paper sheet (to write same essay that u have written in exam)–> just to verify that u r the same person or not .
Unfortunately one person of my board did not able to able to convence them that he is the same person–> handwritng not matched (they have xerox copy of our answer sheets.)
They r actually very cooperative.
They called every candidates by serial no and checked their documents .
(no compromise on caste certificate+ NOC + Gradution final year marksheet )–> if problem arise–> they took undertaking + candidate should submit doc within 7 days.
Now My no came at 10.30 Am –> No problem in document checking
I was sent to third floor of next building at 12.30 PM .
Heart beat increases—> i ate 2 apples –> felt more energetic like SINGHAM.
My interview starts at 1 Pm .
With warm welcome they allowed me to come.
M- They say Hi –> NE person — was writing something –> not replied.
M1–> Take ur seat please
M1- Your name ********* , am i pronouncing it right ?
M1-> what r u doing , gap ?
M1– Why u resigned from ur job?
M1– other than Hindi / english what languages u know (asked in Hindi)
M2- your name meaning?
M2- have u changed ur name bc u have not given u this name ?? (they all smiled )
M1- About ur extra curricular activities??
M2- U have done ur engineering in electrical tell me about how transformer works.
M2– Ok Ok Now tell me how electrons generated
M2- Tell me the mechanism-
M2 What r the different rights given by our constitution
M2 Okk tell me about Right to education in DPSP + FR
M1– asked with M3 and M2 –> any more Q
M2 + M3–> No
M1- Yes u can go now
total time — pata nahi chala doston
Other Q they were asking- (input from others)
NE satates capitals (dont confused with Manipur, mizoram and meghalaya)
Name 7 sisters
Chief ministers of NE
from UP people- Muzzafarnagar riot ?
Who will be PM (i dont know why they r asking such political Q)
Now No Q — Why this job ? or strengh or weakness etc.
Any Queries post it , i will try to reply .
All the BEST to all !!!


i had my interview on 15 jan at bapu dham new delhi, it was exhausting and frustating to wait for ur turn , most candidates started sharing their experiences of civil services mains 2013 , after much await i was called for the interview and made to sit in bitter cold outside the interview room in open .i was shivering when my name was called out , entered the room shivering , wished the panel afternoon but was really confused whether it was past 12. as i was called at 11.59 am , anyways the interview started
m1 keep scrolling my papers after much hassle he asked.. u did ur graduation in 2011 from manipal in in … i joined him and said yes sir from manipal in karnataka
m1… that means u would be employed somewhere ?
me… no sir , after my graduation i started to prepare for civil services
m1… so wats ur status vis a via exams
me… sir , i wrote my third mains exams in december and i could not clear mains in my previous two attempts
m1… but u must be hopeful this time?
me… yes sir , { but to suggest my seriousness in job } i added .. sir with changing pattern almost year its becoming more unpredictable every year
m1… wat changes ?
me… i told him the new pattern
m1… while looking in my papers he complimented.. u have a nice handwriting shashank, i thanked him
m2 to m1… show me his papers
back to m1… so shashank wat are the internal security threats india is facing ?
me… sir , militancy in jandk , left wing extreamism,naxalism,insurgency , religious fundamentalism,and cyber security which is going to big problem in future and apart from these anything which is against the national interest is a problem to india
m1.., ok tell me wat role does ib plays in public service because if i will ask u why u want to join ib , u will say public service so just tell how ib serves?
me.. {confused i bit , did have much points} sir ib job is to collect data and extract information useful for national interest
m1… u mentioned naxalism as a problem .. wat is it?
me…explained him in short, reasons behind etc
m1…but why naxalism is concentrated in few pockets ?
me… sir , its due to lack of proper police control and other govt. agencies, gave him the example of andhra grey hound force and their success in controlling naxalism
m1…shashank u must be aware of the demand for smaller states , wats the recent demand
me … yes sir , telangana
m1… wats ur opinion on it ?
me… sir if we look at uttarakhand , jharkhand and chattisgarh, all these states are doing fine in some respect and falling on others , so creating smaller states is good uptill they are economically viable and administratively controlable and not just going with popular demand. gave example of how uttarakhand response in disaster and how jharkhand and chattisgarh are politically unstable
m1… chattisgarh is politically stable ?
me… sorry sir , yes it is but it has not grown well the it should have.
m1. wat are other similar demands
me .. they are demanding a separate state in sikkim
m1… sikkim?
me… oh sorry sir , in assam , in nagaland ,in vidharbha region . in uttar pradesh {interepted in between}
m3.. suppose u know just the name of person and rough idea about his locality how would u gather information about him ?
me … sir , myself as an official or normal individual?
m3… u have all athourity .
me … sir first of all , i will check the police station if he has some records , than electrol office , other government agencies later i will use local policing {fumbled a bit}
m1 ,, thanku shashank , u may go

