[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Aptitude, Maths, Reasoning, Data interpretation solved with explanation

Analysis Aptitude-Internal breakup Maths Profit Loss Basic numeracy/algebra Ratio Time-Speed-Distance-Work Geometry Data interpretation Reasoning Sequence-Series Coding decoding Logical Venn Diagram Clock-Calendar Non-Verbal Aptitude-Analysis Questions not too difficult. Still, if you couldn’t solve all 20 questions accurately, it means (1) [...]

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[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Space, IT related MCQs solved with explanation, reference

Analysis- Science MCQs in CAPF 2013 Physics internal breakup Optics related Electricity related Force/Motion Chemistry Botany related Sci-Tech Space related IT related Analysis- Science MCQs in CAPF 2013 Last year 16 questions, this year 20 questions out of 125. [...]

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[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Geography, Environment-Biodiversity(EnB) & Agriculture-MCQ solved with explanation, reference

Analysis: Geography/EnB/Agro Geography Indian Geography World Geography Physical Geography Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Panda and WWF Wallace Line Chipko Ozone Depletion Autotrophs Agro Coffee and Virgin soil Micronutrients Black Soil Analysis: Geography/EnB/Agro Geography Question wise, Geography received more or [...]

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