[Download] Disha’s Annual Current Affairs Compilation 2020 for FREE!

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Mrunal New Economy Course for UPSC
  • Disha Publication is pleased to release the Current Affairs Compilation Roundup 2020
  • With the latest information & most authentic data reference material on current Affairs. It has specially been designed to cater to UPSC aspirants.
  • The Current Affairs Roundup 2020 consists of articles on issues concerning India and the world, special coverage on National Education policy, Joe Biden Presidency, Rafale, Covid19 Testing & Vaccine, Global Economic Outlook, Bills & Acts, Policies & Schemes, Conferences & Summits, SWOT Analysis – Indian Economic, Political & Social Climate, India/ world’s Emerging Trends, Game Changers & many more.
  •  The Current Affairs Roundup 2020 procures key information from the most credible sources from India as well as from abroad in a concise and easy-to-understand manner to help cover maximum material within a limited space.
  • The book is a ready reckoner which will prove to be cutting edge for the aspirants in cracking a competitive exam. Most of the information has been given in bulleted points wherever necessary to make the content easy to grasp.
  • The book has ample tabular charts, mind Maps, graphic illustrations which further makes the learning process flexible and interesting.

Download the Free Annual Current Affairs Compilation 2020 by DISHA!

  • 💾 📑 PDF Version click me
  • 💾 📲 Google Playstore E-book Version: click me

[Download] Disha's Annual Current Affairs Compilation 2020 for FREE!

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126 Comments on “[Download] Disha’s Annual Current Affairs Compilation 2020 for FREE!”

  1. Current affairs 2020

    1. I want pdf of cuurrent affairs2020plz give me

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  3. is it for 2021 ?

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      1. I want PDF of current affairs 2020.please give me

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  8. sir is 25 years upsc ias/ips book is applicable for state pcs also????

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  19. i want all important editorial content in one pdf form for upsc 2021

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  21. sir, please help me to give current affairs of last 1 yr ie 2020 to till now compilation

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