Pitch Black

For those who are going to face interview at Bapu Dham, Delhi. (even more relates to board no.3)
– There are total four boards. Allocation per board is around 60 members.
– Duration per interview is around 5 min.
– Verification takes around 10 min.
– It will take 3-4 hours to come out. ( 2- 3 hrs you need to sit idly waiting for your turn)
– Photostat of identity proof is mandatory
– 1 set of each mentioned documents is sufficient. (not 3)
– Do not worry if any requisite document is not present at the moment, they will give grace time. (around 7- 10 days)
– For those who are taking metro, get down at race course and take auto. (bus no. 720. But you need walk for 10 min from metro to G-block)
– Present at 9 am sharp.
– 3 interview members per board.
Tips for board no. 3 candidates
– Three members are a psychologist, a to-be retire IPS officer, a senior IB official . ( Not completely true. Guess involved.)
– IPS seats in the middle. To his right, NE member (psychologist by his pretensions) and to his right, senior IB official ( a bit less dynamic than the one in the middle.)
– Your academic, extra-curricular and job related certificates will be forwarded to them.
– The left is the scrutiniser of your certificates.
– The centre generally wants to confuse you a bit.
– The right never opens his mouth. ( Standard half-smile expression throughtout.)
– All your bio-related and academic related questions are initiated by the left and the centre will takes the clue and questions you further.
-If the left is busy with your certificates, the centre keeps on asking you simple questions.
– They do not discuss anything with the NE.
– No current affairs, no technical questions, no high-fi questions.
-It seems the weightage for interview is quite low. And so, they want to make the process as simple as possible.
– General questions are
: What you did after graduation?
: Why IB?
: Why not other govt job based on your technical background?
:: Internal security(IS) related questions
: What is naxalism, terrorism?
: IS problems from your state
: Role of IB
: Human rights vs IS
: A simple sitution-based question
: Family background related questions
What you must do?
-Prepare current and technical issues as min as possible.
-Focus completely on the after-graduation period. ( Job, civil services, higher edu… everything). -Atleast prepare 20 excellent q&a from this area.
-Reply with a smiling face.
– Try to capture their attention atleast once with an witty answer.
– Need not feel nervous at all. Even if you did not prepare anything, do not tense. ( You will get NE member’s quota of marks by the way of your dignified body language.

Sahil Kapoor

I am sahil kapoor and i have done b.sc(h) statistics.i am from delhi.
My interview was conducted on 13th jan at bapu dham.
I reached the venue at 9 am and they made us sit in a hall according to our boards.there were four boards and mine was 4th board. One by one they called our names for document verification where 3 copies each of ssq and attestation form were to be submitted(one original and other two can be photocopy).also documents relating to your educational qualification had to be submitted(photocopy-1 copy).
My turn for document verification came at around 12.10 and after document verification they took us near to the interview room i had to wait for around 20 minutes and my turn for interview came at 12.40.there were 3 members,one female and two males(all aged 55-60).i entered the room and wished them
m 1:-you have done statistics honours from kirori mal college?
Me:-yes sir
m 1:-so you are good at numbers?
m 1:-what do you think about rise of aam aadmi party?(as i am from delhi)
me:-answered them
M 2:-asked something from statistics which i was not able to understand
me:-sorry i have not heard this
M 2:-how will your degree be useful in this job?
Me:-(try to link your graduation degree with this job as they asked this from many candidates).answered it.
M 3:-as a statistician what is your perception of aam aadmi party announcing 700 litres of free water?
Me:-i had to rephrase my answer 2 3 times as he was not satisfied with it.
M 3:-what are your interests/hobbies?
Me:-just explained them and there was no cross questioning on this.
Aur phir interview khatam ho gaya aur meri tension bhi.i was out at 12.49.
Keep your confidence level high and do not show your nervousness answer them keeping eye contact with them(with all the members).
Some other questions asked from other candidates:-
1.muzaffarnagar riots
3.technical terms from engineers
4.about ib
6.what all is necessary for growth of country


My interview was on 13th Jan, Hyderabad.
They were taking a lot of time for verification process.
We reached by 9 am in the morning but my interview came at 2 pm. I was the 15th candidate.
The board was very helpful. Some of the questions:
1. Meaning of your First name and Surname.
2. What is Intelligence?
3. Difference between Communism And Communalism.
4. Why riots happen? What was the reason for Muzaffarnagar riots.
5. What does Jihad mean?
6. How will you extract information about naxalites in an area?
7. Is religion important or not if it is because of religion that riots occur?
I answered all the questions satisfactorily. Rest leave it to God.

