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  1. Readymade books for APFC exam
  2. Cost Factor
  3. Paper 1 General English
  4. Paper 2 General Studies
  5. Two rules to crack this exam

Important Updates:

19 September
Accountancy Study Material Added: CLICK ME
11 August

  1. For Videos containing explaination of Aptitude questions of earlier APFC exams: Click ME
  2. The Previous Years’ Question papers of APFC exam are uploaded in a separate article, click me to download them.
  3. I’ve archived all the important articles related to APFC exam, on this link: www.mrunal.org/apfc

Question from a Visitor

Could you please tell me what should I study for the post of Assistant Commissioner of Employee provident fund I have checked the syllabus but if you could tell me what should I study(I mean reference books etc.).

Readymade books for APFC exam

  • Exams like APFC are not taken at regular interval, so whenever such exam comes, some bogus moneyminded publication houses, just copy paste few paragraphs and pages related to the syllabus topics, from other books and publish a Guidebook for APFC exam, containing 300 pages!
  • After 1 month, These people will just change the book cover release the same content for Sales Tax inspector’s exam! Therefore such bogus quality readymade books or study material does not serve much purpose.
  • Reason: Many candidates also prepare simultaneously for UPSC, State PSC, Banks, SSC and similar jobs therefore competitive level is always very high. You need to have your basic concepts clear and foundations strong. Don’t try to look for shortcuts using such readymade books. (Same Advice for RBI officer, LIC AAO and other similar exams.)

Cost Factor

The General Studies Manual (TMH, Unique, Spectrum)  are quite expensive. They’re written for UPSC exam hence very thick and heavy. But the entire manual is not relevant for APFC exam, you’ve to do selective study of only a few topics. So better just borrow it from some friend or try to get an old copy.

Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) comprises the following major topics/ broad areas.
The medium of the test will be both English and Hindi.

Paper 1 General English

The questions in General English component of the test will be designed to evaluate candidate’s understanding of English language and workman-like use of the words.

Please go through the separate article on ( how to prepare English for APFC exam. Click Me)

Paper 2 General Studies

Note: whenever I mention NCERT, know that it is legally downloaded for free, in Hindi or English from the official website of NCERT (http://www.ncert.nic.in/ )
Now talking about specific topics under Assistant Provident Fund manager’s exam.
Flipkart.com buy books for IAS,IBPS,CAT,CMAT with discount!

Current Events
  1. Download this package to prepare current affairs since Jan’11. http://mrunal.org/studymaterial/current-affairs-package-2012
  2. From now, ask your newspaperman to throw either Read The Hindu or Indian Express.
Indian Culture  Heritage
  1. NCERT class 7 to 12 (History books), class 11/12 books on Art n Culture.
  2. (optional) History portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual– read stuff related to art, painting, dance, music from Ancient, medieval and modern era.
Freedom Movements
  1. NCERT class 7 to 12 for History.
  2. History portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual.

Note: Syllabus clearly says “Freedom movement” so read only Post-1857 period, no need to read Ancient (Harappa) or Medival (Mughals).
+ do all the mock tests given at the end of General Studies Manual.

PopulationDon’t know, what exactly this means! May be Human Geography class 11/12 book of NCERT could help.
Development and GlobalizationSee if there are some pdf files on www.egyankosh.ac.in (you’ll need to register there to download files, but it is free.)
Governance and Constitution of IndiaThe best book ever written: relevant for all exams
Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth (TMH Publication)
Thorough revision for 5-7 times.
Do all mock questions given at the end of his book.
Present Trends in Indian Economy

You may also use
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Tata Macgrawhill Publication). Out of all the books on economy, that’re in market right now, this one is the best in my opinion. It gives comprehensive coverage of all the important topics of Indian Economy from exam point of view- without getting into numbers and dates. Whether you’re preparing for UPSC, State PSC or Bank/MBA interviews, it’ll be of great help to you.

NOT Recommended Books: Mishra Puri, Dutt Sundaram, Uma Kapila. Because they’re written from academic point of view, we only need some basic and essential concepts from “Exam point of view”. Similarly I donot recommend Pratiyogita Darpan’s “Special” book on Indian Economy for its obsession with numbers and other trivial information.

Accountancy and AuditingUse National Open School (NOS) material: Click MEYou can use NCERT books. I think class 11/12 has these subjects.OR search www.egyankosh.ac.in  (may be in BA/MA Economics section)
Or if they’re asking deep questions, you may use Unique Publication’s book on “Commerce” optional subject for UPSC. It has elaborate chapters on Audit and Account. 
Industrial Relations & Labour LawsSearch www.egyankosh.ac.in
InsuranceOR search www.egyankosh.ac.in
Basic Knowledge of Computer ApplicationsIf you’re comfortable with computers, then I don’t think any special preparation is required.
Else use NCERT’s books on Computer (may be class 10,11,12)
or may be
Pdf files from www.egyankosh.ac.in for any certificate courses on computer.
General ScienceNCERT class 7 to 10 (Freely downloaded from official site)
(for additional grip) Science portion from Tata Macgrawhill General Studies Manual.
GeographyNCERT Class 7 to 10 (Social Science) + Class 11-12 (Geography) should be more than sufficient. And then you may solve the MCQs given in the
(for additional grip) GS Manual.
Elementary Maths & StatisticsMany people appear for IBPS and SSC have really good grip over aptitude portion. They’ll also appear for Asst. Provident fund. Hence competition becomes really tough. One should be thoroughly prepared for maths and aptitude topic.

