Geography Articles for UPSC General Studies (Mains) Paper 1

[Mains Answerkey] GS1-Geography-2013 (part 1/3): Analysis, booklist for Mains 2014, Contiental drift, Hot Deserts, Western Ghat Deltas sample answers with explaination

Prologue List of Questions asked Continuity of trend from 2011 & 2012 Was it Geography (Optional) friendly? How difficult was the Geography section in Mains 2013? Questions "came" from where? Which Geography Book to use for Mains 2014 Utility [...]

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[Mains Answerkey] GS1-Geography-2013 (part 2/3): Cyclone naming, Landslides in Western Ghats, Urban Heat Islands, Temperature inversion, sample answers with explaination

GS Mains Geography Answerkey Part 2 of 3 [Disaster1]: Cyclone naming: how? [Disaster2] Landslides less in Western Ghat (5m) [Climate1] Urban Heat Island (5m) [Climate2] Temperature inversion GS Mains Geography Answerkey Part 2 of 3 We are solving the [...]

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[Mains Answerkey] GS1-Geography-2013 (part 3/3): Shale Gas policy, Atomic raw material, Sugar mills, textile decentralization, sample answers with explaination for Resource distribution & location of industries

GSM-1 Geography Answerkey Part 3 of 3 [Energy 1] Shale Gas: Why not priority? (10m) [Energy 2] Atomic Energy (10m) [Location factors 1] Sugar mills southwards (5m) [Location factor 2] Textile Mills Decentralization (5m) Answer #1: Decentralized in terms [...]

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[Answerkey]CDS(II)2013:Geography, agriculture, Environment-Biodiversity MCQs- analysis & answers with explanations

Prologue Geography: CDS vs CSAT and CAPF of 2013 year Geography: CDS(I) vs (II) 2013 Geography: CDS(II)2013 paper itself Geography: Topicwise Breakup Physical Geography answers Indian Geography answers World Geography Answers Geography: Agriculture/soil answers Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Prologue [...]

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[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Geography, Environment-Biodiversity(EnB) & Agriculture-MCQ solved with explanation, reference

Analysis: Geography/EnB/Agro Geography Indian Geography World Geography Physical Geography Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Panda and WWF Wallace Line Chipko Ozone Depletion Autotrophs Agro Coffee and Virgin soil Micronutrients Black Soil Analysis: Geography/EnB/Agro Geography Question wise, Geography received more or [...]

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[Location factors] Petroleum Refineries near oil-well & at Ports & Synthetic Fibres Industry

Petroleum Refineries: Location @raw material site: Disadvantages Refineries @ port locations Reliance Jamnagar Refinery: Location Factors Refineries @Market Location: Advantages Synthetic fibers In the previous article, we saw the geographical factors responsible for the location of Copper smelting industry. [...]

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[Location Factors] Zinc, Lead, Copper Refining Industries, Why Acid industries located in vicinity

Copper Refining Copper: Foreign location Copper Refining: Indian Locations Hindalco (Aditya Birla group) Sterlite Industry Acid Industry India Copper Industry: Challenges Lead & Zinc Industry In the previous article, we saw the geographical factors responsible for the location of [...]

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