Ranga ECE

just finished my interview at chennai .document verification took some time .I was the 3rd person to be interviewed . After wishing the board gud morning I took my seat, first question was about my degree,1. what is its course time (4yrs) and why I took more 7 yrs to finish it? 2. diff between eee and ece ? I foolishly told electrical uses copper and electronics uses boards? 3. what are boards ?fumbled and told boards are small chips.4 what are chips ? I don’t know sir.ok your from ramanad district,tn tell us about a famous personality from there ? sir kamal hassan, vikram ,senthil, vadivelu all well known tamil actors from this district. ok very good but haven’t you heard about Abdul kalam ? totally flummoxed it was like having an egg on my face ,I say yes now I remember. interview over


Hi Friends,I have iattended interview today in chennai…i takes 7 mins to complete…after entering i jst wished them and take a sheet…they start with my degree…
1.what are the recent advancements in biotechnology field?
2.what do you know about by kiran mazumdar shaw and lal jeet singh and their contribution to india?similarly CCMb
3.what is Ligase(an enzyme)
4.what are the abilities i have which requiring by this job
5.why not went for a job in my field?
6.what doing currently?
7.tell me about marine biotechnology?
8.Do you know anything about petroleum eating bacteria?
first they ask whether i have touch with my degree…i say yes..then they started..questions are asking from my consolidated mark sheets…marine bio was my subject in 6 th sem..other candidates also facing similar type of ques..inclu native place ,famous for,freedom f8ers in ur district…tats it..its went swiftly…all the best friends…


Date: January, 14 2014
Day: Tuesday
Venue: SIB, Mumbai
Timeline of Events
1. Reporting at venue.
2. Briefing by clerical staff
3. Filling up single page form which had two parts
a. Synopsis of Essay written in the exam (the clerical staff were having a photocopy and were showing the first page in case one approached them for having forgotten the essay)
b. Hand written undertaking about not been an imposter.
4. Document verification/Checking of AF & SSQ and signing undertakings if any documents were not available
5. Lining up for interview
(Panel of three guys, two asked questions, one probably a civilian psychologist didn’t ask any questions)
a. Interviews were lasting for 5-8 minutes
b. Mine was also of the same duration
c. Two questions asked. One on why I want to leave my present job and join IB. Other was on the Political scenario in Pune (Hometown).
6. These questions came as an off shoot of my profile, presently working with a PR Agency in Mumbai. Education (Masters) in Political Science.
7. Was expecting question on Cyber security/Public Policy Analysis as I have certificate/diplomas in these fields.
8. Not much to add. Don’t know what conclusions to draw from this.

Srivastava Microbiology

hello all…i had my interviewd on yesterday at bapu dham..my board no is 2
there are three member in board my interview went on for 10 min…
i have done pg in microbiolgy for ccs university meerut they asked me first quetion is..
(1)you have done your pg from Meerut tell me speciality of meerut
(2)who was the hero of first war of independence in meerut
(3)what is the use of microbiology in industrial field
(4)how microbiology help in industrial production,what types of product
(5 )tell me some famous industry associated with microbiolgy…
(6)why you want to join ib
(7)what qualities do u have and how its help in advancement of ib
(8)presently what are the major problems faced by india
(9)what is the present scenario of terrorism in jammu and kashmir…
i had given al the answers except the question number 2.
rest of all every thing is good…the board member is not hostile,they are cordial…..thier is no need to take tension for document verification they are checking only certificate not marksheet,but u have to carry all the document..those candidate who are in government service please carry the NOC because they asked for noc,only one copy of ssq and attestaion form is required…all the best all of u …