  1. Mrunal’s articles on Aptitude (Free) to get the basic concepts clear.

The standard reference books for aptitude would be (relevant for any exam starting from Bank Clerk to CAT)

  1. Quantam CAT by Sarvesh Kumar
  2. RS Agarwal’s Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning.

However, if you don’t have so much time to go through both of above books, may be you can use IBPS Manual of Disha Expert , it covers all aptitude topics in brief with enough mock-questions.

General Mental AbilitiesSame as above.

There are only two rules to crack this exam

  1. For Non-aptitude (history, polity etc) Revise – revise – revise
  2. For aptitude (math,logical reasoning) practice- practice-practice.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Bipin Chandra: Post Independence
  5. Spectrum Geography (selective) (Hindi | English)
  6. Fast-track to Arithmetic Rajesh Verma
  7. MK Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning
  8. Disha’s Topicwise Paperset (Hindi | English)
  9. Oxford School Atlas with Census 2011
  10. Mains: Language papers
  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Arihant

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    1. Hemant Kumar

      its safe score dont worry.

      1. ARUN PASSI

        but kuch log to kah rahe hai ki cutoff 70+ tak jaiyegi kyonki paper kafi easy tha……….wht do u think about that?

        1. Hemant Kumar

          dont worry abt others, upsc paper is never easy so just prepare for interview.

          1. ARUN PASSI

            r u sure?????????? did u appeared in this exam??? if yes whats ur tatal score after negative marking??? i m very serious about this post……….

  2. Amar

    The cutoff for OBC, SC will further do down because the number of seats in ACIO exam for OBC, SC were far more than APFC…nearly 10 times…

    But General seats were only 80 as compared to 130 in APFC…so most of the General candidates must have prepared for APFC bcos chances+scale are both more at APFC…

    What do you say Mrunal…



  4. gary

    my question is what will be the cut off percentage or mark for applicants belong to sc n st??? urr comment wl be highly appreciated

    1. Hemant Kumar

      45 – 50 sc/st, 55 – 60 obc/general

  5. Rahul

    Can anyone tell what to prepare for interview of APFC?

  6. Rahul

    how to prepare for interview?

  7. Dasmallick

    My score may be 50 to 52. As a Sc candidate Shall I hope for facing interview.

  8. kapil malik

    hi all and a special hi to mrunal ….

    sir you r doing a great job…… and i wish, i had you when i used to prepare…

    i gave APFC without any preparations, and it was some 5 yrs back that i wrote in any exam….

    my stats for the exams are as follows

    category GEN __________
    ATTEMPTED : 91_________ CORRECT : 76________ MISTAKES : 15_______REVISED SCORE : 71

    WHAT R the chances and if there are chances then … how to prepare for interview…

    regards ALL

  9. Roland

    kudos to you all

  10. Roland

    kudos to you

  11. catapult


    My score is 55 and am OBC will i bee called for interview? Please reply.

  12. Biky

    Hi guys, why are you shouting each other? UPSC know what’ll be the cut off for it. Dude, relax your mind and think for other entrance. God bless you guys.

  13. Krishna

    Hi Friends,
    I attempted 97 in total. 68 are correct as per Mrunal’s key… 8 are debatable. So I didn’t count them in the correct ones. I think I will be getting around 65 in total after deduction of negatives. Myself is an OBC from AP working in Software Industry with a handsome package.Aspiring to become an honest bureaucrat. Am hopeful of getting an interview call. Lets see what Destiny has in store for me.

  14. Krishna

    @ suman,

    Hello Suman,
    By the way, where do u stay? Your friends… means R they the ones receiving coaching in Delhi? Which key did they tally with? Is it Mrunal’s or some other? Thanks… Krishna

    1. Suman

      Myself is a PGT(Math) in Raj State. My friends are in various jobs. One is Income Tax Inspr, Two in Central Excise Deptt. One is preparing for CSE-12 mains, Other Two are unemployed & preparing for exams. Nobody has coaching from Delhi/elsewhere. They are from Gen, OBC & ST categories. I am OBC and my net score is 70(considering the debatables are nullified e.g. 8, correct 2 wrong 6) as per the key provided by Mrunal. We have discussed the scores. The fellow has 71 who is preparing for CSE this year and from Gen category, the IT inspr has net score of 56 (obc), C.Ex inspr has 46 and 62, they are from Gen and obc category, respectively. My other friends has 44 (st) and 69 (gen).

