[Tech] Shifting from Google Reader to Feedly, How to keep track Hindu & Other sites important for UPSC

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yes the answer key, analysis of CSAT 2013 will be uploaded, Work in process. Coming to the topic of this article: reading Hindu online, keeping track of other important websites and shifting from google reader to feedly. How to get TheHindu Why RSS feeds? Shifting from Google reader to feedly Installing Feedly Fine-tuning feedly for Competitive exams Organizing feeds Diplomacy … Read More


[Tech] Using Microsoft Onenote to organize your study-notes: Image to text, Audio notes and more

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To those readers who’ve Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 installed in their computer. Why Microsoft Onenote? Step 1: Creating a new notebook Step 2: Basics (Sections and Pages) Step 3: Audio-notes for working Professionals Step 4: OCR (Image to Text) Why Microsoft Onenote? Microsoft Office comes with a program called Microsoft Onenote, that provides very convenient way to organize notes. In MS … Read More


[Tech] How to read The Hindu Online, Efficiently via Google Reader

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UPDATE: May-27-2013: Since Google decided to shutdown google reader from 1st July, This article has become obsolete. Please click me to read the new technique/trick on how to use feedly instead of Google reader. How to read Hindu Online, Efficiently? Ans. Well, one way is their E-paper edition (http://epaper.thehindu.com/ ). Problem: costs money doesn’t work well on low speed internets. Not … Read More


[Tech] Mrunal’s Auto NoteMaker for The Hindu & PDF files: Grab Data by Mouse, Make Notes without typing!

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Imagine that you’re reading a newspaper or book. All you’ve to do is just keep highlighting important lines and phrases, and someone automatically copies them and prepares a separate note for you, in other words an Auto Notemaker! Convenient, time saver, miraculous. And yes, it is possible-  as long as you’re reading anything on computer- webpages or PDF files (on … Read More


[Strategy] How to prepare Current Affairs from Newspapers in Less than one hour for UPSC IAS IPS CSAT Exam

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This article is in response to many panic mails that I receive, “help! It takes more than 4 hours just to read The Hindu.” Why is it important to read the newspaper? Can’t I just use Chronicle, Civil Service Times or Pratiyogita Darpan? What are profile-based interview questions? Location-based questions Academic background based questions. Hobby Firefighting Which newspapers should I read … Read More


[Study-plan] India and World, International Relations for GS (Mains) Paper 2, Essay and Interview along with Free Study Material

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Why should I prepare International Affairs? Step 1: Gather the material Step 2: Prepare the Mental Framework Based on Location Based on Phases Dynamic portion: Two parts How to approach the Dynamic portion? Supplimentary Reading Appendix: Official Syllabus 1. India and the World : 2. India’s Economic Interaction with the World : 3. International Affairs and Institutions: Why should I … Read More


[Strategy] Five Rules: How to prepare for UPSC without leaving job?

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Rule #2: You’ve to stop feeling guilty about it Rule #3: You’ve to study in minutes, not in hours Rule #4: “Net-surfing” doesn’t equal to “studying” Rule #5: You’ve to do “follow up” instantly Rule #1: Rule #2: You’ve to stop feeling guilty about it When you think of the word ‘study’, you think of an “activity of reading books … Read More


[Strategy] 100 Days to go before CSAT, Where are you?

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this is an old article: new article with more details= given on separate page, click me Preparation Status:Reality Check The 100 Days Strategy Plausible Strategy Quantifiable Strategy REACHING THE PRIME THE FLOODS of readymade Material THE CLAIMS AND ADVERTISEMENTS REAL NIGHTMARE: Not YET To those who’ve never cleared prelims before, This post is not to scare you but to shake … Read More


[Never-ending GS Syllabus] and your chances of success in civil service exam

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Written for those who feel stressed about General studies and their chances of success in civil service exam, We’ve 5 category of players for each topic- Let us take a topic for example: Geography: earthquake, tsunami and volcano. JBPS no0b guy /Lord Curzon: He doesn’t know the difference between earthquake, tsunami and volcano. He filled the application form just because … Read More