[Science] Injectable Contraceptive, 3 Parent Baby, Twins, Clones, Types of Sexual and Asexual Reproductions in Plants and Animals

Prologue Reproduction: Two Types Asexual reproduction: Subtypes Sexual reproduction in plants Pollinating Agents: Two Types Pollination: Two types Fruits: Types of Sexual reproduction in Animals Family planning Methods Classification Current Affairs: Injectable contraceptives Current Affairs: Three Parent Baby Twin [...]

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[Revision] Agriculture Chemistry: Mineral Nutrition, Plant Growth Regulators, Ethylene, Hydroponics, Photoperiodism, Vernalisation

Prologue Plant growth regulators (PGRs) Auxins Gibberellins (GA) Cytokinins Ethylene Ethephon Abscisic acid (ABA) Essential elements Macronutrients vs Micronutrients Chlorosis vs Necrosis Nitrogen Misc. Terms PHOTOPERIODISM VERNALISATION Biennial Plants Plasticity Hydroponics Possible MCQs Prologue To provide level playing field [...]

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[Revision] Chemistry Part-2: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid, Liquid, Surface tension, Viscosity, Gas Laws, Periodic Table

Prologue Metals vs. Non-metals vs. Metalloid Liquids: Properties Liquids: Vapour Pressure Liquid: Surface Tension Liquids: Viscosity & Laminar flow Gas: Properties Gas Laws Ideal Gas vs. Real gas Periodic Table Mendeleev’s table: Characteristics Block elements Cation vs Anion Possible [...]

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[Sci-Tech] TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov:(Part 1 of 4) Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)-Jellyblooms,e-waste rules,SAFAR tech

Prologue Flora Fauna Wildlife related Jellyfish bloom Cyber poaching  Tiger Census Giant African Snail Hibernation Great Indian Bustard Katurirangan report on western ghat Human Cruelty by Animals? Waste Management related #1: E-waste rules #2: Nisrgruna #3: Coriander as biosorbent  [...]

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[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part2 of 4): Healthcare, Construction, Textile, Electronics, Plasma, Nano

Prologue Healthcare/Drug/Medical related Good Lab practices (GLP) DPRP E-psychiatrist or virtual psychiatrist Health & Physical fitness monitor Blood Chemistry Analyser & Compact Portable Mobile Lab Bacteriorhodipsin Electro-Active Sensor Fabrics Biosensors Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph AYURVEDA BIOLOGY Synriam Lab instruments [...]

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[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part3 of 4): SC/ST welfare, Women, HRD, States Cooperation, PPP collaborations

Prologue Sci-tech for Socio-Economic Development Tribal Development Schedule caste development Women and Science Empowering Desi Manpower INSPIRE FELLOWSHIPs Misc. Cooperation with desi States PPP/funding/collaboration with private Players Prologue I’m running the Summary of Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s [...]

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