[Statistics 4GS] Finding Maximum age among youngest 30% of brides, Cumulative Frequency KPSC Exam Q

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Concept/Principle Scale on X-axis Scale on Y-axis Finding 30% brides Practice questions In a marriage hall 120 marriages were held in a particular year. The age distribution is as shown below Determine the maximum age among youngest 30% of brides. Age No. of Brides 18-20 12 20-22 30 22-23 30 23-24 22 24-26 18 26-28 8 Concept/Principle Original question: Determine … Read More


[Statistics 4GS] Scatter-plot Graph Question from GS (Mains) 2012: Solution, Explanation, Sample Graph

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This was asked in General Studies (Mains) 2012, Paper II of UPSC Civil Service Exam Scale on Y axis Scale on X axis Correlation between two variables? More work=More errors? The following table gives the number of mistakes made by 16 data entry clerks who enter medical data from case report forms. The column Entered indicates the number of values … Read More


[Statistics for GS] Continuous Data Series: Find Standard Deviation, MD,QD,Median and Mode (Youtube Videos)

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Continuous Data : Find Mean (Average) Continuous Data: Find Median Continuous Data: Find Mode Continuous Data Find Quartile Deviation (QD) Continuous Data Series Find Mean Deviation (MD) Continuous Data Find Standard Deviation Ready Reference Chart Statistics Video Series Continuous Data : Find Mean (Average) This video explains, how to find mean- both via 1. Manual calculation through formula and 2. … Read More