My interview was on 14th jan, after reaching there they gave a sheet for the writng specimem,our original essay was to b written in 8-10 lines,they will tel the essay topic as well. after that rigourous document verification started,each column was to be filled and phone number of each name mentioned in the form was to be given , so guys please take care of that.
There were 3 appalling/amusing incidents at my centre as well
1.One candidate forgot AF/SSQ form at friends place
2.Another dint really cared about the forms at all, came just like that,
3.Lastly a guy came one hour late and n said couldnt bring the form as he couldnt “download” the form
I cant be a very big judge of things being a careless guy myself but seriously , It was suprising !!
My number was 5th, waited nervously for 10 mins..
Finally I went in the room,there were 3 members in the panel (P1,P2,P3)
P1-You dont belong to mumbai, why did u applied from here
Me- Explained how my father moved here long back and settled here, told them about my schooling and graduation(Done from Lucknow)
P1-what did you do after graduation and what are u doing now?
Me-explained that I was placed in an IT company and then left it to study for competetive exams.
P1-What was the salary u were getting?
Me- Told.
P1-What are your other interest ?
Me-“U mean my hobbies?”
P1-Yes,What do u do apart frm studying ?
Me-I Like watching movies and reading from time to time.
P1-Then u must be aware of all the latest bollywood news.
Me-No sir, i dont watch indian movies much,if I get time I watch Hollywood movies.
P2-Hollywood!! Who is ur favourite actor ?
Me-Al Pacino
He asked about five of his movies. I told about 3 ,then he said have u seen Devils Advocate ..I said yes !!
P2-what is meant by devils advocate / who is a devils advocate ?
Me-(expalined but not with much conviction)Someone whos advocates for the evil side of the issue
P1-There is a talk show of this name? who is the Host?
Me-Karan thapar .
P1-Which channel?
P3-(Quiet and observing till that moment) Times now is banned in UP.Why?
Me-I told the Safai mahotsav-Refugee incident ,how ppl dying in Muzzafarnagar camps.
P3- And ?
Me-“Times now was very critical of this behaviour of the Govt.”
P1-There is one more reason apart from riots-safai incident ?
Me-I thought for a while and then recalled how UP MLAs are enjoying in educational tour in Turkey.So told.
There was a comforting smile on faces of each.
P1-Do u think a Cultural Mahotsav should take place in such critical situation?
Me-“I think if state is responsible for law and order ,promotion of cultural and traditional values is also states responsibilty.Such event are important and should be conducted however media is right is critising the apathy of administration ”
P3-Have u given any other exams?
Me-Told them I appear for all the examination with administrative jobs.
P1-What about SSC ?
Me-Told them I appeared and explained the exam-result is not out yet and it may even get cancelled bacause of CAT-Nitant Fiasco.
P1-Thank you.You may leave now.
* I opened the door and instead of asking to come in ,i greeted them directly (Dumb!!)Guys Please ask to come-in first and then greet.
* One of the members will be continously observing,plz maintain certain level of eye-contact with each.
* I think somebody with a more serious hobby would have an edge .(Not very happy with mine)

Vineeth Computer

Hi i attended interview on 13th jan in chennai. No need to worry on SSQ and AF. Verification guys are very co-operating. My interview number was 34 and my number was called around 4 pm. Interview board members were co-operative. Questions asked where:
1.where you from?
2.Since I am from Kerala and Sabarimala temple belongs to my district, asked about the temple and history of my place?
3.as I am from computer science(BTech), asked technical relevant questions like Distributed computing, hacking, even they asked about optimization techniques of Database management( I really wondered when I got this question) and replied comparatively OK.
3.Then asked about my company and the present project?
4.since I came from Onsite, they asked “Why IB” inspite of getting good salary.
5.Then, asked whether I know Hindi and interacted 2-3 sentences in Hindi with then, as I said Yes.
Overall interview board was very co-operative and they tried to make us comfortable.

Gautham Chennai

Hi i attended interview on 13th jan in chennai. only one copy of AF and SSQ forms along with attested copy of certificates were collected. I was the 22nd candidate to be interviewed.They asked everyone to write a paragraph of the essay written in examination inorder to match the handwriting. if you dont remember anything,just write down the topic of the essay and write something,its just for verification.I went there at 8.50 AM and all these verification process got over by 10.20 AM.I was called in for interview at 2.00 PM.Three member panel interviewed me.
My interview went on for 15 minutes.They asked me the following questions:
1.what’s your name?
2.You are from?
3.Where did you graduate?
4.what’s your major?Ans: Biotech
5.what’s your field of specialization in it?Ans: Genetic engg.
6.Can you explain what is genetic engg?
7.what are the latest development in it?
8.Do you know anything about stem cells?
9.What are the uses of it?
10.From where stem cells are collected?
11.Have you ever heard anything about the word Segregation?
12.Do you know Hindi? Ans: I dont know
13.If you dont know hindi how could you work or collect information if you are placed in borders?Ans: I have told you that I dont know hindi but i didnt say i dont like.
14.Do you have any interest in learning it?
15.Are you preparing for civil services or any other exams?
16.when did you think that you should join IB?
Moreover their hospitality and approach was good. I thanked them for that.
I Wish all the very best for the candidates attending the interview.

