[Download] UPSC Prelims 2015 Question Paper 1 & 2 PDF in high resolution

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Mrunal Polity Lecture

UPSC had conducted Civil service and Forest service (combined) preliminary exam aka CSAT-2015, on 23th August 2014. Here are the scanned copies of Booklet no.”B” for both paper 1 (GS) and Paper 2 (Aptitude):

  1. Download UPSC Prelim 2015 GS1 Paper
  2. Download UPSC Prelim 2015 GS2 Paper

Detailed Analysis and Topicwise Answerkeys with explanations (for all sets), coming soon.

  • You’re most welcome to provide your inputs, answers, observation, analysis and experience in the comments below.
  • If you want to discuss then discuss MCQs, (and not cut-offs.) Everyone who had prepared sincerely, and did not risk too much negative marking, he/she has a fair chance of clearing prelims.
  • Internet user sample size too short to make any predictions. So don’t lose blood pressure, if Mr.X, Y or Z says he ticked more MCQs than you.

Courtesy: Mr. Brijesh D.Patel from SPIPA, Ahmedabad for providing the question papers.

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1,949 Comments on “[Download] UPSC Prelims 2015 Question Paper 1 & 2 PDF in high resolution”

  1. result out
    whu are all in

  2. Result out cutoff is definitely above 100 . Did not qualify .

    1. how many marks were you expecting?? The file is nt getting downloaded on my system, if u have pdf file of result do mail me at jatinnarang123@hotmail.com.

    2. catogery bhai

  3. RESULTS ARE OUT. I got 104(min) odd according to some keys. I didn’t qualify. can anyone post marks of those who qualified with category.

  4. Mrunal sir don’t close this thread, we want to revise it to ignite… Those who failed, around 9months to 2016 prelims. Start preparing

  5. how to prepare premilinary

  6. sir have you uploaded the detailed topicwise analysis of 2015 prelims paper ?

  7. thanks u for provide this paper

  8. sir how to download ias pree solved queston paper gs,csat

  9. help me for prepare for this exam how start prearation….

  10. 800+1000
    1800 hote
    Kyun ki 200 Liya aur saman diya

  11. 1000

  12. Rs 1000 ka hoga kyun ki jb tuk 1000 ka note original tha tub tuk thik tha koe loss nhi tha jb 1000
    Ka note nkli to loss me agye 1000ka hi to loss hua

  13. lol its 1000.
    profit and loss go hand in hand. If one recieves profit ,the other will be at loss . Its a closed system .
    Lets keep the second shopkeeper out of question bcoz he did had a profit nor he had any loss . he started wid 1000 nd ended up wid 1000 in his pocket .
    now the women started wid a big zero nd fooled the baniya nd looted 200rs worth item nd also made 800 as cash . so that makes a total of 1000.
    the shopkeeper is at a loss of 1000

    practically …..
    say u r the shopkeeper nd u started ur day wid a real 1000 rs note .
    a women came nd took 200 rs item nd gave u a fake 1000 rs bill.
    u got the chnage from another shopkeeper and kept 200 rs wid u while handing over the rest 800.
    now u have 1200 rs in ur tijori .
    suddenly the other shopkeeper came nd asked for real 1000 rs note nd u had to give away ur original 1000 rs note which u started ur day wid .
    now u left wid only 200 rs in ur tijori . thats a loss of 800 bucks . plus u freely gave away an item worth 200.
    thats 800 + 200 = 1000 rs loss

  14. Its ans 2000

  15. Related To The Fake Note Q
    The shopkeeper lost as much money as the lady gained (because the 2nd shopkeeper did not gain or lose anything)
    Now,the lady gained Rs 800 (which was returned to her) + the good worth Rs 200 : total Rs 1000..
    So conversely the shopkeeper lost Rs 1000
    (1000- his profit in the good ;to be more precise)
    You don’t have to be a Rocket scientist to see this question through.

  16. And what about the counterfeit 1000 rs note, the first shopkeeper is now left with??

  17. Rs .1200 simple….

  18. The lady had a nakli note of 1000 Rs. (worth 0 Rs. for all), She purchased goods worth 200 Rs. and received 800 Rs. change for no cost(for Nakli 1000 Rs.) So her profit is 1000 Rs. (for 1000 Rs.Nakli note).

    1st shopkeeper lost 200 Rs. goods+800 Rs. Change+ returned 1000 Rs. of 2nd shopkeeper=total loss for him is 2000 Rs.

    2nd shopkeeper lost nothing since he gave 1000 Rs. and took it back as it is.

  19. What is your Message? Search before asking questions & confine discussions to exams related matter only.1800 is correct answer

  20. 2000 pkkka

  21. 1200 , 1000 for duplicate note and 200 for his goods.

  22. 1800 ₹ loss

  23. I am M.tech passed out student now i planed UPSC civil service exam please anybody give me instruction on UPSC.

  24. 1000 NKLI = 1000 Loss

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