[Download] Topper Notes: D.Rahul Venkat (Rank 386) Anthropology and Ethics handwritten Notes

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Mr.D.Rahul Venkat secured rank 386 in UPSC Civil servies exam 2014, with Anthropology as his optional Subject.
He wishes to share his paper 1 and paper 2 notes for anthropology subject, as well as his small note for Ethics (General Studies Paper 4).
Here are the download links:

  1. Anthropology Notes Part-1 (350 Pages, 31MB)
  2. Anthropology Notes Part-2 (288 Pages, 27MB)
  3. Ethics Notes (32 Pages, 2MB)

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161 Comments on “[Download] Topper Notes: D.Rahul Venkat (Rank 386) Anthropology and Ethics handwritten Notes”

  1. thank you so much for anthropology notes….in my state this optional has become very rare…and very difficult to get material…

  2. Can anybody recommend me best book csat paper II

  3. anybody with tamil optional

  4. Yes… Me too

  5. sir ignou history link send plz

  6. anybody ignou materials pdf

  7. Thanks for the Anthro notes but this note can help only the guy who prepared this note..I personally invested 6 months exclusively for making Anthro notes from various sources. As per my opinion prepare notes urself..suggestion Read standard books once>>go through last 10 years question papers>> re read the same books once again as per the demand of question paper> Now in third reading start making notes
    PS-Read according to the syllabus

    1. vikash bhai , is your optional anthropology ?

      1. Agrim

        Ji bhaiya
        Anthropology hi hai(Prelims-2 Mains-0 Now focus is on 2016 so not the right person I am to discuss about UPSC 😋)

  8. sir,
    kya mujhe hindi me notes mil sakte hai gs1 se gs4 tak

  9. any body with PubAd optional???

  10. Pls anybody tell the best institution for sociology optional subject in chennai

    1. king ias academ, shankar too have good teahing staff, ganesh etc are good one

  11. thank you sir for this great work

  12. Sir
    note r not in download format and also not visible in topers notes for downloading section (ethics notes )
    plzz do some thing to make them download able

  13. Sir please tell me the best institution for law optional in chennai

  14. could not download anthropology notes? any other alternative to get notes?

  15. Sir, could you reload pdf of ethics as it is not downloading. Please…

  16. Sir,
    The links for download are not working. Can you please upload the material again.

  17. Hello,
    The notes are not able to be accessed. Please check on that and do the necessary.

    Thank You.

  18. Download link not working

  19. Good Afternoon sir,
    I am not able to download the anthropology notes. I am an aspirant with anthropology as my optional. Can you please make it downloadable

  20. sir rahul sir anthrology notes i am unable to download pls do something

  21. thank alot to u sir
    u provide these notes for us it is helps us more for better gain
    qus – how i can relate ethics better in current timing
    bcz it becomes hard to apply

  22. Plz make anthropology notes available to download. Urgent in need

  23. precise anthropology notes for 2016 exam..

  24. Hello Sir,
    Thank U for the notes.
    Sir,the page numbers you have written in ur note 1 refers to which book?? Pls do reply.

  25. For those who are not able to download the above notes follow this-

    Try to open the link in a new tab by right click on the link(for PC users) or long press on the link(for mobile/tablet users).
    You ll be able to download the material

  26. sir please provided hindi topper’s notesaa

  27. sir please provided hindi topper’s notes

  28. Thanks a lot sir
    you are doing most valuable & unforgettable task for those whose cannot afford coaching or even cannot buy many books. keep it up sir

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