[Food Processing] Poultry, Meat, Supply Chain, Upstream, Downstream, Avian influenza, government schemes

Prologue Poultry: Scope/significance Locations- Poultry Business Poultry Supply chain & Backward Integration Poultry@Upstream Maize (Poultry-Feed) Avian Influenza Contract Farming @Processing @Downstream Poultry Hygiene Taxation and Smuggling Export Demand Govt. schemes for poultry #1: Poultry Development Scheme #2: Poultry Venture [...]

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[Food Processing] Fisheries: Freshwater, Aquaculture, Shrimpfarming: supply chain, upstream, downstream, Marine Policy, Fisherman Welfare Scheme

Prologue Fisheries: Scope/significance EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone Fish Supply chain Saltwater@Upstream Freshwater@Upstream Aquaculture@upstream Shrimp-farming@Upstream @Processing @Downstream Government Policies/Schemes Comprehensive Marine Fishing Policy, 2004 National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB)   Government Schemes Fishermen Welfare Scheme International Support State governments Mock [...]

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[Food Processing] Milk Dairy Sector, Supply Chain, upstream downstream issues, Amul Model, Operation Flood

Prologue Scope-Significance of Dairy Sector Location: Dairy cooperatives Milk Supply Chain: Upstream Issues Low productivity of milch animals #1: Veterinary problems #2: Breeding issues #3: Fodder problems Azolla fern Milk Quality Milk Supply Chain: Processing Issues Regional imbalance Anand/Amul [...]

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[Food Processing] Supply Chain Management, Upstream Downstream requirements for Fruit & Vegetables, Confectionery industries

Prologue What is supply chain management? What is upstream-downstream? What is Forward-Backward Integration? Vertical integration Food Industry: Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Business: Optimized Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Upstream FHEL’s Apple Downstream Fruit Veggies Processing (F&V) Fruit-Veggies SCM: Upstream Requirements [...]

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[Food Processing] Export, Dumping, FDI, Finance, Taxation, Budget Provisions, CODEX, NWR, BRGF, RKVY

Prologue Agriculture Export Tariff Barrier Dumping Non-Tariff Barrier CODEX standards HACCP FDI: Agro, Food Processing, Retail FDI: Agriculture FDI: Food processing FDI: Retail FDI: Multibrand Retail Difference In Single Vs Multibrand Retail? The Diluted Conditions Finance Why can’t Farmer [...]

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[Food Processing] Nuisance of APMC Acts, Commission Agents; Marketing of agricultural produce: issues and constrains for GS Mains

Prologue APMC Acts: What and Why? Old APMC Acts: Problems? License raj=Lootera-raj Hoarding APMC Definition vs MSP Model APMC Act Model APMC Act: Salient Features Model APMC Act: Limitations/Problems Additional suggestions to reform APMC Contract farming Below APMC-Mandi market [...]

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[Food Processing] Mega Food parks, Agri-Export Zones(AEZ), Cold Chains and truckload of government schemes

Problems with government schemes 12th FYP: food processing Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) Vision 2015 Food processing National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) #1: Mega Food Parks: Hub and Spoke Model Location Factors: Bhagalpur and Chittor Benefits of [...]

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[Food Processing] Introduction, Scope, Significance, Awesomeness (hardly), Obstacles (truckload of) for GS Mains

Prologue Indian food processing industry: Significance Increasing Employment Curbing Migration Curbing Food Inflation Crop-diversification Scope/Potential Abundant Raw Material Geographical advantages New Demand Government Initiatives Obstacles to food processing? Economies of scale Lack of organized retail Lack of Food testing [...]

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