[Question Paper] Combined Defense Services CDS (I) 2013 topicwise Questions

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UPSC hasn’t uploaded the question paper of CDS(I)2013 yet. So here it is, thanks to Mr.csl80. + CDS Booklist, strategy will be released soon. Topicwise breakup History Ancient Medieval Modern Culture Science Physics Chemistry Biology Geography Physical Geography Indian Geography Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Polity and rights issue International relations (IR) & events Economy Misc.GK PIN (Persons in News) Sports … Read More


[Answerkey] History, Polity Questions of UPSC CPF/CAPF 2012, Analysis and Cut offs

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Analysis Cut offs for CPF/CAPF 2012 Exam History: Internal breakup Ancient Medieval Modern Polity internal breakup Polity-Static Polity- Current Based Rights Issue Environment Biodiverity Geography Economy, Yearbook International Relations, Persons in News/Sports/GK Science Aptitude With this article, I conclude the Answerkeys for CPF/CAPF 2012 exam Analysis Economy 6 Diplomacy 6 Yearbook 7 GK/Sports 9 Environment 10 Geography 13 Science 16 … Read More


[Question Paper] Geography Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam

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Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper II) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Paper 1 SECTION – A 1. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each: Palaeozoic glacial evidence for Continental Drift. Systems approach to landform analysis. Compare and contrast tropical cyclone and temperature cyclone. Major components of IGBP. Different layers of ocean … Read More


[Question Paper] Political Science Mains 2012 UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS exam

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Political Science: Paper 1 (2012) SECTION – A SECTION – B Political Science Paper 2 (2012) SECTION – A SECTION – B Political Science Mains 2012: Paper 1 SECTION – A Sub questions (150 words each) Difference between normative and empirical theories of politics. Difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. Difference between Liberal and Radical forms of … Read More


[Analysis] General Studies Mains Analysis of 2012 Paper 1 & 2: Topicwise Analysis, future approach for UPSC IAS IPS exam

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Difficulty Conspiracy theories History (Freedom Struggle) Culture Polity Yearbook Public Health Environment (NOT Geography!) [PIN] Persons in News Diplomacy Economy Science Tech Statistics and Data Interpretation Topicwise Breakup for Paper I and Paper II Length of the paper: GS1 (2011 vs 2012) Length of the paper: GSM2 (2011 vs 2012) Conclusion Bogus marketing propaganda Future prediction To download GS paper … Read More


[Tech] How to protect yourself from Online hacking, frauds, phishing? Internet and Netbanking Safety Tips

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This guest article, not directly-related to competitive exams but yet important for everyone who uses Internet. It’s authored by same Mr.Krapesh Bhatt, who had earlier wrote about the salient features of IT Act. (click me if you did not read it) Introduction Hardening Operating System: Use a good paid antivirus & Firewall: User Accounts: Securing Home network (wi-fi) How to … Read More


[Analysis] CSAT Paper I (General Studies) 2012

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Overall Breakup History Polity Environment & Biodiversity (enb) Geography Economy Science & Technology (S&T) Yearbook stuff Current Affairs vs Static 4TF type of question Authentic Answerkeys! (lolz) Make your own answerkey Why Cut-offs talk is useless Start preparing for mains Was the CSAT-paper Tough? Conclusion Overall Breakup In order to see the big picture, We must compare this data with … Read More


[Analysis] Essay topic trends in last 19 years (1993-2011) for UPSC civil service IAS exam

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Trouble viewing the charts and tables?  Download the pdf file by clicking me I’m classifying all the essays asked in last 19 years, into 8 broad topics.Topic [bracket shows # of questions asked so far] 1.    Economy (India vs Bharat theme) [12]2.    Education [11]3.    Culture [18]4.    International issues [13]5.    Philosophy [15]6.    Polity & Administration [27]7.    Technology [6]8.    Women empowerment [10] … Read More


[Topicwise Analysis] Aptitude paper II of CSAT 2011

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Table of Contents Introduction 1 Reading Comprehension 3 LR & DI (Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation) 4 Reasoning 4 Data and GRaph interpretation 4 Quantitative aptitude / Mental ability 5 Conventional mental ability 5 English language (No Hindi questions here) 5 Decision Making (no penalty for any question) 5 Conclusion (again not looking for debates) 7 Speed calculation vs Speed … Read More


[Topicwise Analysis] General Studies (GS) 2011 CSAT Prelims paper

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Introduction Broad analysis History Polity Geography Climate change-biodiversity Science and technology Economy Social economical development, rights issue, empowerment etc Current international affairs Public policy or yearbook stuff Person in news, sports and awards Conclusion Introduction CSAT 2011 exam was taken on 12 June 2011. There were 100 questions worth 2 marks each. Majority of them were “4 statements true and … Read More