1. Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1)
  2. Geography Mains 2012 (Paper II)

Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1)

Geography Paper 1 SECTION – A

1. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each:

  1. Palaeozoic glacial evidence for Continental Drift.
  2. Systems approach to landform analysis.
  3. Compare and contrast tropical cyclone and temperature cyclone.
  4. Major components of IGBP.
  5. Different layers of ocean water

2. 400 words each:

  1. Explain how Bosche and Haldenhang lead to the Theory of Slope Replacement.
  2. Classify airmasses and explain how ‘cP’ airmass affects global climate.

3. 250 words each:

  1. Discuss how different types of mining lead to different types of environmental problems.
  2. Adaptation and distribution of animals in the Ethiopian realm.
  3. Impact of Cryopsphare on global climate.

4. 250 words each:

  1. Characteristics of the standard epigene cycle of erosion.
  2. Programmes initiated by the International Council of Science on Earth System studies.
  3. “Atolls present the most challenging explaination in the evolution of coral reefs”, Discuss.

Geography Paper 1 SECTION – B

5. Write short note on the following in about 150 words each:

  1. Relevance of distance decay principle in Indian cities.
  2. Impact of migration on urban demography.
  3. Similarities in the population distribution of southern continents and reasons for the same.
  4. Status of infant morality rate in the world.
  5. Problem faced by industries which developed due to inertia.

6. 400 words each:

  1. Evaluate the various models on population density distribution in urban centres.
  2. “Though 70% of Indian population is rural, urban planning is crucial to the development of India.” Discuss.

7. 250 words each:

  1. Salient features of watershed planning and its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Impact of changing fertility ratio on world population
  3. “Colonial forces resulted in the primate pattern of urban process in most Southern Asian countries.” Discuss.

8. 250 words each:

  1. Regional shifts in the world urbanization after 1950 and the varied characteristics of urban process.
  2. Impact of failure of Monsoon on Gujarat Agro-climate zone.
  3. Locational significance of Rotterdam in European economy.

Geography Mains 2012 (Paper II)

Geography Paper 2 SECTION – A

Q 1. Places

  1. Manas
  2. Bachau
  3. Ganga river waterway from Allahabad
  4. Indravati river
  5. Amravati river
  6. Pir Panjal Range
  7. Narkondam Island
  8. Kharkai river
  9. Kalahandi
  10. Kakarapara
  11. Murshidabad
  12. Khetri
  13. Pawapuri
  14. Kolhan highland
  15. North Koel river

Q 2.

  1. Explain the structure characteristics of the Deccan plateau.
  2. Discuss the role of spatial pattern of rainfall and temperature in the delimitation of climatic region of India, specially with reference to stamp’s climatic regionalization.

Q 3.

  1. Delineate the mineral belts of India and mention their distinctive features.
  2. Divide India into agricultural regions and critically examine the role of ecological and human factors responsible for transformation of agricultural economy in any one region.

Q 4. Write about following in about 200 words each:

  1. Describe the development of textile industry in India.
  2. Examine the role of road transport in regional development taking suitable examples from an area you have studied in detail.
  3. Identify the spatial pattern of agro-industrial regions of India. Analyse the potentiality of Malwa as an important agro-industrial region of the future.

Geography Paper 2 Section B

Q 5. Write about following in about 150 words each:

  1. Factors affecting innovation diffusion.
  2. Linguistic diversity in North-eastern states.
  3. Geographical reason for the variation in literacy from state to state in India.
  4. Identity Tsunami affected areas and give their management problems in India.
  5. Morphological characteristics of villages situated in hilly regions.

Q 6.

  1. Evaluate the population policy of India and examine its relevance to the nation’s population control.
  2. Give an account of geographical conditions responsible for the development of different types of rural settlement in India.

Q 7.

  1. Examine the origin, dimensions and implications of the Sino-Indian border dispute.
  2. Exaplain the causes, impact and remedial measures of flood-hazards in the middle Ganga plain. Represent the flood-affected areas of middle Ganga plain on a sketch map in your answer-book.

Q 8. Write about the following in about 200 words each:

  1. Examine the relevance of linkage of rivers in India with special reference to Ganga-Cauveri linkage canal.
  2. How age structure affects dependency ratio? Explain with suitable examples.
  3. Elucidate the role of Tribal Development Blocks in the development of Tribal area.