[Analysis] UPSC Mains-2014 GS4 Ethics Paper has recurring themes in Case Studies, Nothing crazy in Theory +Free [DL] Topicwise (2013-17)

UPSC Mains-2017: Question Paper GS4 (Linear Format) Recurring themes in case studies Theory: Pingpong repetition continues Atleast Nothing crazy Asked Theory vs Case Studies Ratio in GS4-2017 Length of the GS4 Paper in 2017 Topicwise Ethics Papers since Syllabus [...]

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[Analysis] UPSC Mains-2017 GS Paper2 is least complex so far, 80% Qs solvable from routine sources, Plus FREE [DL] Topicwise Compilation of Last 5 YRS’ GS2 papers

UPSC Mains GS2 Paper-2017 (Linear Format) Answer sources for GSM2-2017 Least complex* among all GSM2 papers so far Court Judgements Human development International bodies and initiatives But "Easy" questions make it a Tough paper: Length of GSM2 paper: write [...]

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[Analysis] UPSC Mains-2017 GSM1: Lengthy Paper, Less Variety, 90% Qs from routine prep. sources PLUS Download last 5 years’ Topicwise Questionpapers

Instructions Questions (Linear Format) Answer Sources & Lord’s divination UPSC's Indecisiveness about word length continues Intellectual bankruptcy gets severe like NPA in PSBs #1: No respect for syllabus #2: Repeating themes within a given GS paper #3: Repeating of [...]

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[Download] UPSC Mains-2017: Essay Paper including Topicwise Last 25 years’ Papers (1993-2017)

Instructions Section-A: 125 Marks Section-B: 125 Marks Analysis of Essay-2017 Paper Essay-list: Topic wise last 25 years (1993-2017) 1) India: Democracy, administration, Society, culture 2) Economy, Development 3) Education 4) Quote based, Philosophy, Ethics 5) Women empowerment 6) International [...]

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