Vikas Hyderabad

Venuew: Hyderabad, Dt: 15 Jan 2014, (2 out of 3 members are IPS)
I am the last but one candidate (47th out of 48) & felt like stress interview. Its more than rapid fire round. The max time i got is 15 seconds, for only one question. I felt like crushed to powder in 10 minutes.
M1 & M2 are firing questions and M3 is observing my moments/behaviour.
1. M1 & M2 appreciated at my attire after I entire room. And made (positive tone) comments
2. Why did you wore a tie?
3. Tell me about yourself (i consumed 3 minutes)
4. What is Geosynchronous Orbit(Mem1), Its elevation(Mem2), Why that elevation is required (M3)?
5. Why IB?
6. You already served country in some manner, then why IB again?
7. If you were asked to opt for your posting(given no other choice/no flexibility) Rajasthan, Himachal (as you did trekking) pradesh, Your homestate (Andhra Pradesh), which one do you choose & why?
8. A train engine will have 7 types of BREAKS. Describe them (Shock laga laga laga shock laga+Goose bumps..I belong to IT Subjects). Just now googling for answers..
9. Discretionary powers (total 3) of President
10. Emotional Intelligence Vs Intellectual Intelligence…Differences (Most debated questio.. for 3 minutes atleast.. All 3 members stressed me by giving different examples. I felt like i won this question in the last.)
My personal overall satisfaction is 60%. Wherever i could not recollect/dont know answers, i accepted the same. Finally, it is a nice experience, though i felt i could have done better. First thing that came in my mind after my interview is, “WHAT HAPPEND TO ME during THOSE 10 MINUTES?”
Wish you all good luck. You may mail me your doubts to

Susanth Hyderabad

Hi, my interview was completed on 15th Jan in Hyderabad @ Kendriya Sadan
->They are accepting one copy of AF and SSQ ( but better take 3 copies)
->Photocopy of certificates should be attested by Gazetted officer(Otherwise they ask us to do self attestation there..but with weird faces )
->Original mark sheets, provisional/Convocation certificate are mandatory
->Mandatory NOC for central/state govt. employees
Coming to interview, only one panel is there in Hyd. And 3 members in the panel , all are seems 50+ age, chairman of the panel seems enthusiastic and humorous….they makes us feel comfortable and they are not aggressive.
1)Tell us about your self?
2)Why you want to change the career from IT to govt. sector (as i’m working in IT MNC)?
3)They asked current package and questions why are u joining which offers less compares ur current job?
4)Don’t u feel u r making your life uncomfortable by joining in IB as u r already settled in IT industry and that to at Onsite?
5)Current job background and daily work
6)North east insurgency– i gave incomplete answer
7)Tell us N.E states names, capitals and they chief ministers(Uncomfortable question as they told except Assam).. i remember only Manik sarkar name..couldn’t get other some capitals name..but after naming 2 they interrupted
8)Name some terror outfits and why people gets attracted to terrorism
9)Area of india, length and breadth ( i gave approximate values)
10)Do you believe in god ?.. i said yes and then chairman asked who created god humorously..then i told them that i don’t think to that extent but as i follow religion and believe in it which has something to do with god..i believe in god also
Overall it is 10-15 mins discussion..nothing to worry, keep your self calm and cool

Tamilnadu Vikas

i was the 19 th person who got interviewed
1)where are you from?
2)where you done your mca from?
3) how do you know tamil
4)what are routine tables?
5) who invented calculus?
6)what is the importance of algorithms
in data sctructures?
7) what is ur current salary?
8) tell us about the pjct u r currently working?
9)what kind of apps did integration and differentiation work?
it was tough for me i will get minimum marks only.

Lucknow Mishra

1. only my name
2. political scenario-i told them people confused btwn three leader’s modi rahul nd kejriwal.
3. why modi ? rahul ? kejriwal ?
4. mohan as P.M. ?
5. political scenario- in amethi
6. why police services for money reasons ?
7. solution to J & K problem.
8. asked me abt names of terrorist org nd some terrorist
gave all the answers bt confused was the interview for IB of for congress … lol

Pathak MBA

My interview was on 13 jan at Bapu dham new delhi in Board 1. in interview there were 3 member all were senior IPS .
Time duration – 8-10 min
They were asking just basic question based on your qualification , experience , hobby etc. The question asked from me is ..
1.what part of degree of u enjoyed most ( as i have done dual degree B.tech + MBA)
2. what is ur hobbies .
3.what was the main political news yesterday .
4. as per your opinion what was the biggest achievement of aap govt in last few days .
5.one surprise question for me ..by M1- …if u have to select from 2 watch one with needle and other with digital no. Which one will u select .
Ans. I said digital ..( but i was wearing wrist watch with needles )
M1- so this watch u r wearing is not of ur choice ..( i was trapped )
But i gave ans that this watch is gifted to me by my sister ..
Than he said okay .
So nothing to worry ..be confident and give ur best .


