UPSC Clarifies: IAS Prelims NOT Postponed, but IF any Changes, they may announce in future. तो पढ़ाई पे ध्यान दो, अफवाहों पे नही

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update on May-04-2020: UPSC has announced through a scrolling banner on its website that:

  1. UPSC Civil Service Prelims exam, that was scheduled at 31/5/2020 stands deferred. (स्थगित)
  2. Decision on fresh date will be made available on 20th May 2020 after assessing the situation.

<remaining part of this article is based on old press release>

Today (15th April) UPSC held a special meeting and announced following to curb the speculation related to UPSC Civil Services IAS/IPS Prelims postponed in the times of Corona lockdown

Prelims-2020 not Postponed, YET

Q1. Will UPSC Prelims-2020 be postponed due to Corona Lockdown?

Ans. Today (15th April, 2020) UPSC announced prelims date unchanged 31st May 2020. However, if any changes, they’ll notify in future.

Pending Interviews of Last Round

Q2. What about pending interviews of candidates who had cleared IAS-Mains-2019 but due to Corona Lockdown UPSC had suspended the interview process?

Ans. UPSC will notify after 3rd May, 2020 when Phase-II of Corona Lockdown over.

Afterthoughts: Prelims Revision Strategy?

Refer to the revision chart:

UPSC prelims revision strategy during corona because prelims not postponed

If you are going to spend your time daydreaming and gossiping on whatsapp/telegram about whether the exam will be cancelled or not then you will lose the pressure and Momentum to finish the syllabus on time. Better use the available time wisely.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

4 Comments on “UPSC Clarifies: IAS Prelims NOT Postponed, but IF any Changes, they may announce in future. तो पढ़ाई पे ध्यान दो, अफवाहों पे नही”

  1. I am scoring around 65-75 in every mock. Not able to improve my score. Most of my weak sections include
    1. Indian/Physical Geography
    2. Environment and Ecology.
    3. National and International Organisations.
    4. Ancient and Medieval India

    All of them are in the ascending list of accuracy (lowest in Geog ).
    Can Anyone please suggest to quickly catch on 1st and 2nd asap.

    1. @Himanshu
      Just one word…..keep studing. At the end if u belive in urself then u will surely sail through

    2. Himanshu i would say try to analyze the pyq of upsc . that would be more helpful than solving some coaching’s mock

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