Free UPSC Prelims-2019 LIVE Mock Test with All India Ranking (23 – 25 Feb 2019) by Skholar


  1. Free UPSC Prelims 2019 LIVE Mock Test
  2. Why Attempt this Free UPSC Prelims 2019 LIVE Mock Test?
  3. #1:  It is FREE
  4. #2:  All India Ranking
  5. #3:  You would know your Strength and Weakness
  6. #4: It will be like an Exam before the Exam.

Free UPSC Prelims 2019 LIVE Mock Test

The UPSC 2019 Civil Services Exam Notification has now been officially released by the UPSC. The release of the official notification in a way marks the shift of focus from UPSC Mains to UPSC Prelims preparation for lakhs of aspirants all over the country. Skholar, a dedicated platform for UPSC aspirants is well aware of this fact and hence conducting a FREE UPSC 2019 LIVE TEST for UPSC CSE Prelims 2019.

  • Take the UPSC 2019 Live Test!
  • Test starts on 23rd Feb, 8:00AM
  • Test ends on 25th Feb, 8:00PM
  • Results & Detailed Solutions Available on 25th Feb, 8:00PM

All Serious aspirants of UPSC Exam should not miss out on this opportunity and compulsorily take the FREE LIVE TEST.

We have listed Down the reasons why every UPSC 2019 Aspirant should be attempting this FREE UPSC LIVE Test below. On reading these points you would be convinced of the benefits of the Live test and what all you would lose if you do not attempt this test.

Why Attempt this Free UPSC Prelims 2019 LIVE Mock Test?

#1:  It is FREE

Explaining the importance of Mock tests to a serious UPSC aspirant is like explaining a person the importance of breathing. Aspirants from all over the country pay thousands of rupees for UPSC Mock Tests during their preparation. Hence when you are being given a chance to attempt a Top quality UPSC CSE LIVE Test for FREE, you should be grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

#2:  All India Ranking

If you attempt this FREE UPSC 2019 LIVE Test, you would able to compare your performance with aspirants all over the country. At the end of the LIVE Test, Skholar is going to release All India Standing of all the aspirants who had attempted it. The ALL India Standing is going to be released after 8 PM on 25th Feb 2019. The Live Test would help you know where you Stand with respect to your fellow aspirants. Having this information at the start of your Prelims preparation would do wonders to your preparation strategy and its effectiveness.

#3:  You would know your Strength and Weakness

The UPSC 219 Live test will have an in-built performance analytics tool. This Analytics tool would give you insights into your mock test performance. It would help you understand your strong and weak areas. Being Aware of your strengths and weakness would help you invest your time and energy accordingly during preparation. You would able to save time from preparing your strong areas and use it to prepare and strengthen your weak areas.

#4: It will be like an Exam before the Exam.

The UPSC 2019 Live Test is an All India Test. Aspirants from all over the country would be attempting this test same as the UPSC Prelims Exam. The Free Live Test would help you feel the Exam environment before the actual exam. So that, When you would be giving the actual UPSC CSE 2019 Prelims, your mind would be like -” Been There, Done That” and hence less pressure than the all other aspirants in your Exam hall.

And all these benefits for FREE (Have we mentioned this before?).

So, What are you waiting for? Register for the FREE UPSC 2019 LIVE Test by Skholar now and take a giant step towards realising your Dream of Getting into the IAS, IPS or any other service of your choice. All the best for the Live Test.

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