1. Legislature and Polity related
  2. Judiciary related Interview Questions
  3. Gender Issues related Interview Questions
  4. Situation Reaction Test (SRT) / Roleplaying
  5. Higher education related questions for Interview
  6. Science Technology
  7. International Relations
  1. Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election result was declared on 14th December 2017, yet till 14th Jan. 2018 the MLAs were not sworn-in due to ‘Kamurtaa’ (inauspicious period). What are your views? Does governor have any power to enforce ‘scientific temper’ in MLAs? Should we amend constitution to fix a permeant date (or deadline) for the oath-ceremony?
  2. From where does the governor enjoy the power to address the state legislature? What are the specific provisions? Can the Governor criticize the ruling party during his address? Why not? [Hint: Read Art. 176(1)]
  3. During Governor’s address in Uttar Pradesh assembly, MLAs threw paperballs. In Gujarat Vidhan Sabha, Governor had to cut his address short because of the shouting and protests by the opposition MLAs. Should we remove the constitutional provisions about Governor’s address, since MLAs are not showing basic decency to listen to him?
  4. As speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, how will you stop the MLAs from throwing paperballs to the governor? Would you call the police or paramilitary forces? [Hint: No need, You’ve Marshals.] How about making the vidhan sabha ‘paperless’ and ‘shoe-less’ so that noone can hurl anything against anybody? How about asking the governor to make his speech through videoconference or bullet-proof glass?
  5. Maharashtra government to introduce bill for reservation to orphans. Is it possible as per Constitution? And if implemented, what practical challenges do you see? [Hint: Parents showing ‘on paper’ that their biological child is adopted from orphanage. The demand for Maratha reservation could intensify and so forth]
  6. Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to an android robot Sophia. Should India also try? What are the implications of granting citizenship to an Artificial intelligence or robot- tell me from Economics point of view and then from Political Science point of view?
  7. Gujarat Rajya Sabha election controversy. Delhi AAP Rajya sabha tickets sold to rich businessmen. Once upon a time even Vijay Mallya was Rajya Sabha MP. What reforms do you suggest in RS election system, should we apply some form of income ceiling or minimum years of association with a particular political party, before getting the ‘ticket’?
  8. Disqualification of AAP MLA in Delhi. What is Office of Profit. Parliamentary Secretaries? What is electoral bond? How exactly can it make the election funding more transparent?