my interview was on 16th jan in chennai. My interview lasted for 5-7mins. The question that was posed to me was on my stream ie biomedical engg.
1.The first question was my name & where do i hail from and why in chennai (as i am a north indiand and residing in chennai)
2.then they asked what is biomedical all about. and also about my cgpa
3.after which they asked the companies produce all equipment then wat is the role of a biomedical engg.
4.then they asked why dont i work in my own field
5.They asked me wat wer the latest developments that took place in this field.
6.then one of the panel members had asked about the area in which ccmb pioneered (butt eventually related to biotechnology)
7.After which they asked whether i got placed in the campus and why i didn’t take up the job
8.then they asked whether i was writing any other exams
and after which they winded up my session
overall i did not find the board very friendly


i faced my life’s first interview today [16/01/14] at Bapu dham Delhi.
I faced problem with provisional certificate. they said bring the original one by 7 days.
the document verification at the ground floor.
Interview in different upper floors.
Mine in 3rd one.
Here the interview. there were three members. one person who was sitting in the middle[P3] was ditto of Mr. Rakesh Maria of mumbai ATC, he never asked question only penned down something and the at the end he “abruptly” terminated the interview.
to my right was an official belonging to the NE—–P1
to my right was the best person in the panel he was cool, cooperative and encouraging—–P2
P3— which college are u from— i said
P2— why long gap between garduation and interview —- i said Civil service
P2— then which optional —— i said geography
P2— ask to say all the mountain ranges from north to south with states. —- i said leaving satpura range along with some north eastern ones.— he seems satisfied
P2—- wanted six fundamental rights —- i started with article numbers– he stoped me politely and said to only describe in words only.
P2—-whats ur hobby—- i said cooking
P2—- he asked by choice or compulsion— i said choice
P2 —- then he says then you can cook for urself during rural posting–i said yes
P2—– then he said that u have been in cities , how i will cope with rural areas—- i said i have been to rural areas due to father’s posting
P2—– says to P3 to ask something
P3— which political party rule nagaland—– i badly guessed and said the NSCN a terrorist group he said it is a terror group, this is my biggest blunder
P3— where is tawang— i after thinking saif north Arunachal— he said only say arunachal
P2 — geographical significance of word “LOHIT”— i said about the river and district.
P1 —- yes thats all you may leave.

Bhargavi Advocate

Interview went on for 10 minutes. Cordial, calm panel, mostly. 3 gentlemen and a lady of which 2 male members were responsive. The Panel head (I suppose) seemed annoyed somehow, despite being calm.
Note – I’m an advocate.
1. Contributions of Ambedkar to Indian freedom struggle – I concentrated on the Constitution drafting part and threw light on social justice, mentioning that he came to the freedom struggle scene at a later stage.
2. November 2008 incident in the Madras law college – conceded the existence of communalism and caste based violence in the society in general.
3. Vishaka judgment, why is the SC backtracking on its own judgment’s essence? – Mentioned the Ganguly J Swatanter Kumar J issue and said SC is making amends.
4. The female member asked about NLSA which I heard as NELSA and said I am not aware. I should have clarified on that. My bad
5. I was asked about my plans twice – once even insisted on taking law as my career as the panel found me *so good at law* (meh) – I knew they were trolling me – said my aim is CSE both the times and that I’m interested in policy level research. (the panel head didn’t like my answer, I suppose)
Overall the interview went well with many nods and smiles. I hope the result isn’t the case of operation success but patient is no more kind!
Good luck to the aspirants!

