Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)

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Majid Hussain

Question from a reader

It is mentioned in the advertisement for Civil Services that a candidate has to be fit as mentioned in “Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary” .I have tried a lot but I have not been able to find this Appendix III .If you could kindly give a try to locate this information and put it in your site, I think it will help all the candidates.


here is the scanned copy of the pages dealing with physical standard, medical checkup etc. for UPSC Civil Service Exam, from Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary.

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340 Comments on “Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)”


  2. what is the rule of upsc that a person who is suffering from piles at the time of medical is not eligible for it or those who have suffered earlier is also not eligible

  3. Is a student who is suffering from piles is elegible for IAS

    1. hi iam ramesh i had kidney transplant 2yrs ago so iam fit know i selecte for as a teacher inn govt so i have medical tests i can eligible for it

    2. people with piles cant sit so how cn de sit in exam..sir…so plz dont waste ur money…instead visit ur nearest doctor.

  4. Sir plz consider on my issue and i heartly request to you for solving my problem that i belong to a poor family. Bcz of financial pb i hd to join paramilitry force. Now i m capable to continue my pre. For ias but i hv left the service and doing pre. I have not resigned from service so far. Sir my department has removed me from the service. So tell me that will it effect for ias exam.. I mean if i’ll be selected for ias then what’ld b happend next???
    Shall i appointed or not???
    Plz ans. I’ll be highly obliged to you mrunal sir

  5. Sir i am a heavy Smoker and was a junkie.Will the lungs condition affect my medical clearence chances.In 2012 I reached APFC interview also cleared pre of 13 nd 14 unfortunately cnt venture further.I am leaving my pvt job and try my best fr a last time.Considering my smoking habits i think it will be tough waters in medical.Give me info regarding it please.

  6. sir, IAS k liey kysa medical test hota hay.

  7. Hello sir ,
    I am an civil service aspirant .
    Just want to know if colour blindness will effect some opportunities ?
    In both upsc and the state pcs examination ?

    1. you will be rejected. Color Blinds are ineligible.


    3. Colourblind people are unfit for technical services(IPS, IRTS, DANIPS, RPF…..etc.). But they are eligible for non-technical services(IAS, IFS, IRS…etc.). Please read the answer of Deepak Meena and Rohan Jha in this quora’s thred “”.

  8. Am I join for IAS during eye low vision

  9. Am i eligible for IAS with low vision please tell me

      1. please someone tell me my dob is 17.8.85 general am i eligible for 2018

  10. my height is 5.6 am i eligible to non technical services

  11. jiski eyes week ho kya wo IPS or IAS ban Santa hai

  12. sir i have a tattoo on my forearm so i just want to know that am i eligible for ssc cgl exam. plz reply it is urgent.

  13. Sir, are people with Diabetes Type1 (insulin dependent) eligible for selection through CSE and SSC CGL?

  14. Sir my hight 160cm , chest 84 and good color vission, & no any physical disability. And I am belong in general category. can i eligible for I.P.S.

  15. Sir my height is 165cm.and chest 84 and no any physical disability. I am belong in general category. Am i elligible for I.P.S.

  16. Sir i want to know about dental points i have two teeth missing after i met with an accident. .

  17. can a person with -10 (minus) eye pass medical exam of ias? sir pls reply

  18. is Vitiligo spots on body are rejected

  19. Sir…My eye power is -4.5D left eye and -5D in right eye. If I got selected in ESE, will I be rejected in Medical Test due to this eye power? Will I be allotted with a service which doesn’t need eye power within -4D?

  20. Sir my one side ear can’t works properly so can I apply for IFS ?
    Please sir answer it.

  21. sir my hearing power in one ear is low and one eye is 95% off due to retina detouchment.RAIL exam as well as ONGC exam?

  22. sir my hearing power in one ear is low and one eye is 95% off due to retina detouchment. so can I apply for RAIL exam as well as ONGC exam?

  23. If a person on bipolar medication qualifies SSC exam, is he considered for appointment or will he be rejected on medical grounds?

  24. Do thyroid disorder affects opportunities in upsc

  25. sir i am lecuadarma patient
    then i am eliggible for any medical test such indian army
    police constables.
    plz reply sir

    i am big confusion
    plz solve my problem

  26. Can i appear in bank exam. I have tatto on my hand 2 sqare inch.

  27. SIR I am hepatitis b patient .can I apply for upsc exam

  28. can organ transplant person is eligible for non tech services

  29. same problem is here if u find any reply than can u eligible for upsc ias ips etc pls reply me also

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