Mock Interview for UPSC

  1. The latest economic survey has recommended that “Like Cooperative Federalism, there should be cooperative separation of powers.” Why do you think CEA feels that at present there is not ‘cooperative separation of powers?’ Can you name any specific judgements / incidents?
  2. Compulsory National anthem in cinema halls? Are you in favour or against it? Is it judicial overreach? Is it judicial activism?
  3. What is Hadiya / Akila case in Kerala? What was the judgement of Kerala HC? What is the judgement of SC? Suppose you’re a collector / SP, and one of your family friend approaches with complaint that a rowdy boy from another caste / religion has “brainwashed” their girl and eloped. Will you intervene? Yes / No / Why?
  4. Chennai: Girl Madras HC that she eloped with her boyfriend due to influence of movies. HC summonsed censor board for lax standards in films. Is this judicial activism or overreach? How far are censor board official morally responsible for individual acts?
  5. Four SC Judges held press conference against CJI. What is roaster system? If you’re an IRS unhappy with ‘targets’ given by finance ministry regarding revenue collection. Will you approach media?
  6. IPC Section 498-A: new SC guidelines will it not dilute the women safety against domestic violence? [Hint in this article.]
  7. Assam: draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) for identifying illegal migrants. How is this exercise different from voter cards and aadhar cards? If you were tasked to carry out similar exercise in Gujarat to locate the illegal Bangladeshis, how will you proceed in a systematic manner? There are tribals living in the interior jungles of Dangs district without any photo-id proofs, how will you accommodate them in the identification process?
  1. What do you understand by the term “Son-Meta preference” used in the latest economic survey? What are the Steps taken by the Modi government to reduce the aversion to girl child? Hint: Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and Sukanya Samridhi Yojana schemes, and mandatory maternity leave rules, Juvenile Justice Act and IPCs amended. Triple Talaq, Haj-visit without Male guardian and so forth.
  2. Latest Economic Survey observed: “Though Punjab and Haryana have higher per capita income, North Eastern states fare better than them on Gender indices.” So, why is development not an antidote to gender inequality? Tell me something about the economic development and human development of the younger states that were carved out from the larger states in North India? In retrospect, do you think it was a right decision?
  3. In Hollywood, female actresses accused sexual harassment by famous men under #Metoo hashtag on social media, and such males are boycotted by the Hollywood fraternity. How will you act if same happens in your office and university? Suppose your the registrar, and some anonymous profile writes a comment on your college’s FB page that one of your Professor is a sexual predator, will you initiate any suo-moto action or will you “do nothing” until a real person comes with written complaint? What if complaint is real, but the victim girl student is afraid to come forward? Are you even aware of any SC-guidelines or legal provisions in this regard yaa fir Hawaabaazi mein hi jawaab de rhe ho? [Because often candidates shift their stand depending how the panelist is putting forth the arguments!]
  4. BHU hostel girls want relaxed curfew hours equal to boys. Rector and parents fear safety. What will be your stand as VC? Suppose you can’t relax the curfew hours for girls due to safety issues and rowdy elements around university, will you then consider constraining the curfew hours of boys as well i.e. For ‘gender equality’, boys should also stay in hostel from 7PM afterwards, since girls are disallowed?
  5. NewZealand schoolgirls allowed to wear trousers instead of skirts, in the school. If some girl doing campaign, you’re the school principal, will you allow it or not? Won’t it break discipline, if you bow down to every demand by student-activists
  6. Switzerland couple was attacked at Fatehpur Sikri, after the lady denied rowdies’ request for selfi. Security guards say “she asked for the trouble because she was wearing a sexy short skirt.” Your thoughts? As SP, will you consider issuing a ‘proper dress code’ for the visitors?
  7. Bihar state government giving free bicycles to girl students- but girls’ parents sell these bicycles to settle farm-debts. How will you approach the issue as DM? Don’t give me that “IEC” walla answer- the Bihari parents DO understand the importance of educating girl child, but settling agri-debt is a bigger and unavoidable priority for them. Will you consider agriculture debt-waiver to address this conundrum? Do you have any other policy alternative? [Hint: Instead of giving individual bicycles, provide for more public buses and mini-vans to pick up the girls]
  8. Some states provide cash incentives to prevent child marriage, but child-marriages still occur, and later they formally register marriage after crossing the legal-age, to get the scheme-money. How will you stop this? Will you consider administering virginity test on the brides before approving the money?
  9. What do you understand by the term malnutrition? How can we objectively measure malnutrition in women and children? (hint: BMI, weight to height?) Though Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are rich in terms of per capita income, yet there is prevalence of malnutrition. Why?
  10. Should we allow Paid Surrogacy? In Odisha, poor women sell their infants to settle debt, they’ve high TFR anyways so why not let them use their womb to come out of poverty?
  11. Name the women members of Parliament from from your state? Do you think they have made any worthwhile contribution to their respective constituencies? If not then why should we give reservation to women in Parliament?
  12. WEF’s Global Gender gap index: India’s rank is 108 i.e. 20 places lower than before. (Nov, 2017). Why? What can be done to improve our gender ranking just like we’ve done with ease of doing biz?

Situation Reaction Test (SRT) / Roleplaying

Do post your answers in the comments below, particularly for these Roleplay questions!

  1. in last 10 years, the number of people using A’bad’s municipal buses has declined by 3 lakhs, even though the population of A’bad has increased. How will you address this as the Municipal commissioner? Don’t give me that “IEC” and “Odd-even”-walla answer. Tell me something new. After GST, who has the power to levy the taxes on the sale and purchase of vehicles? If we put quantitative restriction on the purchase of vehicles, doesn’t it undermine any of the fundamental rights?
  2. Mobocracy: Padmawat Movie, Koregaon (Maratha vs Dalit) clashes in Maharashtra, demands for reservation by various groups across India, Madhya Pradesh violent farmers’ protest. As collector/SP, how will you address such agitations? Agitators are burning buses and damaging railway track, they’re not listening to any voice of reason, then what will you do?
  3. Who was Gauri Lankesh? Prakash Raj demands that on social media PM must make a statement to condemn her murder. Your thoughts? As PM, you may not have time to personally write every tweet, so will you consider putting one of the PMO staffer to daily condemn such incidents happening across India?
  4. Disaster preparedness: Mumbai Elphinstone railway bridge stampede, Fire at Kamla Mill’s posh restaurant. As Municipal commissioner what will you do to prevent such ‘man-made’ disasters from occurring? Is there any legal structure for this? How will you address the problem of ‘encroachment’ vs ‘livelihood’ of the hawkers? don’t give me that coaching-walla answer: “we shouldnot ban them but regulate them!” How will you regulate them? if you give “license” to hawkers, then some of the existing hawkers will have to be forcibly evicted, what about their families?
  5. Juvenile delinquency: Ryan public school murder. In Ryan case, police hastily arrested the driver to parade in front of media, but later turned out that Class-11 student did it. As an IPS how will you prevent your subordinates from such ‘stereotyping’and hastiness? Can Juvenile be tried as an adult? What are the legal provisions?
  6. Global Tobacco report says the number of juveniles chewing gutkha has increased, despite ban on Gutkha. As health Secretary what will you do? IEC / awareness / package-label and movie-warning already done, fir bhi addicts have increase so, tell me something new!?
  1. NSUI wants semester system removed at both UG and PG level in technical colleges of Gujarat because it turns “leaner” into an “exam-candidate” because 4 exams a year and puts additional burden of fees on the parents as well. What are your thoughts? Don’t give ‘if this then this, i’ll setup a Committee’ type of fence-sitter answers. Tell me your firm stand whether technical colleges should have annual system or semester system? Kya honaa chaahiye?
  2. Tell me the ideal “teacher to student” ratio for A) schools B) ITI C) Colleges. AICTE reduced teacher students ratio: 1:20 for degree engineering and 1:25 for diploma engineering. (earlier it was 1:15 and 1:20 respectively). What are your views on this? Don’t the college students need more personalized attention for skill development OR can they be left to self-studies to save the salaries on faculties?
  3. What were the attendance rules in your college, were you happy with it? Why are JNU students protesting against the attendance rule? How will you address their protest as VC / Registrar? Don’t give me that ‘IEC/I’ll try to talk and convenience them’ walla answer- these protestors are unwilling to listen or concede.
  4. MBBS students have to give “NEET” to seek admission and give “NEXT-test” to exit with degree. What are your views on having similar provisions for engineering, pharmacy, dental and commerce graduates?
  5. Suppose the paper-setter for MBBS-EXIT test designs a tough paper, barely 30% students clear. Next year, health minister asks you to set an ‘easy’ paper so that atleast 80% can pass the “EXIT-test”, so that the shortage of doctors in rural areas can be addressed. Will you oblige?
  6. Tell me something about the school-fees regulation act in Gujarat? Why doesn’t the union HRD ministry fix the fees for all the schools of India? Is there any constitutional limitation? Should we amend the constitution to include such provision within right to education? Isn’t it a lack of foresight of the MPs / Government that passed the 86th Amendment?