Ashok Petro Engineer

10 min interview in which they askd- (I am a Petroleum Engineer)
* Why are you not working in petroleum industry?
* How will you use your petroleum engg knowledge in IB?
* Why is Oil important in International diplomacy?
* Where is Oil produced in India? Which rank Rajasthan has?
* Which places in Assam produce oil ?
* where was India’s 1st oil well drilled?
* What do u knw abt IB?
* What is Naxalite Movement?
* How is it concerned to our country in present context and how to take care of it?
* Does govt always listen to citizens?
* How to make govt listen?
* What have you done apart from studying?
* Have you taken any other competetive exams? (I said Yes which i think i shudnt hv said )
I was able to answer all the questions and satisfy them. I think they were reserved about candidates taking other exams but still if I had said NO they would know i was lying.


mine interview today.there were 4 members each asked question turn wise.started with a senior officer sitting in just front of me.which part of history you like most i responded modern as it deals with freedom struggle.any philospher view on internal security. what kind of freedom our country required in terms of internal security i took this answer in very wrong direction and was badly entangled in my own web .problem in srilanka (tamilians issue).recently in how many states assembly elections held name them . tell something about recent riots do you think people are communal and sectarian .reason why it got aggravated .lastly somebody from north east asked mizoram border which neighbouring country.in all not satisfied with my interview performance.


i was interviewed today at hyd….
totally very cool and cordial….around 7-10 min interview…quns are
->tell us about ur self
->y should IB select u?
->what is the diff between j&k issue and telangana?
->about article 371 D
-> traditional dances of andhra pradesh ?
-> about constitutional amendments?
-> ap bifurcaton need which majority in parliament?
-> some thing will be added to ghee products to make dalda …what is that? And what business is that?
-> can we mix kerosene with diesel ?
-> global warming ?
-> whats impact if the sea level rises ?
……….thats it…
i am very happy as they didnt ask any qun regarding my electrical engg back ground……i m satisfied with my performance as even though i didn’t prepare much for interview…..gud luck guys


interview was on 15th . everyone should recall the essay topic of written exam . verification process is strict .interview panel consist of 3 members.
question asked-
1.about gap in education ( i m 2011 graduate )
2. why do you want to join ib ?
3. why not family business ?
4. question from background ( i am software engg. ) ( answered only 1 out of 4) ( snoofing , hacking etc )
3. tell problems in your area ( madhya pradesh )
4. what do you know about medha patekar .( related to sardar sarovar dam and protest in madhya pradesh )
5. internal security problem in india ?
panel was supportive and cordial .


I had my interview on 16 at bapu dham, delhi. PANEL-3
3 persons were there, one was from north east but he didnt ask anything.
1) question related to previous job profile
2)which exams are you giving presently and any success.
dont tell them about truckloads of exams you are giving
3)what are internal security issues in india
told them about communalism,casteism, fundamentalism, seperatist movement, naxalism,terrorist attacks.
4)they asked about kashmir issue
i recommend u all to atleast study about kashmir and north eastern states issues and about naxalism and solution.they are frequently asking about these topics.
5)they asked how to extract information about a guy whose name is known but his location is a very large area say RK PURAM.
i told them by getting his no. we can get his address or location or search his names in social media sites or get some information from local police station or through bank accounts.
i dont know what i said was correct.
my interview was over then.

Harish Mechnical Engineer

my interview was on 18th jan 2014 , hyderabad
i am a mechanical engineer
so the first question :
Tell me about yourself?
what is the volume of the room which we sit?
next he asked to calculate the volume of glass before me?
i worked in banking
so what is crr ?rr ?rrr ? liquidity ?
what is the relation between all these?
what is the difference between maoism and naxalism?
no difference , both are same i said
Then why we call these with different names?
naxalbari–west bengal and Mao (china)
do you know about grey hounds
then as i told them my uncles(my father brothers) were police. he asked did any one worked in that?
how to control it?
i said force and through development(jayram ramesh)
next question is about hacking, U S A snooping and abut computer issues , as i worked for 1 year as programmer
and last fellow who asked me some stupid questions (in my opinion)?
capital of manipur ,mizoram.arunachal pradesh and CM of arunachal pradesh
i had answered only two in the above one
he asked about 11th schedule
article 368
article 38
article 41
i said i don’t know
they told thank you, you can leave
the interview was approx., 10 min
avg time for all is 6 min(18th jan)
i didn’t expect that these silly questions they will ask .
they can ask so many things on present security related and lot of social issues
stupidly what is what(fact based ) silly they have already asked these stupid question in
exam? why for an officer post why all these(facts) required? fact based what they can infer who answers these
questions? i don’t understand whether they were frustrated from morning on-wards or they haven’t been in
touch with current issues. Bank officers(interview) were more better than these people while accessing our personality.
(sorry i haven’t maintained any punctuation and even for the language)


