Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)

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Question from a reader

It is mentioned in the advertisement for Civil Services that a candidate has to be fit as mentioned in “Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary” .I have tried a lot but I have not been able to find this Appendix III .If you could kindly give a try to locate this information and put it in your site, I think it will help all the candidates.


here is the scanned copy of the pages dealing with physical standard, medical checkup etc. for UPSC Civil Service Exam, from Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary.

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370 Comments on “Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)”

  1. I want to delete my earlier post ? What is the option for that/

  2. How to delete my prev posts , kindly tell

  3. Sir i am avinash mera ek teeth tut gya hai jisse maine ukhar gya hai mai cpf me eligible hu.

  4. I have hole in my heart can I give upsc exam??

  5. i am right eyes blind so i am eligible for UPSC exam.yes or no

  6. Is TB a cause of rejection for non technical posts?

  7. tb now k..can i apply

  8. please someone tell me my dob is 17.8.85 general am i eligible for 2018please someone tell me my dob is 17.8.85 general am i eligible for 2018

  9. Sir i am a heart patient. Can i eligible for IAS and all other jobs in upsc?

  10. sir I m suffering from dayebitis…. am I eligible for UPSC civil service exam???

  11. Hepatitis b person are eligible are not for RPF and rrb job plz give me information

    1. Sir I am hepatitis positive
      Sir I am eligible for upsc drug inspector exam

  12. sir I am a kidney patient am I eligible for the exam

    1. i also want to know the same

  13. Sir, I have suffered from TB in 2011-12 and got cured in 2012. As per my doctor, some patches on my lungs will reflect in my chest x-ray reports for at least 10 to 15 years, may be lifetime. Will this be a hurdle in my medicals can the doctors claim that I am medically unfit on the basis of patches on my lungs.

    1. Same problem with me

  14. I’m RAGHU C

  15. Sir i have dental problems and can i apply to civil services for non tech posts?

  16. I went through cataract surgery, so can I apply for UPSC?

  17. Sir I am asthmatic , am I eligible for UPSC CSE?

  18. Sir I am suffering from type 2 diabities can I join the services please reply

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  20. Hi Sir,

    I have 80% hearing loss in one ear whereas the other ear is completely normal.. Am I eligible for IPS?

  21. I have a deaf and dumb person since childhood. The PWD Quota for IAS is available a vacancy in UPSC. What is the identified post for IAS in Job?. Whether Yes or No

  22. Suffering from type 2 diabetic is eligible for upsc exam

  23. Sir I suffer from ankylosing spondylitis
    Will I eligible for ias or not please do comment

  24. Hello sir ….I am ups aspirant …..and recently I undergo kindey transplant (recipient) surgery ..
    Am I eligible for IAS ..IPS….IRS ..IFS post?

  25. Can chron’s patients will be disqualified in medical of civil service

  26. When is diasability counted as disability? I am an ankylsoing spondylitis paitent and belive me Im much more disadvantaged than those with OA or OH but are healthy.
    My right hip is almost fused. So I can no longer sit on teh floor. Should thsi count as a sitting disability?

  27. Mrunal sir. I am suffering from CKD can I apply for UPSC exam.
    Please kindly reply.

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