In this lecture, we’ll learn about RBI Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy & Regulatory announcements made in last one year from Feb 2018 to Feb 2019

  • Monetary Policy is a macroeconomic policy by RBI, wherein through Repo, OMO, PSL etc. tools it tries to manage money supply, interest rates, loan distribution, and thereby helping in the Economic Stability, Growth, Development.
  • There are 3 prominent ways of making monetary policy 1) Targeting Exchange rate stability 2) Targeting Multiple Indicators 3) Targeting Inflation.
  • From 2016, we shifted to the third method. Under RBI Act, a statutory body called “Monetary Policy Committee” will decide the repo rate to control inflation between 26%.
  • This committee has 3 persons from RBI side and 3 from Govt side. They meet on bimonthly (60-60 days) basis to update the policy. In this lecture, I’ve covered those updates for the last one year. Including explanation of terms such as Calibrated Tightening, Neutral and Accommodative stance in the monetary policy.

Here’s the link to the free lecture at Youtube:

Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy of RBI 2018-19

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