0th Jan 2014,Hyderabad.
Took only one copy of AF and SSQ, they didnt ask for extra.
I was the first candidate post lunch. The board was cordial, they made the candidate feel comfortable (at least i felt that).
The panel had 4 members (3 men and one woman member)
They started the interview by asking the following questions:
1.He asked me if he was pronouncing my name correctly, smiled.
2.Name ur home district, its area.
3.Asked about my father’s profession and related questions.
4.Fundamental rights.
5.Can you directly approach high court and supreme court regarding ur grievance. (article 32 & 226)
6.Name any three schedules of Indian constitution.
7.Prime Minister of U.K during Indian Independence and World War II. Also Heads of USA and USSR during the same time.
8.Name 10 Presidents of India.
9.Dimensions of the room and its volume.
10.Muzzaffar Nagar riots.
11.Modi, Rahul and Aravind, who makes a better P.M
12.Who would make a better C.M from the four coloured parties of A.P.
13.Security threats India is facing today.
They did not ask me about my IT background, gap (2011 graduate), why IB, and other competitive exams. North eastern states. How to collect information?
Over all it was a nice experience and the way it was carried out was interesting.
All the Best guys. Any queries, post here.

ECE Sandhya

16/1/2013 interview at chennai
most of the questions are from techninal(iam from ECE dept and aiam currently pursuing m.tech)
what is difference between half duplex and full duplex?
what is vlsi?
how many transistors can be fabricated?advantages of vlsi?
difference between electronics and electrical and their voltage ranges?
threats for cyber security?
as a university graduate you can get good opportunities but why IB?
did u attended for campus interviews?
(isaid im preparing for civil services)
how many attempts you have given?
whether if you cleared IB whether you will stick on to it or not?


interview on 18th at bapu dham…
there are 4 boards… mine was 3rd board….
where did you do you study…
what is your take on telengana(i am from andhra pradesh)
what are your doing now…
what are the present internal security challenges faced by india
in which regions we are facing seperatist issuses … what do you meanby seperatist movements..
how do find a persons location and details regarding him by knowing his name and not exact location…
why should we first of all conduct a secret enquiry instead of asking the details directly to the person…
my friend’s:Board:1;Bapu Dham:
1.Tell me an issue of recent development in which you are well aware?
I told him about the developments regarding AAP.
2.What is your opinion on Kejriwal and AAP govt,
I told that i was disillusioned by their decision on FDI
3.What is FDI?
4.what is FDI in multi brand?
5.What is today’s headlines in the news paper?(told about RG speech at AICC)
6.What is AICC?
7.why his speech was rated high?
8.what else was today’s news?(actually they were expecting the death news of sunanda puskar)
9.Till what time your were surfing net yesterday night?(i finally told them about the death of puskar)
10.what all you can do with computer?
11.one science question:what happens when a charge enters a magnetic field?
12.what are the 6 fundamental rights?
13.when,where and who were the founders of Reebok?(i was wearing a Reebok jacket)
14.There is a terrorist named xyz living greater kailash,young….how do gather info secretively about this guy?
15.one more practical question..

ECE Gyanendra

Interviw date- 18/1/2014, panel-3,time 10.25
M1- u hv done b.tech in ECE branch.
ME: yes sir.
M1: which college?
M1: is it pvt. or Govt?
M1: how u get the admission?
M1: in which yr u passed out.
ME: 2012
M1: where r u working?
ME: i m not working. i got selected in Wipro tech. but i leaved(instead of leaved i shud use i didn’t joined)
M1: WIPRO?? through college placement?
ME: yes sir
M1: as a s/w engineer?
ME: no sir, as project engineer.
M1: how much time u worked there?
ME: sir, i didn’t joined.
M1: why?
ME: interested in administrative services.
M1: why?
ME: inspired by ANTI corruption movement. want to……(forgot the word contribute)…. YOGDAAN DENA CHAHTA HU. (i loss my momentum here)
M1:YOGDAAN dena chahte hain.. do you think IB plays any role in anti-corruption?
ME: (just tried to advocate my statement)sir, IB is responsible for monitoring all governance activities. if governance is there den corruption is automatically associated with it.
M1:ok, what are the major security challenges for India?
ME: insurgency, communal violance in present scenario…….
M1: communal violence (little thought process for him) and…..
ME: and insugency……. (i forgot all other things like cyber attack, terrorism etc.)
M1: where are insurgent groups active?
ME: Manipur, Nagalandand….. red corridor… (i wanted to say North East but god knows where my mind was, i totally forgot J& K)
M1: insurgency in red corridor?
Me: no sir, they are Naxals but they are helped by insurgent groups. (i think inspite of saying ‘NO SIR’ I should say ‘yes’. bcoz i think naxalism is an insurgency activity.
M1: ok, u can go now.
ME: thank u sir.
(be balanced.. control ur nervousness.. questions are very common.. no need of RATTAFICATION.

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