1. Prologue
  2. Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#2: Budget
  3. List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture
    1. Tax Evasion → Budget-2019 & 2020- Tax Payers’ Charter
    2. Revenue Expenditure related updates
    3. Budget  →  Capital Receipts  → Borrowing
  4. Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021


Step#1: Download Free Handout & Step#2: Attend the Free LIVE lecture

Tax Payers' Charter

  1. (Assumption) You’ve attended my full-length economy course anywhere in 2019.
  2. ?Download this PDF file containing Update Pack for Pillar#2: budget.
  3. No need to take printout immediately, considering the Corona Lockdown. For the same reason, I’ve not kept any blanks in it.
  4. ?Attend theFREE LIVE lecture HERE on 23rd May, Saturday, 9PM. It’s called ‘Unacademy special classes’, which means it’s basically free to attend for everyone.

List of Topics to be covered in Next FREE Lecture #5

As you’re aware, I cover the economy in six pillars.  This saturday lecture, we’ll see following topics

Tax Evasion → Budget-2019 & 2020, Tax Payers’ Charter

  • ???? Sabka Vishwas L.D.S Scheme 2019
  • ??? Vivad se Vishwas Scheme Budget-2020
  • ??? Tax Avoidance through Non-Resident Status
  • ? (Full) Budget-2019: Ease of paying taxes & reducing tax-terrorism
  • ???:? Document Identification Number (DIN: दस्तावेज़ पहचान संख्याक)
  • ?? Taxpayers’ Charter in ? Budget-2020 (करदाताओ का अधिकारपत्र)
  • ?? ES19: “Use Behavioural Economics to improve Tax Compliance”

Revenue Expenditure related updates

  • ?⏰(?⛽️) Budget  → Revenue Expenditure  → Subsidies
  • Subsidies in budget 2020
  • ?? ES19: Use ‘Behavioural economics (व्यवहार अर्थशास्त्र)’ to ↓ subsidy bill
  • ??‍♀‍✍??️‍♂‍National Recruitment Agency (NRA: राष्ट्रीय भर्ती एजेंसी)

Budget  →  Capital Receipts  → Borrowing

  • ???Full Budget-2019: Foreign Borrowing in Foreign Currency
  • ?? ♐️ ? Budget →  Capital Receipts → Disinvestment: विनिवेश
  • ??ES20 Vol1 Ch9 Privatization and Wealth Creation
  • ??? Budget  → Fiscal Deficit (राजकोषीय घाटा)
  • ?????? Extra-Budgetary Resources (बजटेतर संसाधन)
  • ?? ? Modi’s Fiscal Stimulus (2019-)
  • ? FRBM: Trigger Mechanism (to) Escape (Deficit control) Clause
  • ???? ? FRBM Act: 3 Documents  (दस्तावेज़)
  • ???⏬ Fiscal Consolidation (राजकोषीय एकत्रीकरण)

Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021

I’m also pleased to inform, my next batch for Economy for UPSC CSE-2021 is starting from June 2020 onwards, covering both Prelims and Mains topics of Economy.

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