Science Technology

All of the following questions are designed from Economic survey 2017-18 Volume 1 ch. 8

  1. Economic Survey 2017-18 observed: “In Science Technology, we’ve failed to recognize excellence amongst our own. In a false sense of egalitarianism, we often chose the mediocre at every level”. Can you guess which Indian-origin scientists is the CEA referring to? What are your thoughts about the reservation in public sector research bodies?
  2. Economic Survey 2017-18 suggested: “State governments need to invest in application oriented research aimed at problems specific to their economies and populations.” So, as the secretary in the state department of Science & Technology, what type of research projects will you encourage for your home state?
  3. Economic Survey 2017-18 suggested: “UK, Finland and China are spending millions on genomic research, and India should also do the same. What is the significance of this field, and how can such expenditure help India?
  4. Economic Survey 2017-18 has suggested government of India to setup a national mission on Cyber Physical Systems. What do you understand by this term, and how can it help in India’s economic and strategic interests?
  5. Economic Survey 2017-18 opined: “Great achievements in the sciences decline after middle age, therefore young researchers should be involved in Decision Making processes of their field.” On the same logic, what are your thoughts of involving young IAS in the policy making level, and UG/PG students in the university management and coming back to the original question- what if they ask for diluting the attendance rule?

International Relations

  1. Impact of China-Maldives FTA on India. The growing presence of China in Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Maldives- is it not a diplomatic failure of India, afterall we are unable to do anything spectacular barring one or two port projects, only there is display of ‘soft power and affectionate hugging’? Can you name any substantial things done by Modi government to better the relations with our smaller neighbors? If you’re made the Secretary in MEA, what novel initiatives will you take?
  2. What do you understand by the term “Interlocutor”? Who is new interlocutor for J&K (Ans. Dineshwar Sharma, an ex-IB chief). Who can be a better interlocutor- IAS / IPS / IFS / IB-RAW? If you’re appointed, will you talked with separatist leaders of Kashmir? Why have we failed to achieve peace in Kashmir and North East despite appointing so many interlocutors over the years?
  3. USA has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. How does this affect India’s strategic interests?
  4. Ram Madhav says, “India has to completely re-orient its strategic mindset. This so called American way will no longer work in the region. Strategic shift is needed from westward to eastward thinking, from land-based thinking to ocean-centric thinking.” Do you agree with what he said? Sirf “yes sir” matt bolo, jaraa elaborate krke btaao…with examples. What do you think Ram Madhav implies by the word “American-way”, does it mean India has been acting like a hegemon or a bully or big brother? What about our relationship with Nepal, Myanmar and Afghanistan, are we treating them as equal partners?
  5. Why are the prominent political leaders jailed in 1) Bangladesh 2) Maldives. If the political unrest in Bangladesh / Maldives intensifies, should India intervene? What if the ruling party asks for help to curb violence- Should India send troops or shrug away telling them to seek help from “UN peacekeeping force”?
  6. What are the controversies surrounding the visit of the PM of Canada to India? Why should Indian government spend money to do his “Mehmaan-Nawaazi”? After all, Canada is not an important country for our strategic agendas, unlike Japan or Israel!