[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Approach to Science-Tech, Public Health, Agro (Part 5 of 6)

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  1. Background
  2. MCQ/2m
  3. Organizations
  4. Policies / laws
  5. Schemes
  6. Topics/Overview


  1. How to approach Science-Tech (S&T) and Public Health for general studies (prelims, mains) has been explained in separate article. (Click me)
  2. For specific articles various topics of [S&T] you can visit http://www.mrunal.org/snt
  3. Following list contains the essential topics to be studied from India 2013 (aka India yearbook(IYB) 


473GARUDA: weeder for rice
473CIRCORD mini card
16461definition of MMR
16465names of vector borne diseases 2nd para (+pg 479)
16465list of diseases due to iodine deficiency (2nd  last para)
16480RISUG Male contraceptive
25851Atomie minerals survey exploration (locations)
258493 stage nuke power program
25835INSPIRE program
25859flue gas, NISRGA RUNA
25869ANUPAM supercomputer


472Indian Council of Agri.Research (ICAR)
16455Health Ministry: function and dept. under it
16472councils of medical, Pharma, dental, nursing
16473Indian Council of medical research ICMR +its inititaves on pg 478
16474Ayush dept + its subordinate offices in 475+ 2nd para on 477
25852UCIL functions
25836TIFAC council functions
25837Technology Development board function
25845CSIR + its initiatives upto pg 848
25849Department  of Atomic energy str function

Policies / laws

25833New Sci-Tech policy + sci-tech infrastructure
25925DNA profiling bill (already discussed in my article click ME)


463National Food security mission
463Bamboo Mission
464Kisan credit card
472National resource management
473post harvest value addition
474livestock  improvement
475agricultural extension
467National Horticulture mission
468watershed development for rainfed areas
468cold storage, drought mgmt
471National dairy plan
27959Accelerated irrigation benefit program
27961command area Development CAD
16455National rural health Mission NRHM(+other programs under NRHM, under pg 465)
16457National urban health Mission
16459family planning schemes
16461Janani Suraksha Yojana + Shishu Yojana
16461Navjat Shishu Suraksha Karyakram
16462universal immunisation programme
16462-63polio immunisation + steps taken
16466National mental health programme
16467National tobacco control program
16469Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana
16471whistleblower (spurious drugs)
16482National AIDS control programme
16469annual health survey carried by RGI
16471National list of essential medicines
25835women scientist scheme
25840science-tech popularization + vigyan prasar


23779planning : sci.tech
25854fuel reprocessing
25854nuke waste  Management
25853nuclear fuel fabrication
25850nuke power program stage I + ongoing and new projects (mcq)
25856-58Nuke power program: stage 2 and 3
23779planning : sci.tech
25841Survey of India
25858nuke safety
25860-67applications of Radiation in agriculture, medicine etc.
25867-69beam, pulse, plasma, water  Management etc
25879-884space program overview (+ whatever MCQ/2m)
25887cryosphere research
25902-25biotech and associated topics. (mostly for shortnotes in mains)
25925DNA profiling bill

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