      1. Suman

        I have attended 93. My correct responses are 74, Wrong 12 and debatable 7 (as per mrunal’s key). My score is 74-4=70 (If 2 are correct out of 7 then it will nullify the negatives). I dont want to discuss more than this. Thanks are regards.

        1. newbie

          can you pls throw some light on apfc and epfo exams …..

          saw that u were working in software company….

          all des days i thought that these posts are for commerce students…

          pls tell me what are des posts exactly ….

          are btech students eligible for this exam ?

  15. dhanalakshmi

    after negative my score 60+ i belong to p.h.reserved category…will i get an interview call….when de results will bi announced? and how to prepare 4 interview ?

  16. dhanalakshmi

    plz reply mi…at de earliest…how to prepare 4 interview sir???when shall v expect de results??can u post previously asked interview questions?? or the areas to be focused 4 interview preparation?? kindly reply sir.

  17. Armaan

    question no. 10 in economy section
    uska answer C hai ( High rate of capital formation and High rate of growth of population) ye question IAS me 1993 me aaya tha

  18. Armaan

    economy section main causes of slow rate of growth of per capita income INDIA
    uska answer C hai ( High rate of capital formation and High rate of growth of population) ye question IAS me 1993 me aaya tha

  19. kailas

    I m out of race apfc,Only 56 open .

    clean bold.

    Best luck guys .

  20. B. Ramesh

    Sir, I have one doubt. Irrespective of cutoff, I think UPSC will call for interview the top 750 to 800 candidates. Other eventhough within the cutoff range, I don’t think they will get a chance for interview. Am I right.

  21. Rohan

    Please stop all. UPSC is a tough destiny. they know what will and can be the further cutoffs. i have seen instances where people bogging i get this and iam getting this much disappear. lets wait and watch and pray for all. jisko jyada zaroorat he pehle bhagwaan use job de.

  22. sk

    These are all UPSC aspirant inflating merit highly & telling 10 marks more than actual.But I will request them not to discourage general competition aspirant.They dont believe in any key.Let them brag.I can surely say that merit will be 65,61,55
    for UR OBC SC/ST respectively.Paper covered all section of GS.Nobody can be master of GS.

  23. anuj

    I am getting 56 in apfc exam in SC category what are my chances PLz PLz Plz guide me

  24. Kalyani

    Can some one tell , what was cut off list for last year Assitant Commisioner of Provident fund exam

  25. Preeti singh

    wait for upsc result………n plz aap sbhi jinhone bhi apni scoring mention ki hai after rslt declaration apna rspnc jarur dijiyega….god bless u all

  26. Rasmi Ranjan Sethy

    Hi Friends, when the result of the APFC exam is going to be published and the cut off marks for different categories respectively

  27. Rasmi Ranjan Sethy

    Hi Friends,
    the cut off marks for different categories respectively

  28. varsha

    friends result is out pls visit upsc.gov.in

  29. varsha

    sorry sorry its CAPF i thought APFC

    1. Endeavour

      APFC aur CAPF mein kuch to difference samajhiye Ma’am

  30. shalini

    my score is 77 and what are my chances????

    1. Bhupender Singh

      u wl definitely get interview call..Best of luck

  31. Ashish

    Updation chal rha hai,

    1. Akansha

      how do you know updation chal raha hai?

  32. Ashish

    I rly cant say dis. Bas chal rha hai.

  33. Dhiren

    When are the results expected??

  34. gyan

    i am st candidate i score 40 .what the chance?

  35. gyan

    i am score 40 only .what the chace?i am a st candidate

  36. sharad

    any update guys and gals abt the result

  37. baibhav

    sir i cant get the result of apfc exam 2012 result on upsc site where can i get it.

    1. prasadkotte

      Dear baibhav, let’s wait for a while….

      1. PRABHAT

        Result of Examination for post of Assistant P. F. Commissioner has not been declared by the UPSC

  38. mindo

    this blog is one of the best, authentic bloggers and meaning discussions.
    nway i have been waiting for this (APFC) result for ages. i have appeared for upsc mains and statepsc mains but i guess my first attempts were pathetic at the best. hope i get through this exam n i hope i meet u guys. best of luck to u all. jai hind

  39. Olga

    Good way of explaining, and nice article to obtain information regarding my presentation subject, which i am going to present
    in school.

  40. Gourav

    Has the result for the written of APFC has been declared ?


    These posts of EPFO require only graduation in any subject

  42. M Sreelatha

    When can we expect the next notification for this post?

  43. ASHISH

    Will going through the TATA MACGRAW HIll IAS pre paper 1 book be complete styudy for the exam sir…?

  44. Rahul Pratap Singh

    Hi SIr..A small Query…

    only Experience in labour related industry can be shown in experience section in EPFO APFC form? Or anyone having Pvt/Gov work experience in any field / sphere can show in experience section?

    2. Work experience must be shown in given format in advt or we can produce our experience letters already issued by previous employer?

    Pl clarify…Seniors ..


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