1. Introduction
  2. Skholar – Features
  3. Why Skholar?


Dear readers, we are pleased to announce that our e-learning platform for UPSC IAS Exam, Skholar.com has been made completely free.  All you’ve to do is to Register on Skholar website or download Skholar App and access complete UPSC Preparation Study Material for FREE.
What All Do You Get?

  1. 30 GS Tests (UPSC CSE Prelims 2020)
  2. 5 CSAT Tests  (UPSC CSE Prelims 2020)
  3. Prelims Notes: Environment, Polity, Economy, Geography, History, Science & Technology
  4. Daily Current Affairs Notes
  5. Kurukshetra, EPW, Yojana, RSTV, AIR

Yes, All Of This Is FREE. Read on to know in detail.

Skholar – Features

Skholar is one stop solution for the preparation of UPSC IAS/IPS exam with its following features:

Notes (Subject Specific)

  • This is an Exclusive feature of Skholar. Here You will get Study Notes created by Experts on various General Studies Topics like History, Geography, Polity, Environment, Economy and Science. These Study Notes would be a great source for not just Prelims but Main Exam preparation as well.

Daily Analysis of Current Affairs

  • Daily Newspaper Analysis – Daily Current Affairs Notes created by experts of all the relevant news topics of the day.
  • Daily Current Affairs Quiz – After Going through the Daily current Affairs Notes, Candidates can take the FREE Daily Current Affairs Quiz. This Quiz contains 5 questions based on the topics covered each day.
  • Analysis of Rajya Sabha TV & All India Radio (AIR) debates & Discussions – Skholar covers all the bases for Current Affairs preparation, so apart from newspaper, Analytical Notes of Rajya Sabha TV & AIR news bulletins and debates.


  • All the Important Monthly Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra and Economic and Political weekly (EPW) are also analysed every month and special study notes are published for you.


  • Along with all the above study notes, there is a special Downloads section on Skholar where you can download the PDFs of monthly current Affairs Capsules, Economic Survey 2019 Summary, Old Question Papers and more.

Extra Dose

  • The next interesting section on Skholar is Extra Dose. As the name suggests, you will get the Infographics, CSAT Quiz, Previous year Quiz, etc. that will give an extra edge to your preparation

Test Series

  • Skholar understands the importance of Practice along with Learning part of UPSC preparation. Therefore, you will also get the access to GS & CSAT Mock Tests, Free Monthly Test and more for practice during preparation.

So, What are you waiting for? Kick-start your UPSC 2020 preparation absolutely FREE now.

Why Skholar?

Online Preparation has been the trend over last few years among the UPSC Aspirants. Aspirants rely on various online platforms for their Study Notes of Current Affairs, General Studies and even optional subjects. Usually candidates have to search through and refer various websites to find Quality Content which is useful for UPSC preparation. Even when Candidates get the Right Study Material Online, they are usually required to purchase it at pretty high prices, making their UPSC Preparation quite Expensive.

That’s why quality content, detailed study notes for all General Studies Topics, Daily Analysis of Current Affairs from Newspapers and Popular monthly magazines, Prelims Mock Tests, Previous year question papers, Topper’s Interviews, CSAT Tips and Tricks, etc. are necessary for success in the UPSC Civil services IAS/IPS Exam. All of these and more is available on Skholar.com absolutely FREE (100%).