[Food Processing] Supply Chain Management, Upstream Downstream requirements for Fruit & Vegetables, Confectionery industries

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Prologue What is supply chain management? What is upstream-downstream? What is Forward-Backward Integration? Vertical integration Food Industry: Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Business: Optimized Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Upstream FHEL’s Apple Downstream Fruit Veggies Processing (F&V) Fruit-Veggies SCM: Upstream Requirements #1: Need New Varieties #2: Need more Cold Storages #3: Transport Horticulture trains Kisan Vision Project Fruit and Veggies SCM: Downstream … Read More


[Food Processing] Export, Dumping, FDI, Finance, Taxation, Budget Provisions, CODEX, NWR, BRGF, RKVY

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Prologue Agriculture Export Tariff Barrier Dumping Non-Tariff Barrier CODEX standards HACCP FDI: Agro, Food Processing, Retail FDI: Agriculture FDI: Food processing FDI: Retail FDI: Multibrand Retail Difference In Single Vs Multibrand Retail? The Diluted Conditions Finance Why can’t Farmer get loans easily? Negotiable Warehousing Receipts (NWR) WDRA Benefits of NWR receipts Why can’t food entrepreneurs get loans easily? Permission-raj Taxation … Read More


[Food Processing] Nuisance of APMC Acts, Commission Agents; Marketing of agricultural produce: issues and constrains for GS Mains

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Prologue APMC Acts: What and Why? Old APMC Acts: Problems? License raj=Lootera-raj Hoarding APMC Definition vs MSP Model APMC Act Model APMC Act: Salient Features Model APMC Act: Limitations/Problems Additional suggestions to reform APMC Contract farming Below APMC-Mandi market Direct Sale / Cooperative markets Rythu Bazar Virtual Markets ITC e-Choupal Single Food Regulator Problem with overlapping laws FSSAI Act 2006: … Read More


[Food Processing] Mega Food parks, Agri-Export Zones(AEZ), Cold Chains and truckload of government schemes

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Problems with government schemes 12th FYP: food processing Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) Vision 2015 Food processing National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) #1: Mega Food Parks: Hub and Spoke Model Location Factors: Bhagalpur and Chittor Benefits of Each Mega Food park #2: Cold Chain infra #3: Abattoir modernization MoFPI: Misc. Schemes National Policy on Handling and Storage of … Read More


[Food Processing] Introduction, Scope, Significance, Awesomeness (hardly), Obstacles (truckload of) for GS Mains

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Prologue Indian food processing industry: Significance Increasing Employment Curbing Migration Curbing Food Inflation Crop-diversification Scope/Potential Abundant Raw Material Geographical advantages New Demand Government Initiatives Obstacles to food processing? Economies of scale Lack of organized retail Lack of Food testing facilities Lack of Skilled Manpower Lack of R&D Transport problems Export Problems Prologue In the new Mains syllabus, UPSC has included: … Read More